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This is a cool opportunity for the first 10 people. If you want to either up your game and next level your skills, or get off the ground and get started, this is for you.

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Are you in? Join the First 10

I’m writing because I have an idea and I would LOVE to involve you.

I’m creating a new modular version of my digital Fearless Public Speaking course to help next level your skills if you are already presenting, speaking and training, and for reluctant public speakers who have a message to share, want to learn how to make a greater impact and connection with an unseen audience, calm nerves and anxiety, get over the fear of speaking at meetings and presenting online, go from blank sheet of paper to talk outline in 5-minutes. This step-by-step course and group coaching program will TranceForm how you feel about public speaking and presenting.

As someone who was TERRIFIED of public speaking right up until age 32, I know how tough and career debilitating it is to experience the fear, worry, terror, anxiety, and symptoms of physical stress; dry mouth, palpitations, the shakes, and the room closing in on you. This course will be the solution that I know is going to help so many people (hopefully including you).

From terrified of public speaking to this . . . .

Marilyn Devonish Speaking at Kensington Olympia for Psychologies Magazine

That’s me, Marilyn Devonish, wearing the pink top on stage.

What’s the First 10? 

This is where you come in… I’m opening up 10 spots to enrol in my future (£497) course at a 50% discount in exchange for less than five minutes of your time once per week over the next 6 weeks. The updated version of the course – which goes Live on 15th November hasn’t been completed yet, but I will be taking the next 6 weeks to update the program with additional real time insight… hopefully from YOU. Starting next week. I’ll send you a short and sweet email each week with 2-4 questions. All you have to do is vote for your favourite idea; I’ll generally send you two options to choose from, or a simple question to answer. For example, do you prefer Module name A, or Module name B, or do you prefer drip content, or access right away?

What Are We Covering in the FPSA?

People often say it’s hard, or even impossible to connect with large audiences of thousands of people, or connect online where all you can see is yourself and a sea of black squares where people have their cameras switched off, so one of the modules will cover how to do that and so much more.

Modules will include how to:

  • Deal with nerves and anxiety
  • Speak with power, clarity, and conviction
  • Master your mindset and banish self-sabotage
  • Use body language that works for rather than against you
  • Structure your presentation in 5-minutes
  • Remain calm and relaxed
  • Deal eloquently with audience questions
  • Handle hecklers and disruption
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Connect with audiences both online and offline
  • Keep audiences engaged and energised

Bonus Modules

There will also be a few Bonus Modules to further enhance and support your progress.

One which has been suggested this week by one of the ‘first 5’ people to sign up is How to Get Speaking Gigs.

Photographer: Frugal Flyer | Source: Unsplash

Another I’m thinking of creating is a PhotoReading extract to help you improve your ability to remember and recall what you want to say without over reliance on notes.

It may also be useful to include some bonus material about how to use technology, and do some live walkthroughs and a Q&A session about it because fear or confusion about how to go live, record talks, manage what happens behind the scenes, is often a barrier to getting started. I’ve been teaching and coaching online since 2003, so have already gone through the learning curve several (dozen) times!

As part of the First 10, you will have the opportunity to both suggest, and vote on the content and topics which would be of most value to you.

Are You In?

Click here to grab your spot.

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Yes. I’m in!

If you’re up for it, we’ll also have a look at one of the modules and test out the group Q&A platform and forum. The first 5 people to book also get upgraded to the VIP group coaching and live Q&A sessions with Marilyn Devonish once the academy is launched. And on 15th November after I’ve opened up enrolment to the public at the full price, you’ll receive the finalized course (and any bonuses I offer during my launch)!

Pre-Launch Surveys

This is the link for the second survey. It should take approximately 2 minutes to complete. CLICK HERE.

So, are you in?

To get one of the remaining places, go to:

I look forward to working with you and taking a deep dive into this subject.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach

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