Been Unemployed for Ages? Here's How They Ended the Slump

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What did my clients do to land their jobs after 9-12 months of being unemployed or out of contract?

Unemployed for a long time
A Dash of Huna Magic for the Unemployed

Out of Contract for 9 Months with Nothing on the Horizon

All it took for several of them was a round of Huna

A friend had been out of contract for 9 months so we did a round of Huna over the phone.

"(Marilyn) You're not going to believe this! I know there was a block and now it's gone! You have an amazing ability and it is having miraculous effects."

Lak Loi, Author of Martial Mind Power

Another of my clients has also been unemployed and out of contract for 9 months, getting interviews but not getting the jobs. We did some Facebook chats and a Huna and Access Consciousness Session.

From No Offers to 2

Following the Session she sent me a Facebook Message saying she had a problem.

That week she was offered not one job but 2. The problem and dilemma was deciding which job to choose!

You Will Be Offered 2 Jobs ....

For another client from my Membership Group was out of work for almost a year after being made redundant. We did a Future Life Progression Session, some Huna and a Tarot Reading.

I apparently said during their Tarot Reading they would be offered 2 jobs at the same time and would have to choose.

They were offered a job. On the way home from the interview they ran into an colleague from their old government department job. He asked what she was doing in the area. She explained she was on her way home from an interview.

"Oh! I didn't know you were looking for work." He also offered her a job right then and there. The same scenario as my previous client ensued. She now had to choose as both vied for her attention and skills.

How Do the Huna Sessions Work

Huna has been a firm favourite modality for both myself and my clients for the past 18 years because it is quick and the energy travels regardless of space and time.

In addition to using the Huna Symbols and working with the Huna Guides I would say a big part of it is holding the intention.

The Sessions can be done via telephone, Skype or even by listening to mp3 recordings after the fact . . . . . .

Can the Sessions Really Work Remotely?

The Was from a mp3 Recording

"Initially my third eye, throat, heart centre and solar plexus all felt compressed, and it was uncomfortable to say the least.
After the first round of Huna I sensed the image of a triangle of fire. During and after the second round
I felt the pain being drawn out of my body via my heart centre. I slowly began to feel lighter, my heart centre opened more than previously and felt like I was glowing from the inside out, as I’m typing the phrase ‘as if the light of my soul is now able to shine through my heart centre’ comes to mind. The third round gave me the sense of my heart centre expanding into the Universe and I now have a sense of feeling more open and I believe I have totally cleared the blocks.
I feel confident, happy, open, positive and I’m glowing at the joy of it all!!!"

Pippa Neve, New South Wales, Australia,

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It Even Works BEFORE We Get Started

"Did you Huna the Program before we started?"

The first time it happened I was like: "Oh that's cool. The second time I am now taking notice."

Someone signed up for my new Raising Your Money Vibration Program last week. On the day they signed up they were offered a better job that paid more money.

They asked if I had Huna'd the Program before I launched and it before we have gotten started.

I was speaking to one of my clients today. He asked me the same question because he got news a big deal after signing up.

This is such cool stuff, and yes, I did #Huna everything in advance because my intention was and is that it starts working for people right away.

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