Are You Ready to be Back in the Boardroom?

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Are you ready to be back in the room, and do you need to be?

The PhotoReading Experience. Available both in-person and on-demand online.

The Personal & Economic Cost of Stress & Anxiety

Poor mental health carries a social, economic and social cost of £105 billion a year in England alone.

In 2020/2021, there were 822,000 cases of work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in the UK.

An astounding 1 in 6 adults have experienced a 'common mental disorder' including anxiety, and 2.1 million adults, and 0.6 million children accessed NHS mental health and learning disability services.

In the research I've done, many cite feeling overwhelmed, lethargic, unable to concentrate, stressed, and lacking in creativity and energy, both physical and mental.

What’s the Link and Connection?

It is my 20 year anniversary of teaching PhotoReading. At first glance, you might wonder what the connection is. I asked one of my clients, a schoolteacher who was also studying for a PhD in Mathematics what he did to relax and de-stress. Keep in mind he cycles, does martial arts, qigong . . . . His answer? He PhotoReads.

Instant Calm and Focused Concentration

Not only does PhotoReading increase and improve your concentration, focus, productivity, creativity, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and give you the ability to read at 25,000 words per minute and PhotoReading whole books in 5-minutes, it also dramatically reduces stress, worry, and anxiety, and teaches you how to attain a state of relaxed alertness and instant calm within minutes.

There's an on-demand video webinar version if you want to get started straight away from the comfort of your office or home.

Instant calm, focus, relaxation and concetration wherever you are

If you want to join us live, send me an email, or complete the EOI form:

Twenty Years of Life-Changing TranceFormation

Next month marks my 20-year anniversary of becoming a Certified PhotoReading Instructor.

At the time, I had been diagnosed with what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer's and was struggling to remember the simplest of things; not ideal when you're studying to be a chartered accountant.

Within 2 weeks of learning how to properly PhotoRead, my mind and brain and #TranceFormed. That was in October 2000, and the rest as they say, is history.

The investment of 3 days has had a MASSIVE ROI, and I would be hard pressed to put the value of that into words. As one my Marketing Exec attendees put it:

"I see your issue with marketing. How to get people to believe all the changes with something so seemingly simple as PhotoReading. A good dilemma." Medical Marketing Executive, London

It would be lovely to run an in-person class to mark the momentous occasion of jumping on a plane to Minneapolis with just a couple days notice to become an Instructor.

Multiple Fields and Professions

Over the past 20 years I've had accountants, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, students, therapists, writers, doctors, surgeons, and even a team of rocket scientists attend the class.

Cranfield University Rocket Scientists Feedback on Marilyn Devonish PhotoReading Workshop
Feedback on my PhotoReading Workshop from the team or Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University

Do You Want to Join Us Live in the UK?

If you are interested in joining us live in March 2022, email or DM me. If you're emailing, put 'PhotoReading Class' in the subject line because I get several hundred emails a day, so I'll be searching for that term. My email address is below. You can also use the Contact Form.

What to Expect: How to Change Your Life in Just 2.5 Days

I put a short video together a few years ago. It gives you an overview of the:

  • Types of people I’ve worked with
  • Professions and industries covered
  • Subject areas and fields
  • Their amazing results after investing just 2.5 days
The Ripple Effect Game Changer

It is suitable for all ages, and I’ve worked with attendees age 7 to 70+ years.

Feeling younger and more energised is just one of the amazing benefits and PhotoReading side effects
PhotoReading is also an incredible gift for those just starting out on this journey we call life

There isn’t much of a lead time, so get in touch ASAP if you want to attend the 2022 live class.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach, Remote Working Specialist (since 2003), Certified PhotoReading Instructor (since March 2002)

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