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This unexpected piece of Mediumship during my Facebook live left me almost lost for words and that takes some doing.

I was trying out my new 'Banksy' Tarot Card deck in advance of the monthly Facebook live Tarot Tuesday Readings I do every month for my Membership Group so I put a post out on my Facebook page asking for volunteers.

Banksy Tarot Cards
The Banky Tarot Cards created by Colin Robertson

I decided it would be fun to test the cards out with a someone I've never read for and who hasn't experienced what we do for Tarot Tuesday so I asked who was up for an impromptu Sunday night Reading. The last thing on my mind was Mediumship, I thought was just going to have a play with what seemed like a very unlikely deck of arty Tarot Cards.

"I'm In" and So Was Granny Gracie . . . .

Dr Frantonia M Pollins, in the United States Volunteered. I've never met Frantonia and we've never spoken, and truth be told, with the Facebook algorithms the way they are it has been a while since I'd seen any of her posts so had no idea where she was at or what was going on with her life.

What I did know given her profile is that what I was saying didn't immediately make sense to me because of her already great profile and the boldness of her work.

Dr Frantonia M Pollins TED Talk
Dr Frantonia M Pollins TED Talk on "The Sexy Side of Success: Redefining Feminine Leadership, from the Boardroom to the Bedroom"

I start the Reading. Frantonia wrote a note in the Facebook video chat saying: "Spot on." I think "phew!"

I then hear a voice in my head which was addressing her as "Baby" and making very specific statements which were different from the way I would usually think or say things.

The Mediumship Begins: "Who Calls You Baby?"

Because the voice was so clear I eventually asked Frantonia if there was anyone who called her Baby, I said it sounded like a "patriarchal figure, like a great aunt or grandmother." Frantonia replied that her Granny Gracie called her Baby.

I'm getting goosebumps as I write this because the voice was as clear as day and as though there was someone standing just behind me speaking the words of support and advice for me to relay.

You can watch the full video for yourself here:

The Facebook Live Impromptu Mediumship Reading

To watch the Facebook version and read the chat transcript as it unfolded go to: https://www.facebook.com/marilyn.devonish/videos/10156576428926007/

I have also added some of the transcript from the chat at the end of this Blog.

"You know you are a Medium."

While this was unfolding Granny Gracie then turned her attention to me and said: "You know you are a Medium. You should be doing this. You have have already been told you should."

And Granny Gracie is right. It has been said many times over the years, first being when I was about 19 or so years old. I went to see a Medium, not because I had any interest in the subject whatsoever, but because a colleague from my evening job went to see him and came back gushing about how accurate he was.

I went to prove it was all "bunkum." My jaw was on the floor

Me being Miss Logical figured that as soon as he so much as said "Hello" she would have started blabbing and feeding him information which he then fed back to her. She was I thought, leading everyone in the office up the garden path with tales of "messages from the other side" so I agreed to go and see him in order to prove it was all a load of old bunkum.

My strategy was to only give him my first name when booking, and to keep my mouth firmly shut throughout the reading and just listen, which I kind of did, however my mouth was open much of the time because my jaw was almost on the floor with the things he knew and shared about me and my life; telling me about the grandfather I'd never met on my mothers side, saying I would have a job in "communication" where my face was up on billboards (seemed highly unlikely at the time given I was so withdrawn and shy), he also laughed and said my grandad was rolling his eyes at my inability to do a decent 3 point turn. He was right, at that time I was taking driving lessons and hadn't been able to master the turn for all the tea in China. He also mentioned things which no one could have known about.

Mediumship 1. Sceptic Marilyn 0

I had to go back to the office and apologise for rubbishing her story and experience. I then carried on with my life and Business Studies Degree, Postgraduate CIM Marketing Diploma, and then into the world of office work and never really thought about it again until I was 32.

Roll on another 12 or so years and I'm sitting doing a private reading with TV Medium Tony Stockwell. He too starts saying I'm a Medium and a Mystic and have a real gift for connecting with people in the most unusual of places and circumstances and that they could put me to work with people on a trailer park or in the supermarket and I would be able to do it. As he phrased it: "You're like the mystic on the bus, and the mystic in the supermarket. They could put you anywhere and you would be able to work with people and help them."

After the very weird incident with Tony's broken clock just as I sat down (see the Blog link below), Tony opened with:

"As I read for you I have no idea of your experience of your knowledge or if you know anything of this kind of work at all, but when I work with you your energy is that of a trance medium and I’m aware that you may have no idea what I’m talking about but let me keep going.  As I sit here now the spirit would gather very close to me and your energy is very different from lots of the other people that I read for where it’s almost as though you are a medium, you are a speaker, you are a teacher of the soul, whether you recognise it yet or not."  

You can read a full transcript of the session here: http://marilyndevonish.com/sitting-psychic-medium-tony-stockwell/

Again, interesting. Even though at this point I had now been told the same thing TONS of times since fully entering the world of personal and spiritual development in October 2000, I still hadn't listened to the point of acting upon it.

Granny Gracie was rather forceful on the point so at the moment I'm sitting with it. I guess it might be a case of watch this space . . . . . .

Extracts of Facebook Live Chat Transcript - Sunday 28th October 2018

Dr Frantonia M Pollins

Frantonia M Pollins · 7:41 I'm in

Frantonia M Pollins · 12:29 Spot on

Frantonia M Pollins · 19:09 My Granny Gracie called me Baby

Frantonia M Pollins · 19:51 Thank you for such a POWERFUL confirmation

Frantonia M Pollins · 17:25 😭😭😭😭😭 💯💯💯💯💖💖💖

Frantonia M Pollins · 30:56 OMG. I've been journaling about "burning it all down." (Here I picked a card with what looked like burning towers and talked about the "write and burn" to release old ideas and paradigms and burning down old structures).

Frantonia M Pollins · 32:43 To release the expectations of the "industry" standards (coaching industry) to FULLY embrace my mystical gifts. (Here I was saying the energy was that of releasing the expectations to society and really being 100% authentically herself and asking whether that resonated).

Below are the cards from the Reading. As you can see they are very different to a traditional Tarot deck which is why I wanted to have a practice using them because it felt as though it might be somewhat challenging to get clear messages. Clearly that was not the case!

Banksy Art Cards for Tarot Tuesday Mediumship Session
Banksy Tarot Cards

I also did a comparison Reading to see if there would be any resonance between the Banksy cards and one of my usual Angel Tarot decks. There very clearly was.

The 'Addiction' card for me spoke to letting go of something that doesn't serve you. The corresponding card that I pulled to match it was the Five of Michael. The message on the card starts with:

"This situation doesn't serve you! Release your attachment to the outcome."

As you can see from the picture above it, Banksy depicts people attached to societal paradigms.

Banksy and Angel Tarot Cards used in Mediumship Session
The Banksy Cards with Corresponding Angel Tarot Cards

Have you had your 5 a day and a nap?

As you will hear in the video, the bonus monthly Tarot Tuesday Readings are always a show stopper, right down to me talking to someone about buying organic fruit and veg for example, and they rock up and watch the replay and report they for some reason purchased a load of organic fruit and veg that day. It is that specific. For another of my always super busy clients I talked about the importance of stopping in the day to have a nap; she missed the start of the Facebook live Session because she unusually decided to have an afternoon nap!

At the time of writing, today is Tarot Tuesday, so the new Banksy deck will have its second outing with those who want me to use it during their video Reading.

Thank you Frantonia for volunteering to take part and for your wonderful feedback and confirmation, and thank you Granny Gracie for literally gracing us with your presence, it was truly felt that day.

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

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