Coronavirus - The Lighter Side

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Below is a roundup of my favourite coronavirus memes, jokes, food for thought, and pictures, gathered from contacts on my Facebook page. Some come with a parental advisory so enter at your own risk. They also leave no profession, subject, or race unturned, so if you’re not up for a #LaughterBreak during these challenging times, scroll off and move along now.

The creativity of humans knows no bounds. You gotta love our resilience and the global sense of humour. If you know any of the creators let me know, and I’ll add a credit. There’s a content form below or email:

I will continue to update it as we go. Newest posts will be added at the top to save regular readers having to scroll all the way down.

#Enjoy and feel free to like and share this Blog.

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Your coronavirus Laughter Break and Food for Thought

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