The 'Spot On' Power of Angel Tarot is Amazing

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Wow. Before we go any further I am going to reiterate what one of my Angel Tarot Reading clients share in her testimonial:

"Having worked with Marilyn before, I know she is highly perceptive and intuitive, so trusted that the reading would be interesting to say the least! It isn't a case of the cards 'telling your fortune' it's all about them reflecting your current situation back at you, so you can clearly see what areas need to be worked on . . .

You can read the rest of her testimonial here:

Tarot in the Wake of Brexit and Trump

The BBC recently shared an interesting article about the resurgence of Tarot in the Business Boardroom. It has always been there and I often do business Readings where people are looking for clarity, direction, confirmation of advice, and next steps. I have shared a link to the BBC article at the end of this Blog.

What Are the Chances of That?

With that said what I am now going to show you is a side by side comparison of the Tarot Tuesday Readings for this month. The Bonus Angel Tarot Readings I do every single month via Facebook live for my Membership Group, alongside what Members said about their Reading having been on the live video session or watched the recording later.

What follows isn't unusual, it has been happening every single month for the 2 years that I've been doing the live monthly Angel Tarot video Readings.

The Tarot Reading Comparisons

Reading 1: I said: The Card pulled was 'Good Night's Sleep' and I said: "It's about being protected. Rest. Do nothing. Heal and manifest. Take a nap" and I explained about my Power Naps in the middle of the day. This particular client is always super busy so I don't really think of her as the napping type . . . .

Reading 1: My client said: My client arrived on the Facebook live call 26 minutes into it. She was late because: "Just had a nap." She had just woken up from having a nap in the middle of the day so hadn't yet heard my suggestion about taking a break from it all and having a rest and recharge nap.

Raphael Healing Card
Archangel Raphael Card

Reading 2: I said: "I feel like you're a skivvy, people's 'beck and call girl.' This can lead to anger or falling in martyrdom. Ask people for help and assistance. Send you people who can help you lighten the load. Letting people help you and being open to receive. Mother mode."

Reading 2: My client said: " Spot on!!! Just met with a new outsourcer to assist me... It's like that doing people's books!!! Mothering them I mean!! You really couldn't make this up!!!"

Archangel Power Tarot Card
Ten of Gabriel Card

Reading 3: I said: "Sit down and keep quiet. Be still! It's (currently) like the energy of: "Are we nearly there yet??????" As much as you want to see things move and go at a pace, there will be less pushing energy. I've known you since 2003 and I've got no idea if you meditate. If it's not your thing start with 5 minutes; sit still for more than 5 bloody minutes. If it's not your thing play and ding. The word decompress comes to mind; not talking, thinking, or trying to make anything happen."

Reading 3: My client said: "Ooohhh interesting! Of course I’m rubbish at meditation with my million miles an hour mind but I’m trying a new app that has been pretty good. I stepped away from it as I was away but this is a good reminder that I need to go back. Thank you!! Xxx"

Archangel Power Tarot Deck
The High Priestess and King of Raphael

Reading 4: I said: "Feather boa (in joke). Run away to the circus - a radical act, what would it be for you that would be so much fun?! Some thing, some activity you would never do. A different world view; "Oh no! That's silly! I couldn't do that!!! Get out of your everyday situation, a new or different environment, maybe going away or something like that. Get out of your comfort zone and silo. Take time to pause and reflect like we talked about with #ThinkTankThursday to "notice what you notice." To pause and reflect and get those "Aha Moments."

Reading 4: My client said: "Marilyn, you've done it again. Next month I am taking part in something I have always wanted to do but for whatever reason never have, and yes it is abroad, yes I'm going alone, yes it will give me plenty of time for reflection, yes it will help me put things into perspective and a big YES, it will definitely take me out of my comfort zone. I had started to wonder if it was a good idea but the reading seems to have confirmed that it is. Thank you thank you thank you xxx Marilyn, happy to give a testimonial and for you to use my words."

Archangel Power Tarot Card - Perspective
The Power of Perspective

Reading 5: I said: "I feel a prayer coming on so let's have the Archangel Michael deck; last but one card. Oh. Ok. Specific. I have no idea if you are thinking about love and romance, a relationship, Archangel Michael seems to think so . . . . It's about preparing for your soul mate, love, and making 'heart-ful' changes and learning to love self."

Reading 5: My client said: "Thank you so much interesting about the romance, I have being transmuting old energy frequencies contract and agreements attached with the concept of soulmate and romance relationships calling in divine romance partnership. Spot on gorgeous as always ."

Archangel Michael Card - Romance
Archangel Michael and Romance

Another of the Readings with about "Being of service, light and love, like it says in your Soul Plan" was also fascinating and their response was: "Yes, that’s exactly like my Soul Plan!"

Life Purpose Love and Light
A Life Purpose of Bringing in Divine Light

I have lost count of the number of Soul Plan Readings I've done since 2013 so have no idea what they say individually once the Reading is completed.

I did 16 Angel Tarot Readings for the September Tarot Tuesday live Session so I could go on but by now you get the gist. I will probably add a few more case studies in the coming weeks so check back on this page.

It started with the medical diagnosis and organic fruit and veg

I remember the first Facebook live video Readings I did back in October 2016 when I was test out the concept and idea. I pulled a healing card for one of the Members and talked about having had a diagnosis yet getting a second opinion. I also pulled a card about eating more organic fruit and veg.

When she listened to recording she had just come back from seeking a second medical opinion about a condition and on the way home had for some reason decided to pick up some organic fruit and veg. I knew right there that we were onto something and it has proven to be "Spot on" "Amazing" and "You just could not make this up" every single month since then.

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