Benefits of in-Person vs. Learning PhotoReading Online

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PhotoReading Learning Online

Another common question is whether to take the PhotoReading Class live/in-person or via what turned out to be the world first Online Video Webinar.

If you live outside of the UK the Online Video Webinar is probably the way to go!  :-) 

Everything is in the Webinar

Geographical location aside, the Online Video Webinar Program is approximately 22-hours in length and with the exception of the Group Exercises, contains everything we cover in the live Workshop. 

Benefits of In-Person

  • You get to ask questions in real time. 
  • You have 3 fabulous days out in Watford!
  • The Group dynamics connection. 

Benefits of Online Video Webinar

  • No travel costs. 
  • No hotel or accommodation costs. 
  • No travel time. 
  • No food and subsistence costs. 
  • You can re-watch and review the information whenever you choose.

Information about the Live Workshop:

Information about the On-Demand Video Webinar Certification Course:

Feedback from the in-Person PhotoReading Workshop

Deirdra Barr's Feedback Several Years Later - PhotoReading is Still Working ......

PhotoReading Video Webinar Feedback

Below is the feedback from the PhotoReading Video Webinar Program.

What is Your Primary Learning Style?

It also comes down to your preferred learning style. I put together a super quick and simple quiz here:

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