Free 90-Minute Kickstart Webinar to Maximise Your Results Using the Power of Accountability, Consistency & Focused Work Time

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The power of accountability and support in achieving breakthrough results is well proven. Add to that a dash of coaching, therapy, discipline, structure, and a wonderful range of transformational Spiritual Processes for the mind, body, spirit, and soul, and the results look set to be phenomenal.

During this one-off free 90-minute kick start, a pre-cursor to the new 6-month online MasterMind Accountability & Coaching Program with Marilyn Devonish and Clairvoyant Gina Batt, we will harness the benefits of focussed work time, group brainstorming, and a disciplined framework.

The full Online Program includes a combination of:

  • Live Group Webinar
  • Accountability to help you get things done and keep on track
  • Clear blocks and barriers to your success and progress with Energy Clearing and Coaching from Marilyn Devonish and Gina Batt
  • Learn new skills with the Spotlight Sessions
  • Gain new ideas and fresh perspectives with the Group Brainstorming Sessions
  • Block of focused time to complete a piece of work so you leave each session with tangible outputs and results.
  • Set goals for the month ahead and have help to achieve them
  • And of course, keeping in touch with wonderful like-minded people and translating the magic created in the room, online. It also provides an anchor, point of focus, ongoing support, and something to lovely look forward to each month. Gina was saying: “If you close your eyes during the processes on the call, you can imagine we are back in the amazing room.”

Book your free place here:

+ Breaking News Sneak Peek!

I have just spoken to our resident Clairvoyant Gina Batt to see which process she will be sharing and taking you through during the live webinar, and she is doing a Contract Change.

Photographer: Elia Pellegrini | Source: Unsplash

As you look at your life and how it is playing out, do you ever feel as though you signed up to a life where you failed or wouldn't achieve, or that it had to be a struggle, constant hard work, or battling demons or challenges at every turn, or where you are simply ready for something different, new, a fresh start, new chapter, but something is keeping the old patterns in place? If you've said "yes" to any of those, or something in between, the Contract Change is the perfect way to transition into 2023 and beyond.

Gina said:

If nothing changes. Nothing changes, but making one pivotal change can make everything possible.

During the live webinar, Gina will also take you through a series of questions to explore which area to hone in on, and what you want to change or release.

Why the free pilot webinar?

Join us as my free guest for a pilot webinar. The aim is to see which segments work best, decide on final format for the full 6-month program, and see if there’s anything else I haven’t thought of that would be a good additional to the monthly agenda.

Like the MBS in-person Workshop, we are looking to implement strategies that deliver lasting change and produce tangible results for both your life and business.

The date has been set for Thursday 9th February, 6.30pm UK GMT. To book your place and join us live, go to:

The free webinar is for the 90-minute pilot only, not the full 6-month program.

If you have further questions in the meantime, use the contact form below.

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