How Long Does It Take to Learn PhotoReading?

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A question that comes up a lot is how long does it take to learn PhotoReading.

It's a little like the how long is a piece of string question however my quickest Session teaching someone from scratch on a one-to-one Coaching basis has been 90-minutes. The typical is 2 and a half days for those who attend the PhotoReading Workshop.

The 5 PhotoReading Steps are easy to learn. I have found it often comes down to belief and mindset which is why I included the Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Sessions as part of my Certifications Workshops.

What are the 5 Steps and how long do they take?

Step 1 is Prepare where you get yourself physically and mentally prepared for the task in hand and get clarity on your purpose in order to get the brain and neurology working.

Step 2 is Preview where you get a 90-second overview of what is to come. I liken this to a movie trailer which shows you the coming attractions.

Step 3 is PhotoReading where you are PhotoReading at 25,000 words per minute and it typically takes around 5 minutes to PhotoRead a book from start to finish.

Step 4 is Postview where you do a review and make a conscious decision about where to start your Activation. This takes 2-3 minutes for a first whizz through.

Step 5 is Activation and this is where you actively re-engage with your book, ebook, pdf, magazines, newspapers, reports etc., to find the information you looking for that meets your Purpose. Your activation might be as little as 3-5 minutes, and longer and more frequent for those who are studying, using PhotoReading for Professional Development, learning presentations etc.

That is it in a nutshell. You can complete that whole process from start to finish in around 30-45 minutes.

I also suggest other things to help activate your brain and neurology:

Does PhotoReading work for learning and retaining facts and details?

This is another question that comes up a lot. Below is quote from a Barrister and Head of Chambers for a Law Firm in London who attended my PhotoReading Workshop:

"The benefits of PhotoReading are just limitless, every time I use it I find something else. When I booked to come on the course I thought it was just speed reading and that I was just going to improve my reading speed; it's something else. Maybe it's the combination of the Huna and Time Line Therapy that you do. It's an incredible experience. It has certainly changed my outlook as it can come into play in so many different ways. Now I see it as been an integral part of my life. In Court preparation is key. Now when I PhotoRead the key words and information all come up in front of me. I felt like I didn't need to go back and look at it, the whole book was in my head. I haven't needed to pick it up again. It's like being in a computer, you do a search and it's all there."

What Have Previous Attendees Said About Marilyn's Training?

Do the Benefits of PhotoReading last?

Yes. The way to enhance and build upon the benefits of PhotoReading, like many other things in life is to use it. You can read more about long term client results and success stories in a previous Blog:

What are the ways you can Learn PhotoReading?

In terms of what I offer there are 4 ways you can learn PhotoReading.

1. The Online Video Webinar which is the full 3-Day Certification Training which I have run as a Video Webinar:

2. Attendance at the in-person PhotoReading Live Workshop. I run the Workshops in Watford which is 20 minutes on the train from London Euston: or: (Once the early booking price is over on 31st January I will check with those who have booked to choose a date).

3. The 1-Day Online PhotoReading Video DVD which comes with the option of telephone or Skype Coaching Sessions:

4. There is also a Home Study Course created by Paul Scheele which is a series of audio CDs of a PhotoReading Class: You can either purchase this Course as a Digital Download, or have the physical products dropped shipped. There may be an additional customs tax to pay upon arrival for shipments).

It is simply a case of choosing your preferred modality. With several of these options you can get started as soon as today.

How to Activate is a question I also get asked a lot so I will cover that in another Blog so if you subscribe to my newsfeed and and have asked yourself the same question stay tuned.

If you have further questions or queries or topics you would like to me to cover for my YouTube Channel send me an email or use the Contact Form below.

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