Does Online Therapy, Online Coaching, and Online Courses Work?

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In a nutshell, and in a word, yes and no.

It’s a no if you don’t understand the nuances of how to transition what you do and online and know what won’t work and why. It’s a BIG definite YES if you have tried and tested processes and know how to make the adjustments for not having your client sitting in front of you, and being able to manage the remote and online environment and space because it’s not just a case of doing what you do offline online.

“Marilyn is truly spectacular. I was lucky enough to work with her remotely whilst I am based in Australia. I did the (online) Breakthrough Session, and it was both challenging but so rewarding.”

In this Blog I have shared results and testimonials from my online clients and online Workshop attendees to give you a flavour of the results you can achieve and what to expect from programs and processes specifically designed to work online.

How Do You Choose When Everyone is Now an Online and Remote Working Expert?

I have been offering Online Coaching, Online Training, Online Courses, and Online Therapy since 2005; 15 years before the #pandemic #pivot so everything I do is tried and tested and refined to ensure it is suitable for online delivery, and translates across the atlantic. I have also been a Flexible and Remote Working Implementation Consultant since 2003, which means going into organisations to write, deliver and implement remote working policy and strategy.

I had a discussion with marketing guru Jay Abraham this month, May 2021, I’ve been asked about the rise of online consultants and coaches in the wake of the pandemic because several people have had unsatisfactory experiences. I asked Jay how to frame that from my perspective of working in the online space for almost 2 decades. Some of his response to my question is below:

“Talk from a position of depth. You could say: There are many people who have emerged as consultants and I know most of the ones who are reputable and their knowledge is very valuable for what they do. If all you want is the basics, I think you should turn to them, but if you want to go deep, I’ve had the ability of looking at this from the vantage point of years of experience; I understand how to get 20-30% more productivity, more engagement, and identify areas which to my surprise and fascination, no one has ever really brought out.”

Testimonial from the Marilyn Devonish Online 3-Day PhotoReading Certification Class

Whether it’s about confidence, clarity, increasing your focus and concentration, breakthrough mental barriers, increasing your productivity, overcoming imposter syndrome, next levelling your public speaking skills, or getting re-focused and energised about life, you can do it all remotely and online.

The Online Options

In answer to the question of how it works with courses online, online therapy, and what is available, I have 3 main options available:

1. Take an online On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop. I recorded them live. They are now available via instant access. You will find a small selection here:

2. Private one-to-one Online Coaching and Online Therapy Services. Sessions are available by telephone, Skype, or my Online Meeting Rooms. Go to:

(The dedicated Coaching room is HIPAA compliant. The site is not fully populated yet. Click the red Book a Session button to view the current Sessions:

3. Attend a Live Webinar when one is next available. The live Program I'm running at the moment is the Online TranceFormationProgram The next live Group Session is next month.

Client Outcomes and Feedback

Below is a small selection of feedback from clients who have taken an online Workshop or done Online Coaching and Therapy with me.

Online 1-Day Breakthrough Session

“Marilyn is truly spectacular. I was lucky enough to work with her remotely whilst I am based in Australia. I did the Breakthrough Session, and it was both challenging but so rewarding.”
Breakthrough Session Testimonial from Lauren in Australia

It is amazing what a difference 8-10 hours can make. I did the Breakthrough Session with Lauren via Skype. Book your Online Breakthrough Session at:

I have 4 slots available next month.

I love the Breakthrough Sessions, and that is where this work started for me. You can read more about the process here:

The 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop

“Marilyn Devonish is the awesome lady that enabled me to breathe, think and talk all at the same time - and now- you can do it too!”
Fearless Public Speaking Online Workshop Testimonial
Fearless Public Speaking On Demand Webinar Testimonial

Rachel took this Workshop while I was on holiday sat round the swimming pool. You can read her full testimonial here:

The Remote Online TranceFormation Program

“It’s been absolutely brilliant. Marilyn has been like the rocket to launch me into the stratosphere.”
Online TranceFormation Program Testimonial

This 3-6 month Program was delivered as a telephone coaching and Skype coaching program. You will find details for the 2021 Live Online Video Webinar Group Program here:

MP3 Replay Audio Recording’s

Below is the feedback from one of my clients who couldn’t make a live teleseminar session so listened to the audio replay recording.

What was doubly fascinating about Pippa’s testimonial is that she described in detail the order and sequence of what I was doing and the symbols I was using, even though that information was known only to me and not discussed during the recording. Huna, and the remote work really is amazing.

To listen to free Huna recordings and experience it for yourself there are 2 options:

  1. Go to the Free Resources Page on my website:
  2. Go to my Huna subscription page. Scroll down to the bottom of the site. Click on the box for the Free Taster. The link is:

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