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Do you ever feel alone, like you're the 'only one' or that you don't know which way to turn?

Do You Feel Alone - The TranceFormation Program
Is your head or back against the wall?

I had an interesting and deep conversation this week when doing one of my free Consultation Skype Sessions. They didn't believe they had much to say that could touch people. I begged to differ. I said they would also be surprised to know how many people feel the same way, so let me know if any of this resonates.

"I am almost in my 60s and I know I have this beautiful energy to get out."
"I came across your YouTube video. Looking at your website you do so many things and I think I need everything! Reading and watching you on YouTube and Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr Dispenza; the past 5-6 years I’ve been going backwards – We lost the house, we paid the debts, now we’re back to credit cards.
What is it that doesn’t allow me to move on? I want to spend a whole day in bed vs. I want to get up and do. I have a Therapy business but no confidence. I’ve got an auto-immune issue, my husband isn’t working, a child at University, I’m on anti-depressants.
I’ve done therapy, but it’s just repeating the story and making it worse. I keep building credit card debt. I spend lots of time on YouTube listening to what I already know. I feel emotionally messed up. I feel guilty; I feel I’ve messed up my children. I recently separated from my husband of 20+ years.
I ended up watching the TCCHE, and I saw you (Marilyn) were the Host. I just clicked on it and you were saying something about Huna and clearing the past; everybody in my family is a mess, and I feel guilty because I can’t afford to send them money anymore. I used to think everything was logical. It is also energetic. I have tried everything else. I am in despair. I don’t know what is needed. I am not depressed. When people are depressed they are not in conflict, they just don’t care.
There are times where you need a helping hands
Those times where you just need a helping hand
I need somebody to hold my hand. I need guidance and accountability from someone who has the expertise. I need structure – I don’t just want one Session where I’m up and then down again; I want to feel held and not procrastinate. The TranceFormation Program would be best.
I like what you said about the Soul Plan, it’s a spiritual thing. It’s got to be a very special person to help. It’s not just about the logical and practical, it’s about the spiritual and touching my soul.
I dealt with my anger issues but then I had no drive, it’s like I got stuck somewhere. (Using the emotions for fuel and then not re-fuelling is one of the reasons why I tell my clients we are not going to clear all their anger. Long story. I’ll maybe run a Webinar about it so keep a lookout if you are on my eNewsletter list).
Family members have challenged me: “Apply yourself! Why do you study so much?” I don’t want to stop this journey; I know it’s about something that needs to come up. My house still has things in boxes from when I moved in several years ago; the house, I can’t tidy up. Procrastination. I don’t treat myself kindly.
I panic when I think about building my business . . . . . I don’t think I came across your name Marilyn for nothing . . . . . Whenever people become successful, you become focused and unstoppable – Dr Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, the almost obsess about what they do in a beautiful way, like you are describing to me now and with all the things on your website. It’s not about money only, it’s about fulfilment; everything you see and read is all a function of your work.
The Magic & Gratitude Program
The Magic of being absorbed
I need to believe in myself. I don’t believe in myself. Somebody help me remember who I was. For the first time I really feel of all the people I’ve seen, I feel as though I could have some continuity with you, not just a one-off but build a relationship, have homework, they see you, it’s a path, to review. So far it hasn’t been like that: “Alright, if you don’t feel right you can have another Session.” It’s all too scattered, yours is like doing a course and you do the work, you do the ‘course’ and then you finish and really focus on me.

There Is Strength in Numbers - Find Your Tribe

I’m not in a position of strength the carry anyone. I just don’t feel it because I don’t know how to help myself anymore even though people think I’m strong. It has been too scary to look into the emotions.
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I am very happy and grateful for our conversation today Marilyn. Thank you. You have so much on your website and I love that because one size doesn’t fit all. It’s a journey, it’s a path. To have a physical place where all these courses are there. To have a place where you can suddenly feel at home. Total immersion. I know I have what it takes. I need somebody to hold my hand. There’s nothing we cannot do, we just need to have the right support and someone behind me to help me realise my beautiful dreams. I am almost in my 60s and I know I have this beautiful energy to get out.
I have a good feeling that you will be helping me and I could be helping you. Look at the time! Its hours (it was supposed to be a 20-minute Free Consultation. It turned into 90-minutes because there are times when to cut someone off when the floodgates have opened would be wrong). I really appreciate what you have shared Marilyn and your time.
I need to do this now; it was step-by-step and week-by-week on YouTube and it got me to you, it’s not a coincidence. I hope we can build a beautiful relationship of support. I am extremely grateful. So glad I was able to speak to you.”


WOW. I told this person they could write and share their journey because there are so many ways now to be anonymous online. They protested they had nothing to say and wondered if anyone would want to read their words. These are their words. If you enjoyed this Blog, or it resonated in some way give it a like and a share so they can see their words have power and impact.

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For me, they have already helped me because she put into words so many of the reasons why after 18 years, not all of them easy, why I still continue to do what I do.

The journey and the path and the ongoing support and the accountability is my TranceFormation Program, which includes pretty much EVERYTHING I do and takes people on a complete journey over the period of 3-6 months or even a year depending upon the pace you want to work.

The “touching your Soul” is the Soul Plan Reading and things like my Mind Body Spirit and Soul Energy Fest Workshop.

“A place where you can suddenly feel at home” sounds just like my Online Membership Group.

The being in wonder as you “realise your beautiful dreams” is my Online Magic and Gratitude Program. Whilst writing this Blog a post popped up from one of my Magic & Gratitude Group Members who has also given me permission to share:

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The “not having confidence” and “not believing in yourself” is the Breakthrough Session, and where this journey consciously began for me in October 2000:


And they are right. I do offer a lot of choices and options. If you have already visited my website and don't know where to start I created an Online Quiz to help you figure out your next steps. You also also use it if you are generally thinking about personal development and understanding more about what's out there and available to you:

Thank you to this person for sharing. Here is to a beautiful unfolding.

Thank you for reading.

Have you got beautiful energy you are yet to release into the world?

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