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Really excited about this one. Since I learnt about Huna back in October 2000, it’s been a firm favourite and my clients also love it.

This month I started a fabulous experiment to bring the gift of Huna to you in a variety of different ways. There are a couple of videos at the end of this blog if you haven’t previously come across or explored the wonderful world of Huna.

Want to Work with Marilyn Devonish One-to-One?

Whether it’s working with me online one-to-one, or studying Huna from the comfort of your own home, read on!

The ‘Real-Time’ Huna eBook

Join me on the journey as the book unfolds . . . . .

I have written the basic framework. Part of the book is yet to unfold and will be shaped by you. When you sign up you recieve a Flip Book link of the book so far, and an invitation to get in touch and let me know:

  • If there is anything else you would like me to add?
  • Aspects you want to expand upon?
  • What you would most like to learn or take away?

I will be adding your comments and feedback and updating the ebook in real-time.

Your Free 1-2-1 Online Huna Session

When you pre-order the Huna Intro eBook, you also receive a link where you can book a private one-to-one Online Huna Session. Your complimentary Session is 30-minutes. Here’s what the first recipient had to say:

“I had a bad neck and I feel so much better already! I feel more alert.” Valerie Middleton

Valerie was feeling somewhat tired and lethargic that day, so it was a great and instant TranceFormation and result.

Does Huna Really Work Online?

In a word. Yes. It also travels beautifully via audio and video. Below is feedback from another of my wonderful clients out in Australia, sharing the results of listening to one of my Huna MP3 audio recordings.

Your Free 30-Day Huna MP3 Subscription

If you would like ‘Huna on tap’ for a month to immerse yourself in the energy, you also get a free subscription.

I have an online Huna MP3 subscription service. When you pre-order the eBook you also get a link to subscribe for free for 30-days.

Save ££$$ on the 1-Day Online Huna Workshop

Below is feedback about the Huna Workshop with Marilyn Devonish.

1-Day Online Huna Video Webinar Workshop

When you purchase the eBook, you also get to save up to £233 off the 1-Day on-demand Huna Video Webinar Workshop. The link and promo code are in the draft eBook.

Sign Up Today!

To pre-order the eBook and recieve immediate access to your Bonus gifts, go to: https://tranceformationstm.involve.me/huna-ebook-gateway-gift

There will also be a few other gorgeous energitic goodies along the way for the early subscribers!

Marilyn Devonish

Contact Information

Email: marilyn@tranceformationstm.com

Website: https://www.tranceformationstm.com

On-Demand Huna Workshop: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/introduction-to-huna-ho-oponopono (save up to £233 with the eBook)

If you prefer not to pre-order the eBook and would like to book an Online Huna Session go to: https://bookme.name/marilyndevonish/huna-access-consciousness-energy-clearing-session (book a free Session with the eBook)

A Huna Sneak Peek

Why my clients love Huna

Huna Client Results

I did a video summary of client results if you haven’t previously come across Huna and Ho’oponopono.

Huna Ho'oponopono