The Life-Changing TranceFormation Program

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“It does what it says on the tin. My life is TranceFormed!”
Life-Changing Transformation
Even though I thought I was confident, I didn’t really feel confident inside, everyone thought I was confident because that was the exterior that I gave them but after these sessions I know I am the dogs nuts!

Is it your time to TranceForm from the inside out? Confidence is an interesting phenomenon. People often assume if you're out in the world doing your thing, you automatically have it.

It can also sometimes seem impossible to change and transform those lifelong issues which hold you back.

Build Your Inner Confidence with the TranceFormation Program
Build your inner confidence with the TranceFormation Program

The inner and outer however don't always match, and when I use the word 'Fake' I don't mean it in a derogatory way (I initially thought it made for a catchy headline with all the talk of fake news in the press), it’s more to highlight being out of alignment. It's also different in this context to the 'fake it till you make it' mantra.

As one of my first 3-Month TranceFormation Program participants shared:

It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant; Marilyn has been like the rocket to launch me into the stratosphere.  I thought I was flying but there is nothing like seeing things from a rocket point of view but now something now seems clear.  Even though I thought I was confident, I didn’t really feel confident inside, everyone thought I was confident because that was the exterior that I gave them but after these sessions I know I am the dogs nuts! 

"Marilyn was running it for a start, somebody who I met many many years ago and I followed her with interest.  I jumped at it without a second thought, in fact I did think that the price you were offering it at was really cheap but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

It is just about having the time to dedicate to yourself, to look at yourself and have that coach lead you to think about things, look at things, and give you alternative ways of looking at things because that gives the answers that you already have.  Sometimes it was revealing to me that I already knew the answers."

You can watch her testimonial video here:

TranceFormation Program Client Testimonial

People are often feeling confused or overwhelmed, and looking for direction, clarity, a sense of purpose, and something that lets you know they are on the right track. The good news is you most likely already have the answers, it's just a case of helping you realise and bringing them to the surface.

There are 3 places available on this Bespoke Program, so if you already know you want in, go to the Express Checkout page HERE

It Does What It Says On The Tin

“It does what it says on the tin. My life is TranceFormed.” Claudette, Participant on the First Pilot Program in 2014/15.
Tranceformation Program Testimonial from the first person to sign up back in 2013

It's Deep

The TranceFormation Program is deep and covers a number of facets and areas, bringing together much of the work and modalities I've specialised in for the past 21 years. As another participant explained upon completion:

Seeing the whole world with new eyes

"I know that life if a lot more exciting, I think there’s something to learn every day, it is just absolutely fabulous, the links that are coming through, totally inspired.  It’s just made me notice more and take on board the messages that you are sometimes receiving and probably before this I was just going through the motions and watching it and or listening to something, where now I hear and I see because things are a lot clearer.  It’s like the scales have dropped off my eyes because I thought I was seeing but it’s like getting a new pair of glasses and now life is like HD vision!"  SENIOR LOCAL AUTHORITY MANAGER 

What's Included in the Program?

  • Soul Plan Reading and Limiting Belief Elicitation
  • The Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy Diagnostic
  • Archetypal Profile overview
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Strategy and Action Planning
  • Kinesiology Testing and Soul Plan Alignment
  • Future Life Progression Group Session
  • The Energy Creation Process
  • Implementation, Measurement and Accountability

Places Are Limited

It has been 8 years since I fully opened up places for the bespoke one-to-one 3-6 month Program. Places this time round; December 2021 are limited. There are 3 spots available, so book now if you know this is for you in 2022. To book your Bespoke TranceFormation CLICK HERE.

Who is this Program For?

On a global level, it's for those who know they:

  • Are capable of so much more.
  • Have 'lost' themselves.
  • Sense the inner doesn't match the outer.
  • Have plateaued.
  • Are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Have "tried everything."
  • Feeling stuck or unsure of next steps.

(There’s a 14 point checklist at the end of this Blog to check whether this Bespoke Program is right for you).

On a more granular level, we're also exploring and answering some of life's big questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you here on this earth to do?
  • Where are you on your life path and journey and what's next?
  • Feeling "fragmented?" What can you do to bring yourself and your skills into alignment?
  • What stops or blocks you? If not knowing the answer to this question is one of the reasons you are blocked we'll be exploring that too.

It is also about:

  • Letting go of old negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Gaining more clarity about your life purpose, journey and next steps.
  • Creating a more powerful future.
  • Where life is good and you want to continue moving forwards and accessing more of your sense of happiness, joy, and limitless capabilities.

At the end of this blog I’ve covered in more detail who this Program is for and what you can expect.

What Can You Expect When You Take Part?

As one client simply put it:

"As for the TranceFormation Programme, it does what it says on the tin.  I am transformed!"

It does what it says on the tin!

It's Launch Time!

The pre-launch for the (brief) return of the Bespoke Program is this week (beginning 2nd December 2021 if you're reading this in real time) and the special pre-launch prices are available until next week.

Launched into a new stratosphere!

Where Can I Sign Up?

If there are places still available, use the link below. The Fast Checkout page is:

Sign up for the affiliate program if you know someone suitable

Join the Affiliate Program

If the program isn’t right for you but you would like to refer to this or any of my other products and events, you can sign up for my Affiliate Program here:

For further details about the Program and the double commissions go to:

Contact Information


Main Website:


Bookings & Free Consultations:

Still Want More Information?

Below is the original email from 2013. I’ve covered in more detail what to expect during the Program, however as with most things in life, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so the best way to experience it is to do it.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach

Back to 2013 . . . . .

The TranceFormation™ Programme is ready for first launch & I am looking for a couple of test subjects!!

I think I started my last eNewsletter update by asking where on earth the time goes, and now we are almost at the end of 2013! As you review the year and take a retrospective look back, how was it for you?

  • Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve?
  • Did you create the experiences you wanted to have?
  • Have you done the things you really wanted to do, or is it another year where you look back with a sense of regret or even a tinge of disappointment, anger or frustration that you yet again failed to get those things done?

Regardless of what it is, or where you're at (spilt milk and all that) would you like to ensure that your 2014 gets off to an amazing and magical start?

I am looking for a couple of people, to test out my new TranceFormation™ Programme that is set to launch in 2014. I hasten to add that if you only like free stuff this is NOT for you. A considerable time commitment is required from me to do the analysis, research, planning, and implementation of the individually tailored programmes so an investment is required.

It is however fraction of launch price because you will be assisting me with feedback and suggestions.

Taking part in the pre-launch also means that you get an opportunity to try everything out, before anything gets cut from the final programme!


The Marilyn Devonish TranceFormation™ Programme is an in-depth and step by step process and plan for understanding, re-aligning, appreciating, and where necessary, changing and transforming your mindset so that you can get way more out of life.

We will be exploring your Soul Plan, your Archetypal Profile and the fulfilment of your Hero's or Archetypal Journey. For those that are so inclined we'll also be calling in some of the angel energy with the Angel Card Tarot Readings, and interweaving all of that with the cutting-edge mind and energy TranceFormation™ methodologies that I have refined over the past 13+ years.

Whether you want to focus on career, relationships, your overall life purpose, or simply take things to the next level, the modules and processes are designed bring the area of focus back into alignment and then skyrocket things.

Clients have focused on and achieved greater incomes, found their soul mates (I hope to be dusting off a few hats soon), opened up new areas and opportunities for their business, improved their health and well-being, released negative thinking and the moods that have held them back, and created and started living the lives they have always dreamed of.

For client testimonials you can visit:

The TranceFormation™ Programme provides the tools, support, and accountability to really help get things back on track and keep them there. It is the most comprehensive and complete programme that I have offered.

As well as removing old blocks, barriers, and limitations to living your best life, and attracting the things that you want, it is also about opening up the space for greater possibilities to be the person that you were truly meant to be, and creating and generating more flow, energy, fulfilment, peace of mind, and satisfaction.

Constructed over a period of 13 years, and combining all of the components that have become part of the legendary Breakthrough Sessions and Intuitive Energy Clearing Sessions, the Life TranceFormation™ Programme is an alchemic mix of the best strategies that I have both learnt and developed for my clients during that period of time. I think of it as a recipe for creating more mental and spiritual alignment, peace, and harmony in what has become an increasingly busy world.

In addition to the esoteric mix, I have also combined ideas and strategies from the business world which has been a signature part of my life since completing my Business Degree and the 35 years in industry that have followed. It is this unique blend of skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge modalities that make this Programme something special.

If you would like to take part before we go to full launch e-mail: and put 'TranceFormation Programme' in the subject line and we can arrange a free 20-minute consultation to see whether this approach and programme is right for you.


If you can relate to any of the statements and scenarios below then this TranceFormation™ Programme is for you. Are you:

  1. Confused about your next step in your life and what you are really here to do?
  2. In a place where you have lost faith, trust, and belief that you can really create what you want?
  3. Looking for more clarity and direction about how to take your life to the next level?
  4. Bored, tired, and frustrated with the way that life has been going and a sense that 'enough is enough' and wondering if, how, and when things will ever change?
  5. Lacking in motivation, inspiration and ideas or got that feeling of 'what's the point?'
  6. Held back by old mental programmes, limiting beliefs and patterns from the past?
  7. Feel that you have somehow 'signed up for' experiences in this lifetime that make absolutely no sense to you?
  8. Feel as though you have been going round in circles in trying to create purpose, meaning, and success in life?
  9. Convinced that 'everyone' else is succeeding and has it together while you are flailing about, trying everything, and making little or no progress?
  10. Struggling despite your best efforts and all of the wonderful skills, knowledge, certificates, and qualifications that you have accumulated over the years?
  11. Living a life dictated by your past which is negatively impacting the present and sabotaging your future?
  12. Realising that you are not living your best life or being your authentic self?
  13. Looking to get rid of a lifetimes’ worth of old baggage once and for all and develop a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you?
  14. Plagued by the rather annoying feeling that you've 'been there, done that' yet nothing really seems to work or 'stick'?

How many did you say “yes” to out of the 14 questions above?

The TranceFormation™ Programme is practical, outcome orientated, and dynamic, whilst leaving room for the ‘un-measurable’ and what I call the ripple effect. I discovered that people would do a 1-Day Breakthrough Session, go off back to their lives, and then notice as the weeks, months and years progressed that their entire lives had changed. However, it was often only when I ran into them years later, and reminded them of their goals and outcomes that the full extent of those changes would come to light.

With the TranceFormation™ Programme, rather than letting those wonderful changes go unnoticed into the ether, we will be tracking and measuring and building upon them for maximum results, effect, and impact. They say that what gets measured gets done and what you focus on expands, so this is about achieving results and expanding those areas that you would like to change, transform, or improve.


Have you ever had the sense that you are almost 'in the dark' when it comes to really living your life on purpose? That feeling of not truly knowing what you are here to do, or frustratingly knowing, but not able to fully live, realise, and capitalise on your potential?

If that resonates with you and where you are on your life, soul, and life purpose journey, then this programme is definitely for you.

The more I delve into my work and the many modalities that I have trained and specialised in, the more I realise what it has always been about: Opening the heart and mind to greater possibilities and creating the space for lasting transformation and change.

The TranceFormation™ Programme is my way of finally delivering a consistent model out into the world.


For the first 7 or so years that I was in therapeutic and coaching practice I only did Breakthrough Sessions, 8-Hours, back-to-back, no messing, all in one sitting, job done. They are brilliant, and I still do them to this day, 13+ years on.

And, I also appreciate there are many people out there that benefit from an unfolding process with more ongoing support. The TranceFormation™ Programme is designed as a 3-Month Programme however this can be condensed or extended to suit, depending upon how quickly or slowly you wish to work.

In a nutshell, the TranceFormation™ Programme is a 10-Part Process which includes the following:

1. The Soul Plan and Archetypal Journey Revelation

2. The Bespoke Soul Plan Intervention

3. Uncovering the Root Cause

4. The Clean Up and Release

5. The Intervention Plan

6. Strategy and Action Planning

7. Kinesiology Testing and Soul Plan Alignment

8. Energetic Re-Alignment

9. The Energy Creation Process

10. Implementation and Measurement

11. MasterClass and Bonus Sessions*

It is created as an almost step-by-step process for systematic and lasting transformation and change from the inside out.

Interwoven are specific modules relating to Relationships, Spirituality, Intuition, Work and Career, Health and Energy, Money and Wealth, Mindset and Accelerated Performance, and Self Love.

As with the traditional 1-Day Breakthrough Session you can choose the area of life which is of most concern. We usually then find that once that area is back into alignment, other areas also start to naturally fall into place.

If you would like to take part before we go to full launch and take advantage of the pre-launch price e-mail: and put 'TranceFormation Program' in the subject line and we can arrange a free 20-minute consultation to see whether this approach and programme is right for you.

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