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#WOW This Huna synchronicity and immediate answer to my question stopped me in my tracks. This is where it all kicked off for me on that day in 2015.

It was Wednesday 20th May, 4 days before I was due to run my first full #Huna Intro Workshop,

Although I had spoken to the team out in Hawaii and gotten permission to run the Workshop, I was still questioning whether it was a good idea for me to teach this incredible information, and share it more widely.

I have been using Huna with my clients since 2000 and it is right up there with one of my favourite modalities amongst the 20 or so I currently use and teach.

The 'Give Me a Sign' Meditation

At 8am I did a mental Tarot Reading and meditation asking for a sign it was a good idea and got the image of a Mermaid.

Tongue in cheek me: "Dude. I live in the centre of Watford and I'm working at home today to finish these slides so where am I going to see a Mermaid?????!" :-D

Presence of the Higher Self

That day I was working on the PowerPoint slides and had just finished the slide about the Aumakua (Higher Self).

I was thirsty and needed a nibble. My office door was closed. As I opened it I realised, I'd left the TV on. The first words I heard as I walked into the living room were:

"You go to Australia and check out the mermaid story, and we'll go to Hawaii to follow up on the Aumakua", and there was a picture of a mermaid on screen.

I kid you not. Well, you can see I'm not kidding because I got my camera and took photos of both. #Synchronicity

The Fact or Fiction Synchronicity

It was a Fact or Fiction show which was investigating a Mermaid sighting plus a woman who said whenever she photographed her granddaughter, the Higher Self showed up in the pictures, so they went out to Hawaii to investigate.

I share the jaw dropping outcome of their investigation at my Huna Workshop.

Mermaid in Glorious Technicolor

Later on that day a Facebook friend, Toni Brodelle shared the picture of the Mermaid below.

I mean really, what are the chances of that? You really could not make this stuff up. #SpeakItIntoExistence

Offer of the Month - Save 30%

The Offer of the Month for October is my 1-Day Video Webinar Huna Workshop. This month you can save 30%.

You can watch the full overview of below.

To pay book using PayPal go to: Use Coupon code: octoffer30

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Workshop overview and where you can register your interest in attending a future in-person Huna Workshop:

Overview of future deals bookmark:

Does the Huna Energy Travel?

A question I often get is whether the energy travels if you can't be there in person. The answer to that is "Yes."

Below is feedback from one of my lovely clients who listened to one of my Huna Processes via mp3.

Have Huna. Will Travel.

There's a link at the end of this Blog where you can access free Huna mp3 downloads via my website.

The 1-Day Video Webinar Format

More information about the format of the 1-Day Video Webinar and what you can expect from the Training.

What do we cover during the 1-Day Video Webinar?

  • Huna Lineage and History.
  • The Power of Words and Symbols.
  • Huna Foundations and Applications.
  • The Assumptions of Huna Magic.
  • Experiential Exercises.
  • Introduction to Ho'oponopono and Higher Self Therapy.
  • The Waking Meditation.
  • The Ahi Ritual and Daily Practices.

What Did Attendees Say About the Online Event?

"Marilyn, first of all great webinar! Thank you!! I'm really grateful I discovered you a few weeks back at the YES Group and made the decision to join the webinar!!"

"Thank you, Marilyn! Sitting here with a big smile on my face!"

"Feeling more energised in general."

"I have tingling and goosebumps all over."

"Had a big smile on my face finishing this exercise and feel peaceful."

"Great webinar Marilyn - AMAZING value. Thank you :)"

"Yes, totally agree with Dave - great webinar - a lot of content to take in!"

How Long is the Webinar?

The running time is approximately 8.5 hours and is recorded as 2 Modules.

How Long do your have access to the Webinar?

You have Lifetime Access to the Webinar so although there is a lot to take in you can press pause and revisit the information as many times as you like.

What is the format?

The 1-Day Workshop is via Video Webinar and I teach it using the same PowerPoint material and Exercises as the in-person Huna Workshop. Once you have logged into the BigMarker Webinar platform there is nothing for you to download.

Huna Watch and Client Testimonials

If you want to know more about Huna I'll be sharing come cool stories throughout this month while the offer is on. A glimpse at the coming attractions is below.

PhotoReading Workshop Attendee Following my Bonus Huna Belief Change Session
Event Attendee Following a Huna Keynote Presentation
Feedback from a Huna Workshop attendee
Feedback following a quick round of Huna at my Magic & Gratitude Workshop
From 18 months of pain to this after just a few minutes of Huna
"Reiki on steroids" is how I often describe Huna

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