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Crazy Idea 💡 Time - Free Prize Draw

Last week had a crazy idea and dismissed it. Woke up with it again yesterday morning, and with the added bonus of a way to do it. The idea was to do a giveaway with the new big Bundle worth $2995. I dismissed it because it would be crazy to just give one away . . . . . . . or would it . . . . . Read on to find out how to enter. If you prefer to watch and listen rather than read, I have added a video walkthrough at the end of this Blog.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

The Online eLearning Video Webinar Bundle Raffle and Prize Draw Page

I’ve had fun over the years with prize draws and giveaways; The Year-Long Hollywood MasterClass All-Access Pass

The Hollywood MasterClass Series which Marilyn Devonish gave away.
The MasterClass Prize Draw Tally page

PhotoReading Online DVD Workshop . . . .

PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Speed Reading Online DVD
Online 1-Day PhotoReading & Memory Supercharger DVD Workshop

David Bowie calendar after his passing; this one was particularly lovely, because it ended up in the hand of a MASSIVE Bowie fan.

Many years go I did a 12-month 12 Tarot Card Reading for the year ahead for one of my eNewsletter readers. (If Tarot isn’t your thing you can read the amazing and “spot on” results here:

If you’re not yet on my eNewsletter list you can sign up here:

I like things that keep on giving.

New Online Video Webinar Bundles

Last month I launched a new On-Demand Instant Access Video Webinar product Bundle with Workshops best suited to both deal with, and transition out of covid19 and lockdown, and get your brain, mind, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing back on track.

The launch 🚀 price is £1379 or £397/£370 for the smaller topic, specific Business Skills, and Well-being Bundles. You can view the details here:

The Raffle and Prize Draw Options

The idea was to do a giveaway with the new big Bundle worth $2995. I dismissed it because it would be crazy to just give one away.

However, there’s a company called Omaze who does paid raffles, so today’s idea 💡 is to do a split version:

  1. Free prize draw for a smaller bundle using the same automated platform I used for the Hollywood MasterClass giveaway.
  2. A paid raffle ticket 🎟 option for those who want a chance to win the £1379 Webinar Bundle; you choose the amount of your ticket price/donation. 💰💷💶💵💴
  3. You purchase a £100 raffle ticket to guarantee winning a 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop up to the value of £297.

I have now set it all up, so time to give it a test run!

Global Competition

The prizes are all recorded and online so you can take part from anywhere in the world.

eLearning and Developmment Online Learning Centre

How to Enter

To enter go to:

Once you have entered, you have the opportunity to share for extra entries and points on a daily basis. The earlier you enter, the more time you have to stack your free daily entries!

To view the full suite of Online eLearning Video Webinar Workshops and eLearning Courses go to:

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Good luck!!!!!

You can watch a video walkthrough below.

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