RIP Gary Speed: the Coroner's Note & Breaking the Stigma of Suicide

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I was posting a tweet this afternoon and noticed R.I.P Gary Speed was trending.

I was somewhat confused because I remember his story, news of his death, and his name being mentioned in a documentary I watched a few years ago about a paedophile football manager who abused several of the up-and-coming stars in his care.

I then searched for: 'how did Gary Speed die' to see if I was getting him mixed up with someone else. The Google screenshot below is the first page that came up.

The answer from Google about the cause of death


It surprised me because people aren't usually that open about it . . . . . . HOWEVER, if you look further down, there is a second headline:

Gary Speed may not have meant to kill himself, coroner rules ......

The note from the Coroner's inquest reads:

An inquest found that the cause of death was "self suspension", although the coroner said: "the evidence does not sufficiently determine whether this was intentional or accidental".

The only way that statement makes sense to me is if he was found wearing a rubber body suit and mask and that, of course is none of my business.

I will make an announcement on Tuesday about a new Webinar Series I have planned because this #suicide nonsense backtracking is really getting on my nerves.

I've got some very interesting guests lined up already including Ketan V. HiraniGareth Stubbs, and a gentleman whose father committed suicide and whose child attempted it. My guests have no idea what they have said yes to however they all recognise the importance of helping to remove the stigma and shame associated with the word SUICIDE.

I am working on several others to see if I can get them to talk publicly which is proving a little challenging and further proves my point about the under the carpet insidious nature of suicide and suicidal feelings.

Because there is such shame and guilt associated to it those who need to talk often, don't.

It's okay to not be okay.

Liverpool Journalist Peter Guy kind of goes there in his tribute tweet posted at 10:12 AM this morning:

Gary Speed Trending on Twitter

"Gary Speed would have been 50 today.

It’s okay not to be okay. Keep talking and listen to your loved ones <3 "

I would even go as far as taking the loved one's out the first equation because from my experience they're often the last people you want to speak to. I will explain why that is when this project gets underway.

The Dilemma

Me this morning as I tried to avoid writing the R.I.P Gary Speed suicide post.

How it sometimes feels writing about suicide

Also me as I looked at the energy and stigma which surrounds the subject of #suicide

The Mask of Suicide and Breaking the Stigma


I'll talk more about why it's a bit of a dilemma during the announcement next week.

I made myself write the post and make the announcement and tag a couple people in so I can't get out of doing what I said I would do with the new Webinar Series.

I will announce more on Tuesday 10th September.

I will also cycle back and add the Webinar details to this Blog so watch this space if this is a topic which affects you or you want to understand more about.


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