How Does the TranceFormation Work Before We've Started from 5,437 Miles Away?

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“Is it possible for the Breakthrough Session to start working before we start?”

Absolutely yes!!!

I have shared a few examples of the remote energy transformation results in this Blog.

Instant Global Transformation

I did a free 20-minute online consultation for a new client prospect abroad. They decided to book on the spot following our discussion. Their first Breakthrough Session was scheduled for 2 days later.

On the day we got started I asked what is often a pivotal question . . . . . . . . .

Transatlantic Breakthrough and TranceFormation

Me: “Any questions before we get started?”

New Breakthrough Session client: “Marilyn, is it possible for the Breakthrough to start working before the Session starts, because I’ve noticed all these things happening and changing since we spoke a few days ago?”

Me: “Absolutely yes. It happens all the time, even with pre-recorded Workshops and Programs.”

Powerful Online & Over the Phone

There’s been much talk this year during the pandemic about the ability to work online. I started offering telephone Coaching from the outset in 2001, and online Coaching, online Therapy, and online Workshops in 2005. This was from one of my TranceFormation clients 8 years ago, in May 2012:

I've just finished the first warm up session with someone who has signed up for my Access Consciousness Breakthrough. We only did an hour over the phone. At one point when I asked if there were any further questions, the response was: "No, I just feel a little bit scared about how insightful you are!"

At the end of the hour they confessed: "I was thinking, OMG, it's not gonna work for me so I might have to pretend and fake it so that you feel better, but there was no way because you were reading me energetically so I couldn't pretend because you'd know."

Gosh, that was just the first hour of the 8-hour process, I can only begin to imagine what's in store once we complete the full day.

Remote Online Energy Transformation

It is as though the energy starts shifting and changing as soon as the decision to book is made. And I of course throw a little dash of Huna in for good measure.

The above client was 5,437 miles away. The client below is a good 10,497 miles away from me. They listented to one of my Huna Energy Clearing mp3 recordings.

Online Huna Workshop
Global Huna Energy Testimonial from Pippa Neve in Australia

Part of how this works comes with the intention and how you set it up.

The First Time

The first time I became tangibly and consciously aware of the remote power of this work was 15 or so years ago. A friend called up in suicidal state after a bad relationship breakup. I did a late night/early morning Huna Energy Clearing.

The next day they emailed to say they had the best nights sleep they had in months, then went on to describe the energy and symbols I’d sent over, even though they had NO IDEA what I did, which also would have been the case even if they weren’t drunk and suicidal.

Those who have attended any of my Huna teleseminars and Webinars over the years will know I’ve had clients as far afield as America, Australia and Dubai experience the same effect, even when listening to a recording.

A Life Changing Day

So much can change in a day, something I discovered when I did my first Breakthrough Session in December 2000. The rest as they say is history.

From London to Australia Breakthrough

"Marilyn is truly spectacular. I was lucky enough to work with her remotely whilst I am based in Australia. I did the Breakthrough session and it was both challenging but so rewarding. Marilyn challenges you in such a positive way where you just can't hide from anything. She is also a wealth of knowledge & is able to tap into every aspect of life whether it be in business, gardening or family life. I really valued our sessions and I found life synchronised so much faster for me. I would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone looking to take life to the next level. Make the investment in your self growth & you won't regret it. Thanks again Marilyn, Lauren."

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A Life Changing Few Minutes

Below is one of the clients who came on recommendation, following a life-changing Breakthrough Session I did with one of his trainers.

Lak Loi on his Telephone Huna Experience

You can learn more about the Breakthrough Session which preceded the call from Lak Loi is below:

“My revenue increased by 300%!”

David Key, CEO, Auspicium on his 1-Day Breakthrough Session Experience

What is a Breakthrough Session?

Below are a few Breakthrough Session highlights from the past 20 years I’ve been offering them.

The very early days. Below is one of my first published Breakthrough Session results articles and testimonials. I have highlighted the relevant section. Using the Breakthrough Session to help recover from depression.

Are Anti Depressants the Answer? Breakthrough Session results

January 2005

From thoughts of “new age Hocus Pocus” to: “I still don’t understand how the technique worked so quickly, but it did.” The relationship break up Breakthrough Session.

Relationships Break Up Breakthrough Session

I did what was a life changing Breakthrough Session all round with a Journalist in 2004. The results were published in The Metro Newspaper in 2005. You can view a copy of the article here:

You can read the backstory here:

April 12th 2012

OK, my mind is truly blown, just had a call from someone I did a taster mini-breakthrough session with last night using these new tools. It was around finding permanent employment at a particular salary. At 10am this morning she was offered a job, out of the blue, at the exact amount she had spoken about. Whoa, wow, wow, wow! Her words: "That session last night, was thorough." We did less than an hour. Incredible what people can do when they've cleared some beliefs and a bit of energy. Amazing!

This was when I first started to combine Huna and Access Consciousness. We did the Session above by phone.

January 2014 - The Work and Career Breakthrough Session

Back in January 2014; thank you Facebook memories, I shared this post:

Oh man, seriously, this is just too cool for school and for the client, totally unbelievable, or as they put it 'So, so strange . . . ." I just received an e-mail from a client that did a 1-Day Breakthrough Session with me a couple of weeks ago. We worked on shifting out of a difficult and oppressive work environment and putting the intention out there for finding something more in alignment and fun. They wrote:

"Next week I will have a job interview with a company that was in my mind few months ago, especially for their unique and fun corporate culture. This is so, so strange - I love it."

I am ALWAYS talking about what I call the 'Speak It Into Existence' which I'm always setting up with this kind of work where things do literally seem to come about as if by magic . . . . . .

I also just finished a morning of TranceForamation Programme Coaching Sessions with feedback like: "Oh my god this is just so spot on and just what I needed." "OMG that's exactly it, that makes so much sense. Marilyn you are scary. Scary but in a good way!" Also had another client break through a barrier and double their income.

As they say in the Access Consciousness world, how does it get even better than this?! Marvellous.

Are You Ready to Feel More Focused and Alive?

This is how my clients describe the process:

“I kind of feel like I’m finally alive and living for the first time in a long time if not ever.”

If you search for #BreakthroughSession on Facebook, posts by Marilyn Devonish, you’ll find a ton more wonderful examples and memories from over the years and past decade.

Twenty years on, and the Breakthrough Sessions are still mind-blowingly amazing.
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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Wishing you all a TranceFormational New Year.

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