If You Suffer from Chronic Pain or Long Standing Injuries READ THIS!

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Her chronic pain disappeared within minutes of her first 30-minute Session. When I wrote this Blog it was based upon feedback from those who have had treatments.

I have since added an 'ADDENDUM' at the end of this Blog with my own 'Before' and 'After' photos (scroll down to the end), I have also added the first of the Cellulite Reduction Program pictures.

I can still barely believe it . . . . . . I have also added more information about what kinds of conditions this works well for, and it is ideal for those in debilitating pain who have "tried everything else" to no avail, plus an update from the friend who had their first treatment on 12th January.

In addition I've uploaded video where I share more about my Treatment and experience. I am now also flying the Practitioner who did my treatment into the UK to run an exclusive Workshop. The link to join us if there are still places available is at the end of this Blog.

A Revolutionary Treatment for Chronic Pain

She's had the numbness for 42 years . . . . . It was revived after just 30-minutes

I shared the post below about what appears to be a revolutionary and ancient way of dealing with chronic pain and long standing physical injuries on my Facebook page on 10th January:

"Oh, my freaking God! If you suffer from pain, RSI, long-standing mobility issues, or problems with weight gain; a woman lost 20 kilos after her treatment, have I got something for you for the February #SharingSaturday piece.

I thought the 3-Minute Healing Miracle (#BellyButtonHealing see link at the end of this Blog) was pretty revolutionary and spectacular, which it is, this is the next level again.

It is possible for the issues I mentioned above the resolved in just one Session, and even when a few more treatments are required patients have reported feeling better and physically stronger immediately.

The originator of it said:

"Anything relating to muscular or skeletal pain, this can help."

It is also recommended for people who have chronic pain and have exhausted conventional medicine and alternative treatments.

There are only a few people in the world doing this and one of them is flying into the Uk this weekend so I have booked a Session next week so I can test it out before I share it with my #MembershipGroup

This one really is potentially #revolutionary #LifeChanging and a #GameChanger


Marilyn Devonish "

Miraculous Chronic Pain Relief After a 30-Minute Session

On 12th January the friend who told me about it had her first treatment called me and shared this:

"Marilyn I had to call you. My right hip and leg is amazing pain down from 9.5/10 to a 2 and that was just after half an hour and not finished yet. I've had a numb patch on my leg after surgery in 1977 so over 40 years ago; I can now feel a sensation in that area. It was like ice rain . . . . Just amazing . . . . It is incredible, and I've only had half a treatment. I was just blown away by the difference in my hip is so noticeable and it's an 80-90% difference."

I am now 10 times more #EXCITED!!!!!!!!! #WOW and she has done a TON of different work and treatments over the years so to have her feel this different after just half an hour is truly amazing.

Membership Group Sharing Saturday

I have 7 # themes that run throughout each month for my Online Membership Group; #MotivationMonday #TarotTuesday #WisdomWednesday #ThinkTankThursday #FocusFriday #SoulFoodSunday and #SharingSaturday

Sharing Saturday is where I share cool and incredible stuff that comes across my path and onto my radar and this is no exception.

Once I have had a chance to experience the Sessions myself and see how things unfold; I want to chart the progress and longevity of the treatments, I will report back in February/March and share all the details with those of you in my Membership Group.

Are You Interested in Doing a Session?

I am also going to see if he would be willing to fly to the UK to run a Workshop and do some treatments so if that would be interest do get in touch to register your interest. You can use the email address or contact form below. If you are in my Membership Group you will get first dibs on those Sessions as they'll be limited because there's only so many back-to-back treatments he can do in a day.

To join the Membership Group go to: https://marilynsmembershipgroup.eventbrite.com

For information about what's included and benefits of being a Member go to: http://marilyndevonish.com/benefits-of-membership-free-readings-coaching-webinars-and-cash-savings/

To meet some of our Members and hear their experiences go to: https://marilyndevonish.kyvio.com/membership-sales-page

Watch this Space

My Session is on 16th January so I'll update this Blog with the initial results and send updates and an invitation to the Workshop if I can arrange it via my eNewsletter.

Feel free to like and share this Blog with others who could benefit from this ancient and revolutionary treatment.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach

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I had my first Treatment on Wednesday 16th January. The before and after photos are below. You can hear more in the video below. I have also added my 2 week update and results.

My back flexibility before and after my first Treatment

Let me be clear, a Treatment lasts about an hour and hurts while you are doing it, the results for me however after the first Session were instant with my mobility. This is something I've not been able to do for YEARS if not decades, and believe me, having taken up ballet for the first time ever at age 47 (and a half), I have tried.

What Conditions is it Good For?

If you are in pain, following the treatment you can expect less reliance on painkillers and good sleep if pain keeps you up at night.

It works exceptionally well for conditions like frozen shoulder, sciatica, if you have unbearable pain, old whiplash injuries, tension headaches, tight neck muscles, helping to resolve knee pain caused by tight muscles around the knees thighs and calves, rejuvenation of the muscles, improving muscle strength and as he puts it: "have the muscles you had at 19." He's also interested in working with sportsmen and women and builders and labourers because they are used to endurance, often have to push through pain, so he can work with them even more quickly.

It is ideal for those who are often in unbearable or debilitating pain where it is affecting your life and you think you've tried everything, if so, this is for you.

My friend who had their first treatment has been laid up in bed with the flu from Friday 18th - Sunday 20th January. I spoke to them today, Monday 21st, and asked how their back and hip were. She said:

"Considering I've been laid up and flat on my back for 3 days, whereas usually by this time my back would be in agony, there's nothing, it feels fine."
Bamboo Healing Cost Comparisons

She has spent close to £5000 on physio and massage treatments in the past 2 years. The results we are talking about here happened after her first 45-minute Bamboo Session.

Would You Be Interested in Doing a Session?

If he were to fly back to the UK would you potentially be interested in attending a Workshop and/or doing a Treatment?

The potential plan is to run a 1-Day Workshop in Watford (20-minutes on the train from London Euston, and yes you can use your Oyster card) with a talk in the morning and individual Sessions in the afternoon. There would be 5 Sessions available on the day; first dibs to those in my Membership Group for the individual Sessions.

We are still looking at prices, and will have one price for the Intro Workshop and another for Workshop + Treatment Session.

He is the only person offering this treatment outside of China and paid $550 for his Session with the originator, however I'm thinking that might be a bit steep so am thinking something in the region of £150 for the Intro Workshop + your Treatment Session.

He may be back in the UK around 3rd week of February and I'll be able get 1 day in his diary.

If you would definitely be interested in attending the Workshop to find out more and/or having a Treatment let me know here or via Messenger or email: marilyn@tranceformationstm.com (put Pain Treatment in the subject line).

I'll also post additional details and a video in the #MembershipGroup for this week's #SharingSaturday piece so you have some advance insight into what's involved and the amazing results. * The workshop is now confirmed. The booking link is below.

I also did a video about my experience and show you what to expect after a Session.

Marilyn Devonish sharing her experience of the Treatment

Attend the Live Workshop

This treatment has never been offered in the UK. Previously you would have to travel to China or Australia.

I have arranged for the person I did my treatment with to fly to the UK to run an Exclusive Workshop for my clients and contacts. If there are individual treatment spaces still available you can book via: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bamboo-healing-workshop-tickets-55214502062

Week 2 Update

It's often not until you get out of a restrictive#relationship you realise just how confining it was, having to be aware of every move and being careful with what you do.

I am having a similar experience with my neck . . . .

Bamboo Healing Results

It's been a good 2 decades since I've been able to just move and not have to be measured or super careful. So weird, yet normal and the way things should be.

The #BambooHealing has been incredible. He said it would clear old injuries and muscle trauma however having done so much osteopathy over the years I was both hopeful with a touch of: "yeah right."

I'm (kind of 😆 you'll see what I mean at the Workshop) looking forward to my second full session to fully free up my lower back. Also want to see if I can get a session on my hips and thighs in because that would further enhance my #ballet

Having lived with it for so long it's like being given a fabulous new low maintenance body. Long may it continue.

Week 3 Update

My friend had her treatment a week before me. Below is what happened today. You can either watch the video if you prefer to listen, or read the summary below:

Marilyn Devonish 11 mins ·

#Whoa #WOW I was with a friend today. She has NEVER walked from my house to the intu Watford centre because it's always been too far and too painful for her knees, hips, and joints.

Today, following her #BambooHealing treatment not only did we walk there, we also walked the full length of the centre, plus went to Five Guys Five Guys for lunch (#yummy) PLUS walked all the way home again, and do you know what? There was not a peep out of her in terms of any pain or discomfort.

She looked at me at one point and said: "This is the furthest I've been able to walk in years."

Her face this morning when I suggested leaving the car at my house was an absolute picture. I said my reasoning was there's no point wasting money on the car park when I've already spent good money on the parking vouchers. Not really a valid argument because it has never worked before #LOL

I'm telling you this treatment is incredible.

Someone else also complimented me at #ballet class tonight saying how good I looked and how well I am moving now. She was there when I took up ballet 3 years ago. I don't think she's EVER paid me a compliment. Another student said the same thing to me last week, which was my first class following the Bamboo Session.

I know the improvement in my ballet is down to the newfound flexibility in my shoulders and neck following my bamboo treatment.

I am flying him back to the UK this month, so for those of you joining us for the Exclusive Workshop in a few weeks time you are in for an absolute and I believe #LifeChanging treat.

I am in awe. What a different 45 minutes makes because that was the length of our respective Sessions.

#Health #HealthHacks #Wellbeing #PainRelief #GameChanger

Bamboo Healing Workshop Update

Thank you to the pioneers and early adopters who joined us for the first ever Bamboo Healing Workshop in the UK, and possibly the first one anywhere in the world.

Bamboo Healing Workshop Organised by Marilyn Devonish

We had a fantastic day of both muscle rejuvenation and with the extra Huna Energy Clearing Sessions, Clairvoyance, and Tarot Readings included as extra Bonus Sessions on the day while people were waiting for their individual Treatments.

Self-Clearing Technique for the Heart Meridian

The photo is from one of the Workshop attendees having been taught a self-clearing process for clearing the heart meridians. Interestingly she'd had a few issues with that area so it makes sense there would be a lot a gunk coming up.

This was after just a few minutes. (Totally loving the nail polish which perfectly matches the toxins released!)

I know we had someone who was able to move with much more mobility the very next day:

"Thanks for giving me a beating yesterday! I am much more mobile today, even being able to dress without having to sit down. Hips are sore though."

I shall follow up with our other attendees now the initial soreness has subsided.

Week 10 Update

It took a big chunk of my time to get the first Bamboo Healing Workshop organised so it's been head down to catch up with my own work since then, hence the big gap in updates.

My neck and shoulders and still 'normal' which is a restrained way of saying "fabulous!" I use the term normal because as per the beginning of this Blog, the Bamboo Healing Treatments restores the muscles to the way the should be, hence normal.

Fat & Cellulite Reduction Program

The 'Before' and 'After' is Not What You Might Think

I realised after I first posted this picture that a few people understandably thought the Before the Session was on the right and After on the left. It's the other way round.

The clear leg was before the Bamboo Healing. Looking all clear. The leg on the right is after the first round of toxin raising.

Kinda scary to see what can lurk beneath a seemingly clear surface.

Time to let the lumps settle and massage it out of the system. I should start to see results after Session 3. We're aiming to get rid of the cellulite and gain better muscle strength and definition.

Fat & Cellulite Reduction Thigh Treatment Week 1 Update

Above is the picture of my thighs on Day 7 following the treatment. My first was on Saturday 23rd March.

#Whoa #WOW Freakin' #OMG 😱

I was doing my #BellyButtonHealing this morning and could feel the right side of my body tingling.

Out of curiosity I pulled back to the covers to see if my legs looked different in terms of blood flow which might have been tricky to tell because of the toxin clearing redness is still going on.

We'll blow me down with a feather! First thing I noticed was the new muscle definition in the treated leg. 😳

My left side was cool, the right was hot. I finished the#BBH and now 30 minutes on my right side is still tingling which is another sign of better blood flow.

I've had one treatment so far, another 3 or 4 to go before we see full results, so it is very early days. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of initial progress and sped of results, hence trying it out before I offer it to my #MembershipGroup and clients.

If you want to know more about the Cellulite Reduction Program you can register your interest at: www.bamboohealing.eventbrite.com

For information about the Belly Button Healing Wand go to: https://www.bellybuttonhealing.com/affiliate/marilynd/

#BambooHealing #NaturalHealing #NaturalHealth#Health #Wellbeing #MarilynsHealthHacks

Marilyn Devonish

If you have further questions or queries about attending the event you can also get in touch using the Contact Form below.

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