If You Have to Choose One Workshop That Will Help with All Other Courses. Choose This!

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“If you have to choose one Workshop that will help you will all other courses, choose this!” Penny Croal, Meta Medicine Practitioner

I’ve had thousands of glowing testimonials about my PhotoReading Workshops over the past 18 years, and this is one I often quote when people cite having “so many other things to do” as a reason for not attending the class. You can hear it from Penny in her own words below:

Access All Areas

Whether it’s professional study for your work or job, academic study, learning a new skill, taking on a PhD, attending job interviews (scroll down for interview success tips), or simply keeping up-to-date with your industry, PhotoReading is amazing.

If you’ve got 5 minutes, watch the video below for a snapshot of what my Workshop attendees have achieved:

This Workshop truly creates a lasting ripple effect in all areas of life, and you can now take the full 3-Day Certification Class online.

To Say You Can Get More Done in Less Time is An Understatement

“I have spent less than an hour reading 8 books on a topic and have just compiled a piece of work from this.” Naomi Tamayama, Mum, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and PhotoReading Workshop Attendee
PhotoReading Testimonial from Business Owner Naomi Tamaya

Is It Time to Supercharge Your Brain?

For several years I have been offering this life-changing 3-Day Workshop as on Online, On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop, which means you can take part from the comfort of your own office or home.

This month I am offering a special limited time offer for those who have less cash but still need to next level their skills and be better equipped for dealing the the current crisis and preparing for life after covid19.

To book your virtual place and save up to £500 go to: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/3-day-photoreading-video-webinar-workshop-time-limited

The launch price for this offer ends at 10pm on Wednesday 30th September.

Can it really work online? Yes, read on!

The Time Limited Price Points

I created the time limited access instead of the usual lifetime account. This more closely fits with attending an actual class; you go, take the class, you gather new learnings and gain new skills; graduate the class.

You have a choice of 3 options

Book here: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/3-day-photoreading-video-webinar-workshop-time-limited

Either scroll down, or click the ‘Enrol in Course’ button.

This is NOT Your Regular Zoom Class

A question I get asked a lot is what it feels like to spend that length of time online attending a Video Webinar Workshop. The first thing I will say is:

“Time flies.”

The second thing I will say is:

“This is not your regular Zoom class.”

Live attendees at the PhotoReading Video Webinar training were still energised after 21-hours.

Below is a summary of a previous Blog if you want the full lowdown, and first-hand feedback.

Whether it’s homeschooling, corporate training, or personal development, this is NOT like a regular Zoom class. I’ve seen parents saying their kids are Zoomed out, are loath to do any further screen 💻 time during the summer, and employees who feel the same about their team meetings.

At the end of my 21-hour online classes attendees are still energised and engaged! They also say it feels as though they were right there in the room; There is a chance to win 6 of these groundbreaking online Workshops as part of the $2995 raffle and prize draw. Read on.

I get that for regular ‘Zoom Nation’ classes people are often tired and worn out and discombobulated. This isn’t one of those classes.

When I first launched my online PhotoReading Video Webinar Workshops and ran them live, we did 21- hours over 3 consecutive days. Everyone was energised and engaged and still buzzing by the end. By contrast, on social media I’ve seen many people talk of being drained after just a couple of hours on Zoom.

Feeling Both Relaxed and Energised After 21-Hours of PhotoReading Online

“Feeling both relaxed and energised, thank you!” PhotoReading Video Webinar Certification Class Attendee

How Do You Do It?

This is Next Generation eLearning. Because I also teach Accelerated Learning, my Online Workshops, Courses, Trainings, Coaching Sessions, and Classes do exactly that. They accelerate both your learning, and your energy.

Online PhotoReading Workshop Attendee Feedback

Below is a feedback form from one of the 21-hour Online Webinar attendees:

This is one of the feedback forms from the first ever #PhotoReading Video Webinar Training. Their responses to the multiple choice questions are written in CAPITAL LETTERS in lieu of highlighting- Rated EXCELLENT:

Instructor Name ____ Marilyn Devonish ________________________________________________

Class Location and Date: __26 -28 October Webinar____________________________________

PhotoReading Webinar Course Evaluation

(1) Draw a face or add an emoji and give a word that describes your feelings about the course:


(2) Was the course clearly organised and well prepared? YES No

If you responded NO, explain ______________________________________


(3) Was the Webinar Room adequate? YES

If you responded NO, explain ______________________________________


(4) Rate this workshop: Please circle or highlight one (there’s no ‘highlight’ facility when writing a Blog, so I have written their answers in CAPITAL letters):

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(5) Rate the Instructor: Please circle or highlight one:

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(6) Rate the Webinar Room and functionality:

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(7) What did you like best about the program?

The layering process - recapping with the opportunity to practice to build the mental muscle.


(8) How can we improve the program?

Can’t think of anything ________________________________________


(9) Please feel free to give us a comment we might use in our next newsletter or promotional literature

Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.

Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed._________________________


(10) Personal note to the Instructor

Thank you for an intensive and unforgettable weekend of training. Your energy is incredible and something I will definitely keep in mind to practice to emulate!_____________________________________________________________________


I am really delighted with the weekend because 22.5 hours is a long time to have people sitting at a PC yet everyone was still focused and energised and excited by the Sunday night.

Attendee Feedback About the Online PhotoReading Workshop

PhotoReading Webinar Feedback
elearning and development online photoreading workshop
Online Courses Online Workshops eLearning PhotoReading

My next Online (Unlimited) Access PhotoReading class to boost your homeschooling or business brainpower skills starts as-soon-as today; It is on-demand so you decide. Go to: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/3-day-photoreading-webinar-workshop

For further information about the in-person PhotoReading Workshops and the home study CD options go to: http://www.tranceformationstm.com/photoreading/

#GameChanger #LifeChanging #PushingBoundaries #BreakingBoundaries #WorldFirst #Limitless

Royal Bank of Scotland Homeschooling Tips

My latest press and media, a piece I contributed to for The Royal Bank Of Scotland, Bishopsgate site on summer school #homeschooling and how to make it more effective. They included a couple of my tips in the article below:


Royal Bank of Scotland Employees

I delivered a Lunchtime Session, and an evening Keynote PhotoReading Presentation for the Royal Bank of Scotland in London for their Women in Technology Group.

One of the audience members recognised from what I said that she was holding herself back, lacking confidence in voicing her ideas, and therefore not putting herself forward, and avoiding speaking up in meetings.

She sent the message below 2 months after completing the PhotoReading Workshop:

“Marilyn, I don’t know what you’ve done to me! I’ve moved so far from where I was 2 months ago when I did the course and I got so much more than just PhotoReading. Thank you!”
Royal Bank of Scotland RBS Employee Feedback

Royal Bank of Scotland Interview Success

Another RBS employee who attended my evening Intro talk called me up because she was nervous about a job interview. She had been in the same job for 10 years, without progression, and was therefore both out of practice, and at a loss as to how to explain 10 years of standing still. You can read the full story here, and pick up a few tips if you are currently job hunting: http://marilyndevonish.com/interview-tips-to-get-the-job-even-if-youve-not-interviewed-for-10-years/

Bringing the Offline Experience Online

Whether it is feeling that sense of connection, feeling as though you are in the room, or coming away with incredible skills and new expertise in record time, Marilyn Devonish always delivers.

Below is feedback from her online Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshop attendees.

Moving Your Services from Offline to Online

I have been offering Online Coaching, Online Therapy, and Online Training since 2005, so all processes are fully tried and tested in a virtual environment, and not subject to ‘covid rush’ to try and move processes which might not be suitable, to an online environment.

The Clock is Ticking

If you want to grab the launch offer, hurry. The countdown is on and the clock is ticking.

PhotoReading Online Video Webinar Workshop
Hurry!!! The Countdown is On!!!!!

*If you are booking during the pre-launch, save £500 off the investment for the weekend Workshop. If you missed the pre-launch, the launch prices end on 30th September 2020.

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn has been been delivering online Coaching and Training since 2005, so all processes have been tried and tested and specifically designed for the online environment. She has also been a Flexible Working Implementation Consultant since 2003.

As Featured In

Marilyn Devonish is also a Freelance Writer and has been featured in the press and media for the past 18 years. You will find links to several of the articles below at: https://flexibleworking.brizy.site/

Marilyn Devonish Freelance Writer As Featured In Forbes

She writes both on the subject of business, and emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

The Online eLearning Centre

You can choose from a Series of online on-demand Video Webinar Workshops.

eLearning and Development Online Courses

Go to: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com

Online On-Demand Workshops

My Online Courses and Workshops include:

  1. Fearless Public Speaking 1-Day Workshop
  2. Practitioner Insider Secrets 1-Day Workshop
  3. PhotoReading Accelerated Learning 3-Day Certification Workshop
  4. Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest 1-Day Workshop
  5. Huna and Ho’oponopono 1-Day Workshop
  6. The Money Breakthrough Workshop
  7. Surviving and Thriving After Heartbreak

To take an Online Class, go to: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com

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