Can You Really See Your Future in the Now and Create It?

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There have been so many incredible Future Life Progression client stories. This is the first in the series.

As part of my TranceFormation Programme I did a Future Life Progression Session for one of my clients.

Have You Tried It All Before?

It started off as it often does where people have "tried this before and failed" with other modalities, and her protesting it wasn't going to work because she wasn't "visual." I gave a knowing "Uhmmmmmm" and proceeded with the induction because when I'm working I have ways and means of bypassing the mental barriers and old paradigms and expectations.

As we got into the Session this is what unfolded:

"I can see a man in a black suit . . . . No wait, it's deep blue . . . ."
At this point I tried to muffle my giggles because this level of detail from a woman who isn't visual! She continued:
"He's wearing a pink tie with matching handkerchief and is wearing shiny black shoes. His name is Paul and he works with high net worth individuals."

My client is a business owner and was looking to connect with investors for her business so this was part of the focus of the FLP Session in terms of getting ideas and strategies from the future self.

The Future Becomes Reality

A few weeks later I was in bed and noticed my phone pinging in quick succession, so being nosey I took a look. It was a message from my client saying:

"Check your notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The man my client saw in her FLP Session appeared dressed EXACTLY as he had seen him and had the same name

She then explained she had been at a networking event that evening having done another superb award-winning pitch for her business having overcome her nerves and panic about public speaking (I'll share in another Blog how we did that in just a few hours), and a man made a beeline for her like the parting of the waves.

Future Life Progression in Action

The first thing she noticed as he determinedly made his way towards her was the colour of his suit and the shiny shoes. As she moved her gaze upwards he was also wearing the EXACT same colour shirt, tie, and handkerchief as the Future Life Progression Session a couple of weeks prior, AND his name was Paul.

She was asking me to go back and check the Session notes to ensure she didn't just dream it.

THEN, she arrived home and looked at his website. It was a clean and simple site. It gave his name and had a strapline that read:

'I work with high net worth individuals.'

As my clients are always saying when these things happen, and they happen a LOT, you just could not make this stuff up if you tried.

You can watch some of my FLP client testimonials and experiences here:

Speaking It Into Existence

You can watch the in infamous 'Speaking It Into Existence' video interview here with another of my clients from several years ago. She has since achieved everything on her wish list!

The first seemingly left field request was to: "Move to Saudi or Dubai to teach English as a second language."

She didn't have the relevant teaching certificates at the time she made the statement at my Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop in the December. Following a series of synchronistic 'right time right place' events she had left the UK within 6 months to go out and teach and live in Saudi.

Ammana sharing some of the incredible things that happened and unfolded for her following attendance at my annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop and the results of the Huna and Access Consciousness Sessions

This is one of several Blogs on this subject; next time I'll share the "white stone house on the hill" story, and the seemingly "random process" shared by the future self that netted my client £100,000 in sales in a weekend.


What I would say as a disclaimer about this process if you're thinking you just need to do one Programme and you'll net £100,000 in a weekend is that where my clients have done that, they already had the infrastructure in place to support it, as in a business, a product, a sales funnel, and the automation to handle the influx. They had also invested in working on themselves as well as their business to be ready to handle the next level. I'm not saying that same thing can't or won't happen if you are just starting out, just that it helps to have an infrastructure to support it.

These clients were also part of my TranceFormation Programme or Power of 4 Programme and in Ammana's case she had attended my Annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop and done some Huna and Access Consciousness Sessions with me so we had done additional lead in and clearing work in order to get us to that point.

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