The Oprah, Kate Hudson and OFC Synchronicity

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#Whoa It’s 1.37am, that’s 1.37 in the morning for those who use the 24 hour clock. I woke up at the moment Facebook flashed up that Oprah was live streaming as part of her 2020 Vision Tour.

I didn't know what to expect. Turns out it was a talk about Wellness and importance and power of community.

The Watford Wellness Initiative

Today I volunteered, as I do the last Wednesday of every month, Hosting a Wellness Discussion Table at the #WatfordWellness Event. It’s like Speed Dating for Wellness, aimed at businesses in Watford, where companies, business owners, leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs can join us and talk Wellness from 4pm-6pm in the Central Harlequin Centre Watford area. This month we were at the beautiful Bodega Bar.

Bodega Bar, Watford

We have previously been hosted by the Florist, Bill's Restaurant, and the Watford Palace Theatre, because the aim is also to showcase local businesses, which we most certainly did last night as many of our attendees had never been to the Bodega Bar, neither had I.

Late Night Questions

Before falling asleep some hours earlier and my iPad offering me the opportunity to join #Oprah and Kate Hudson livestream, I was lying in bed in the still of night wondering if the new Online #OneFocusChallenge event I’m launching 3 days from now was a good idea 💡 because the response and take up had been lower than I would have liked given the number of people who say they are struggling with remaining focused, staying motivated, dealing with procrastination, overwhelm, and having problems either getting projects and plans started, or bringing them to a close and to fruition.

Photographer: Jon Tyson | Source: Unsplash

The Big Questions

Is it a good idea? I asked myself. Am I on the right track? Do people need more focus and consistency in their life, or is that just the way I get things done? Was I right to include the Energetics of Creation, and build a Self-Care Day into every single week of the year-long #OFC Program?

Perhaps it’s just me who feels such things are important because they have played such a pivotal role in how I lived my life and remained somewhat sane during what have sometimes been a challenging 20 years.

One Focus Challenge
Weekly Self-Care Exercises Are Built into the One Focus Challenge Program

The Final Countdown

These were the questions rolling through my mind as I contemplated what I am going to do during the final pre-launch countdown and the last enrolment hours for those who choose to start the journey with us in real-time.

Pre-launch Ends the Week

The Mayor and Wellness Connection

I pressed play on the Facebook notification. Oprah and Kate launched into a discussion about Wellness. My eyebrows raised because on Monday night I wrote to Peter Taylor the Mayor of Watford and invited him to come speak at a future Watford Wellness event.

I want to find out what is on the overall Wellness Agenda for Watford, and to discover how he handles the political pressures of Government Office. He immediately wrote back to me and accepted the invitation.

My response from the Mayor of Watford


At the end of the interview Oprah asked Kate what her #WellnessIntention is for 2020. Kate’s response: “Consistency.”

There was a long pause from Oprah . . . . . . . .

Take time to pause for thought . . . . . .

Kate seemed unsure about the pause so went on to explain what that word entailed and meant to her in the context of her life. She explained my rationale for creating the One Focus Challenge Program to a tee. #MindBlown 😯😱#Synchronicity 💫

You just could not make this stuff up.

Life Changing Magical TranceFormations

I am of course going to press on regardless while people catch up, however this gives me an extra boost.

I had similar questions before launching my Online Magic and Gratitude Program in February 2013. Within 7 days it was changing people’s lives. Forever. You can read the full story of the "Magical cheques in the mail" story here:

I surveyed the same groups of people 5 years later to see if they were still using the information I taught with the daily eCoaching Exercises and Teleminars. They were:

They Said I was Copying Oprah

Many years later Oprah launched a Gratitude Program with Deepak Chopra. I remember someone messaging me to say I’m copying what Oprah is doing. I had to inform them I’d been doing it for over 20 years and running my group for the 4 or 5 years it had been at that point. The synchronicities tend to come thick and fast when we’re in the zeitgeist.

Oprah on Gratitude and Roald Dahl Quote

So here we are again. Another massive Oprah synchronicity, just with less of a gap this time.

What Do You Choose to Focus on?

What do you want to achieve in the coming 28-days and year ahead?

What is your 2020 Vision Tour Intention
NEW! Online One Focus Challenge Program

For those who have signed up to join me for the groundbreaking One Focus Challenge Program, I thank you.

If you are still thinking about it and reading this in real-time, the pre-launch prices end on Friday.

OFC pre launch prices
The Online One Focus Challenge Pre-Launch Countdown

What is the One Focus Challenge?

The OFC is an online Accountability eCoaching Program. There are daily, weekly, and monthly written Exercises, which as per the format of my Magic and Gratitude Program take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

There will also be live Quarterly Video Webinar Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish, and an Online Support Community.

The Intake Survey

Whether or not you are taking part, you can still complete the intake survey because it will add new dimensions and eCoaching Exercises which I can build into the Online OFC Program. Go to:

If You Are Ready to Deal with Overwhelm. Sign Up!

If you are ready to get things done, deal with overwhelm, and have more clarity, energy, focus, and motivation, sign up.

To sign up go to:

It is Always Life Changing and Magical

In addition to the planning, we will also be working on the Energetics of Creation and weaving in some of the metaphysical favourites.

Hold onto your metaphorical hats 🎩 🧢 because we are in for another magical and #LifeChanging ride. 🔮

One of my Client Testimonial Documents where it is Magic all the way!

Marilyn Devonish 💜

The #NeuroSuccess and Rapid #TranceFormation Coach

The '4' Prices

Depending upon when you are reading this Blog, there may be 4 different prices on the OFC sign up page:

I am Coaching all day tomorrow when the pre-launch prices (the £47 for the 28-Day Kick Start, and £297 for the 1-year Program) expire and disappear from the site, so I have uploaded the launch prices a couple days early so the page isn't left blank!

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