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Have you ever had a task you’ve been putting off, or one you’ve tried to do, gotten partially started, then given up? If yes, read on. You can get instant results and results within just a few hours.

“I was typing like I was doing it for 20 years. Felt like I was in the Matrix movie.”

One of my Online PhotoReading Refresher Video Webinar attendees shared a wonderful email with me following the event a few days ago:

This is amazing. From “quitting” to “passing with 100%” after the Online PhotoReading Refresher Day. The email below is from one of the lovely Webinar attendees. It is both brilliant and a lovely giggle:

“Hi Marilyn
Just to let you know that I have been trying for the past months to do an online typing course.
Yes, I know we are in 2021 (2000 after Jesus was born) and I am one of those that has to look at the keyboard while typing :-( .
Working in an admin environment, typing skills are indeed a 'must' in our days and many times while in the office I look at my teammates and I am like: one day i am going to type like that.
There is a saying in Portugal: ''Old donkey does not learn languages''. I think it is more known in English as ''You can't teach an old dog new tricks''. So I told myself I will do it, I will show the middle finger to the ''saying'' and learn how to type.
So, I started the online course and I always managed to complete the 1st and 2nd course out of 5 courses (part 1) and then I would quit. A few weeks later I would start again and quit and so on and so on.
During Saturday's session one of the intentions I set up was to finish the course and a book.
So yesterday I sat my big Portuguese buttocks on the chair and started the course and bloody hell 30 minutes later I had completed the 5 courses including the final assessment for the beginner stage (part 1). I was typing like I was doing it for 20 years. felt like i was in the Matrix movie.
Pass mark on each course and final assessment: 100% Happy days :-)
I just have to keep the work. :-) and show the middle finger to the ''saying'' :-)
Thank you for your time you gave us all on Saturday :-) if there is a link where we can contribute with some donation ££ for your time, just let me know i will make a donation.
Manuela Ribeiro”
Online PhotoReading speed reading class

Manuela also said later that week:

“Morning Marilyn,
Yes of course you can share my feedback and name: Manuela Ribeiro. :-)
During the session you asked us to choose two books. I have chosen a book and the typing course. I look every day at the Mindmap of the course and take notes of my improvements.
I am doing every day the classes at an unbelievable speed. Every day I tell myself how amazing our brain can be. It brings me back to my childhood times where I would learn at light speed :-)
I am over the Moon :-)
Kindest regards.

The PhotoReading Refresher Day

PhotoReading Free Bonus Day with Marilyn Devonish Refresher Day
The PhotoReading Video Webinar Room

If you missed the 1-Day PhotoReading Webinar you can take the class on-demand here:

Another attendee cancelled our one-to-one Session because they were doing so well after the Course:

“Over the past days I thought that our last session of doing the PhotoReading process together and then doing also the PhotoReading refresher workshop on Saturday was so helpful and good that I feel, for now there is no need for us to meet.”

Rapid Results

Another said during the Webinar having taken the 3-Day PhotoReading Video Webinar the week before:

“Wow. First time I did this exercise 3 days ago it was 3 1/4 pages and now this time it was 11 pages (minus pages with ptictures equals 7 pages).
The thing I have noticed is that we become very familiar with the book incredibly quickly, I suppose that is the beauty of this system, because now the big wicker basket of unread books that haven’t made it onto the shelves because I felt overwhelmed with not enough time to even open them and dip in, is completely transformed. I now know that I absolutely can get what I need from them in super quick time. No longer will there be a big pile of titles that I know nothing about sitting taunting me! Transformational......”

Jo Helesfay-Evans, Intuitive Therapist & Inner Light Coach

It is always wonderful when Webinar attendees and clients get such great results.

If you missed the live Session

Happy PhotoReading!

Marilyn Devonish

Certified PhotoReading Instructor since March 2002

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