From Suicidal Brain Fog to Clarity - How Do You Get There?

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I am doing a 30-Day business challenge this month. One of the Exercises is the Origin Story, which explains how you got from where you were to where you are today.

From suicidal to thriving on life

Where did the story begin?

I was diagnosed with what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer’s in my 20’s and my doctor said there was nothing more he could do for me. I felt like an old person trapped inside a young but rapidly declining mind and body. When I discovered PhotoReading everything changed and transformed literally overnight. It made me realise if I can do it from my terrible and scary starting point, anyone can because most people aren’t starting from a zero or negative base.

KEY FACTORS: Alzheimer’s. Depression. Suicide. Mental Health. NHS. Medical Profession.

What did I dream of accomplishing?

Not only did I have brain fog, I was also suffering from a host of physical and emotional conditions; I went from being slim, energetic and healthy to clinically obese, comb over bald, suffering from terrible acne, constipated, chronically fatigued and suicidal. The brain problems (and relationship problems) were the final nail for me.

KEY FACTORS: Chronic fatigue. Obese. Overweight. Suicidal. Brian Fog. Mental Health Awareness. Weight gain. Weight loss.

What was the struggle that stood in the way?

Internally I was a mess and the suicidal thoughts and sense of deep desperation and hopelessness gathered momentum by the day.

Despite eating well and exercising and going to the gym 4-5 times a week, my weight was relentlessly increasing while my physical and emotional state was in rapid decline. The really scary part was watching my mind and brain function decline because I was only in my 20's.

KEY FACTORS: Suicidal. Desperate. Hopeless. Internal turmoil.

What was the rock bottom moment?

Letter from the ACCA confirming receipt of the Medical Certificate from my Doctor

Rock bottom for me was contemplating and analysing all the ways I might end my life then calling the Samaritans for 4 ½ hours. A definitive moment was sitting in my Chartered Accountancy ACCA exams staring at the exam paper and blank answer book and not being able to get my brain to work. Whereas I used to hit 80 and 90%+ in my Business Degree a few years prior, I was walking out of these exams scoring 37%.

KEY FACTORS: Suicide. Samaritans. Accountancy. Exams. Brain. Neuroscience.

The Dream

I remember dreaming of a time where I could just be 'normal'and 'my old self again' and live a life where rather than every day being a struggle, I was happy, clear headed, optimistic, and rather than feel I was drowning in overwhelm, I was on top of things, keeping up, and even ahead of the game in terms of creativity, thinking, flow, and being a pioneer.

At the time however having struggled for so many years without a glimmer of hope on the horizon these thoughts seemed like a pipe dream, and the stuff childlike curiosity is made of.

What did I discover that changed everything?

The discovery and "aha moment" was being on a personal development training and hearing the trainer say he read 20-30 books a month. Not 20-30 books in a year, but every, single, month! What the???? He shared this when another participant asked how he remembered all the course materials, facts, figures, dates, and case studies. Of course we asked he did it, and he said PhotoReading. I realised it was the same tape set Home Study Course I had sitting at home gathering dust.

KEY FACTORS: Personal Development. Reading. Studying. Limitless. PhotoReading. Miraculous.

What did I do to bring about the TranceFormation?

I decided to go back and listen to the tapes (today they are CDs) with an open mind and without judgement. The rest as they say is history.

KEY FACTORS: Mind set. Open mind. Judgement. Focus. Law of Attraction. Power of Intention.

What stopped me from doing it sooner?

The reason the 8 cassette tapes (this the 1990s so it was tapes back then!) sat on the shelf was because I didn’t think it was possible to read at 25,000 words per minute and PhotoRead a whole book from start to finish in just 5 minutes and learn strategies to remember and recall what I had read. Although I had paid several hundred pounds for the Home Study Program I ultimately believed it was all just American hype because I had done a speed reading course before so what was going to make this any different?

The answer to that as I would finally discover when I took action and used the material was "EVERYTHING!"

KEY FACTORS: Limitless. Bradley Cooper. One Aldwych Hotel. Investment.

What was the end result?

A pivotal moment was failing the open book NLP Practitioner test. And not just failing, failing miserably. I’d had several months to complete it at home using the books and tapes yet I still couldn’t get my addled brain around it.

I had less than 3 weeks between my Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training and the Master Practitioner test was HUGE! I barely had time to get through the 36 tapes, much less answer all the questions and produce the multiple mini essays. I decided to grab PhotoReading off the shelf and apply it.

I had put a goal in my Timeline that I would pass the Master Practitioner test with “flying colours and have no corrections.” With the first test I had massive amounts of corrections to do as home work every single night.

I was I believe the only person in the class of over 70 people to pass the test first time with no corrections. Just a 100% Completed and “Excellent Work Marilyn!”

My Master Practitioner Test Results

Finished in a Record Breaking 3-Hours

Five months later, in May 2001, I took the 1-day closed book NLP Trainers Training exam. It was an all day 8-hour closed book test under exam conditions. I put a goal in my future Timeline I would finish in 3-hours and pass with flying colours.

I was the first person out of a class of 50+ people to finish, and just like I had put in my Timeline, I finished in 3 hours on the money. I hadn’t revised in the traditional sense, I just PhotoRead.

My NLP Trainers Training Certificate
My NLP Trainers Training Certificate

It wasn't all plain sailing however and there was a crisis of confidence 30-minutes before the exam. You can watch the full story in the video below:

The Full Back Story and Transformation

KEY FACTORS: Pivotal Moment. Crucible moment. Struggle. Breakthrough. Exam success. From failure to success. Against the odds.

What transformation did I experience?

I went from the girl who could barely remember her own name and why she walked into the room and was terrified of public speaking, to the woman on stage teaching and presenting without notes. To say it was a TranceFormation of epic proportions would be an understatement.

I became a Samaritans volunteer in 2001, and a PhotoReading Instructor in March 2002 and have been teaching, coaching and running PhotoReading Workshops every year since then.

Fearless Public Speaking Webinar
From Fearful to Fearless Public Speaking and Flow

The Huna and Breakthrough Session also played a part which is why they now form the Exclusive Bonus Session during my PhotoReading Workshops.

KEY FACTORS: Transformation. Life changing. Public speaking. Overcoming fears.

Global Transformation

I have also launched an online 3-day Video Webinar version of the full Certification Course which means my international clients can now achieve the same transformation from around the globe and attend my virtual classes and get started as soon as today.

Next Steps

You have a few options to learn this incredible life-changing System for yourself.

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