From Suicidal to Samaritan

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From terrified to centre stage. I've had several questions since sharing the Reflections on Two Decades post on Facebook. People wanting more specifics about how you go from suicidal and terrified of public speaking one minute, to confidently Coaching others, becoming a Samaritan volunteer within a matter of days.

Marilyn Devonish Fearless Public Speaking Webinar

The Facebook post if you missed it is below, followed by suggested next steps and processes including:

  • The Breakthrough Session
  • From Alzheimer's Brain to Clarity
  • The Remote Power of Huna
  • Unravelling where you are on your Archetypal Journey
  • The deeper calling of your Soul
  • How to literally see your Future
  • Going all in for a full on TranceFormation if you want to cover EVERYTHING!
  • How to go From Exhausted to Energised
  • Videos and testimonials

Reflections on Two Decades

I contemplated suicide in September 2000 after my partner had an affair. That was all I could see and think about at the time however there were a myriad of other unseen factors which as I would come to find out, were intertwined around negative emotions and a few well ingrained limiting beliefs.

The big buzz (and worry) was the millennium bug as the ⏰ computer clocks which run our world hit midnight.

I had given up my job to study to be a Chartered Accountant. Suddenly I was fiancé-less, living in place I now had to finance on my own, and was suffering awful fatigue and a long list of illnesses.

By December 2000 my life and outlook on life had changed dramatically. The word truly was: “Transformed.”

The fairytale somewhat crashed in 2010 when government contracts which filled the pipeline pretty much disappeared overnight in the recession.

It’s been a journey since then. Highs and lows, downs and ups. Things achieved which I’d only dreamt possible, other things I’d hoped for which hadn’t come to fruition. Such is the stuff of life.

A question I’m often asked is: “How do you turn things around?”

A key question which I think is also important is how do you maintain and sustain change?

The turning things around was swift, and can be summed up in 5 words: Personal Development and Breakthrough Session. When I’m at my desk I’ll add a link where you can find out more about the 8-hour Breakthrough Sessions which have changed hundreds of lives over the years.

The maintaining and sustaining in summary for me includes:

* Investing in yourself.
* Doing the work.
* Being open to exploration and change.
* Continue to regularly do the things that work, aka habits.
* The Magic Ingredient.

I would further summarise it as: Persistence, Patience, Perseverance and Resilience.

There are challenges which literally changed overnight such as my massive fear of public speaking, others which were years in the making and probably still unfolding.

The first picture was taken by the late John Wigham who was not happy that I always came out looking less than good in photos so wanted to see if he could capture what he said he saw when he looked at me. Much has changed since then, and so much also remains the same; I have the same leopard print sofa.

If you had spoken to me in 1999 or even August 2000 I could never in a million years have predicted the direction my life was to take; I’m now qualified in things which I didn’t even know existed: Timeline Therapy, NLP, PhotoReading, Soul Plan Reading, Future Life Progression, Archetypal Profiling, EFT, DNA Theta Healing, Access Consciousnesses, Access Bars, Huna, Prince2 Project Management, Management Consultancy . . . . .

As I look back over and past 10 and 20 years and think about 2030 and 2040 I really can’t predict exactly what I’ll be doing. I imagine more of the same, and I am open to exploration and what I don’t yet know exists.

One thing I’ll say is it feels like time for another big breakthrough, one even more swift and profound than the last.

Where were you 10 and 20 years ago, and how much has your life changed or joyfully stayed the same?

Marilyn Devonish 💖
The #NeuroSuccess Coach

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Possible Suggestions, Next Steps, and Starting Point

The Breakthrough Session

It was the 'Big Bang' Session that turned the old emotions and suicidal feelings around for me in December 2000, and the service I offered for the first 9 years I was in practice. You can read more here:

From Alzheimer's Brain to Clarity

WOW!!! To this day, almost 20 years on, I am still in awe of how the PhotoReading Skills show up for me every single day. In my 20s I was diagnosed with what presented as early onset Alzheimer's. It made everything I tried to do both personally and professionally a near impossible struggle.

Everything changed, transformed, and did a 360 degree turnaround with PhotoReading. As well as being brilliant for students and those taking professional exams, it is also an incredible boost for entrepreneurs, and those in a business where keeping up to date with what is happening in your industry and field is key.

You will find more information at:

You can read more about my client experiences and results here:

Reversing the Effects of Brain Damage:

Client Testimonials and Feedback:

Royal Bank of Scotland Job Interview Success:

A video summary of who PhotoReading is for what what my Workshop attendees and PhotoReading Coaching clients who range from age 7 to 70+ years of age have achieved:

The Life Changing Impact of PhotoReading

The Remote Power of Huna

Mind blowing. Where does one begin with this modality. There are almost no words so below are a few client experiences and testimonials.

Marilyn Devonish on stage with Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton

You can purchase the 1-Day Huna Video Webinar Workshop via:

You can register your interest for the next in-person Workshop here:

You can book a telephone or Skype Huna Session via:

The Incredible Power of Huna

Confusion About Your Life Path and Journey?

In 2005 I became an Archetypal Profiling and Archetypal Branding Consult. Holy moley. To say it was a revelation in terms of what I had been through and the road travelled would be an understatement. It clearly explained the whole transformation process and seeming torture of the "dark night of the soul" perfectly.

The Archetypal Journey
Uncover Your Archetypal Journey

You can take the free online quiz here:

I have also set up a free Intro Course:

Main Website:

The Deeper Calling and Purpose of Your Soul

Now this was another deeeeeeeep dive experience. Much like personal development, where I accidentally signed up for a course thinking it was just going to be about improving my communication skills, I stumbled across the Soul Plan Readings.

Soul Plan Reading Testimonial
The Soul Plan Accuracy

My clients often describe seeing their Soul Plan Report for the first time like:

"Seeing your whole life mapped out on 5 sheets of paper."

You can read more here:

A radio interview I did a few years ago is below:

The Future is Bright

If you're all clear on sorting out your old negative emotions, limiting beliefs, where you are on the 8 stages of the Archetypal Journey, and know exactly what your soul is here to do and understand your Worldly and Spiritual Challenges, and how to resolve and overcome them, you might want to take a trip out into your ultimate best future and version of you.

FLP Future Life Progression Testimonial
How to See Your Future

The Future Life Progression Sessions are always hugely fascinating and enlightening for my clients. You can read more at:

A video montage of a few of my amazing client stories and experiences are below:

You can book a telephone or Skype Future Life Progression Session here:

Go All in for a Full On TranceFormation

If can't decide where to start, don't want to choose, or are in a place where you want a full life overhaul which incorporates all of the above check out the Online TranceFormation Program:

As one of the first clients that went through the eCoaching Program put it:

"It does what it says in the tin. My life if TranceFormed."
TranceFormation Program Tins
The TranceFormation Program Does What It Says on the Tin
The TranceFormation Program

You can watch a couple of client testimonial videos below:

You will find further information about the Online TranceFormation Program here:

Sessions are available via telephone, Skype or my Online Meeting Room. There is also an Online Video Webinar Program which gets fully underway at the end of January 2020.

If You Are Tired, Exhausted Lethargic or Fatigued

A summary of my journey from needing to sleep 12-15 hours a day, to becoming the Duracell Bunny overnight is below:

Further Information

Easiest way is to get in touch via email:

Many of my courses and Programs are now available as Video Webinar Workshops and eCoaching and Audio Programs. You will find further information at: (If you are interested in building your own product site, this platform is currently in beta and I have a few launch price codes left).

The A-Z of Services:

Fearless Public Speaking 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop: (If still available at the time of reading, there is 30% off via the new platform. See below).

Booking a Session with Marilyn Devonish

I've got 2 Sessions available this week. Thereafter I am taking bookings for end of January onwards. If you have questions you can book a free 20-minute consultation via:

Sessions are available by telephone, Skype or my Online Meeting Room.

Save 30% on Online Courses, Workshops and eCoaching Programs

While I'm beta testing the new platform there is 30% off. You will also find a free PhotoReading Intro if you are looking to next level both your personal and professional performance:

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, is a Relationship Coach, NLP Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Off and Online Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Writer, and Certified Multi-Disciplinary Therapist which includes Soul Plan Reader, Timeline Therapy, Future Life Progression, Tarot Reader, and Archetypal Profile Consultant. Marilyn is also the Founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change. Her journey into the world of personal development started with considering suicide after her partner had an affair. She went from years of suffering to moving on a matter of days and decided to give up her Chartered Accountancy studies and become a Personal Development Trainer and Hypnotherapist instead.

Main Website:

Thank you for reading and a MASSIVE "Thank you" to my Breakthrough Coaching and Workshop clients for your support over the past 20 years.

If you know others who could benefit from this information feel free to share this Blog and link.

Marilyn x

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