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Of the 20 or so different modalities I’m trained and Certified in, Huna is right up there amongst the favourites, with both myself and my clients. I have outlined your 4 options for experiencing Huna in this Blog, together with a selection of client case studies.

Huna is Better than RedBull!

In a nutshell, it truly refreshes the parts other modalities often can’t reach.

“Huna is better than Starbucks!!! Huna is better than RedBull!” This was the comment from a shocked TCCHE (The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution) attendee.

He had flown in from Japan to attend the event in London and came straight from the airport to the training room. I saw him during one of the evening breaks and asked how he was doing. Not good, and his energy was flagging, and he was thinking of missing the last segment and going back to his hotel room. I asked if he would like a “quick energy burst.” He looked puzzled, but agreed. I did a minute or 2. The quote above was his response.

I saw him at the end of a what were 3 very long days. He was still buzzing and using the aforementioned quote.

Does the Energy Travel and Work Remotely?

One of the key questions I’m asked whenever I run a video webinar or offer the 1-Day Online Huna Workshop for sale, is whether the energy still “works” remotely? In a word. “Yes!”

Below is the feedback from one of my clients out in Australia. She listened to one of my Huna mp3 recordings, when I was testing out a new process for my eNewsletter list.

Not only was Pippa’s feedback incredibly detailed, I realised some years later that she also perfectly described the order and sequence of the Huna Protocol I created even though she would have had NO IDEA what I was doing. Amazing.

Pippa offers Sessions for clients out in Australia, and can be found at:

Huna Refreshes the Parts Other Energy Modalities May Not Reach

At the same event, I also did a 2-3 minute burst. It was the first time I MC’d and spoke at the event, and the group had NO IDEA what I was doing, aside from giving their permission to do a quick Energy Clearing Session:

“I attended the four day TCCHE event a couple of weeks ago and although I found the speakers fascinating, your Huna work had the most profound effect on me.”

You can see 3 of the comments in the picture below.

Similar feedback came thick and fast from the room of 500+ attendees throughout the entire 4 days.

What Are Your Remote Huna Options?

There are 4 things you can do from here:

  1. Listen to my free Huna and Access Consciousness Podcast audio recording.
  2. Subscribe to my Huna Podcast Series. The Covid19 friendly price starts at £6.58 per month, or £247 for lifetime access. The price you join at remains the same for the lifetime of your subscription, so will not increase when I put the prices up.
  3. Take the 1-Day Online Huna & Ho’oponopono Intro Workshop. It is available on-demand.
  4. Book a telephone or online Private 1-2-1 Huna Energy Clearing Session with Marilyn Devonish.

Links for each option are below.

1. Free Huna Podcast Recording

Free Huna Podcast recording: You need to download the MySoundwise App from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Huna Podcast Subcription Service

New material is added throughout the year.

Huna Podcast Subscription:

3. The 1-Day Online Huna Video Webinar Workshop

I asked attendees for words to describe the Huna Workshop . . . . .

1-Day Huna Intro Workshop:

Access to 1/2-Day Huna Intro Workshop

I am trialling a new delivery platform.

I am trialling a new platform, so you can access the first half day of the Huna Workshop starting at $37:

4. Private Huna Session with Marilyn Devonish

You can book a Private 1-hour Online Huna Session here:

BigMarker Video Webinar Platform

Sessions are available by telephone, Skype, or using my Online Meeting Room.

Marilyn’s Huna Training Experience

Marilyn Devonish completed her Huna Level 1 and Huna Level 2 Training in Hawaii in 2005 and 2009, and has been a Huna fan since first experiencing the power of Huna in October 2000.

Marilyn’s Huna Client Case Studies

I have HUNDREDS of incredible stories. I’ve selected a few to give you a flavour of what my Workshop and Coaching clients have experienced over the years.

Removing Energetic and Money Blockages

My First Experience with Using Remote Huna

I was in Hertfordshire. My friend was in London, and was drunk and suicidal and had no ideas what I was doing, yet she emailed the next day, and felt exactly what I was doing it, at the time I was doing it, which was around 3am in the morning, having fallen asleep before hand!

Enhancing the PhotoReading Experience

The Bonus Belief Change Session on the first evening of my PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Workshop is life-changing and a game changer.

Clearing Old Pain - The Frozen Shoulder

Huna and the Dolphins - It Goes Beyond the Placebo Effect

This is an incredible story. I’ve not got time to write it up here, however I will do so at a later date, so bookmark this page and check back in.

Healing an Age Old Injury in 5-Minutes

Huna Keynote Presentations

A friend invited me to do a short Keynote presentation on this NLP Master Practitioner Workshop. Below is one of the comments I received as a result.

Ho’oponopono Works in Wonderful and Mysterious Ways

Again, long story. I explain the whole backstory during my 1-Day Online Huna Workshop. It will blow your mind.

Clients results will vary.

Using Huna to Change Your State and Energy

I use elements of Huna with my Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar Workshop clients and the energetic process and how it impacts the audience is always a show stopper.

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, has been a Flexible Working Implementation Consultant since 2003, which means going into organisations to implement smart, remote, and flexible working policy and strategies, and manage the psychological implications of working from home and online. She is also a Certified Life and Executive Coach, Certified PhotoReading™ Accelerated Leaning Instructor, Certified Trainer of NLP, Keynote Speaker, Off and Online Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Writer, and Certified Multi-Disciplinary Therapist including Soul Plan Reader, Future Life Progression Therapist, Certified Trainer of Timeline Therapy, and Practitioner of EFT, DNA Theta Healing, EmoTrance, Energetic NLP, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Archetypal Profiling, Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy, and Hawaiian Huna, having studied out in Hawaii with those from the original lineage.

A Personal Trainer for Your Brain, Marilyn blends aspects of neuroscience with personal development to make accelerated performance and mindset changes more easily accessible to all.

She spent 9 years working as a Relationship Coach, had a Relationship Column with Here’s Health Magazine, and a monthly Agony Aunt column with Spirit & Destiny Magazine for 6 years.

Marilyn is also the Founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change. Her journey into these disciplines started with being diagnosed with what they thought to be early onset Alzheimer’s in her 20s, and contemplating suicide in her 30s after a relationship breakup. Having found a quick, easy, and lasting way to turn that diagnosis and things around 19 years ago, she has been working with both individuals and organisations since then to help accelerate their potential and performance.

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