An Intuitive FLP Breakthrough Process that Netted £100k in Day

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It's an outlandish headline, and to be fair it was actually over the course of a weekend which is technically 2 days, however I think she did the sales on the last day. The idea that supported it was first born during our FLP Session.

A few years ago I launched my TranceFormation Programme, a 3-6 month collaboration depending upon how quickly my clients wanted to work where we used everything in my Therapeutic and Coaching toolbox to both clean up and resolve the past, bring clarity and wellbeing into the now, and go out and create or re-create an even more incredible future.

Do It at This Point and You're Less Weighed Down or Blocked by the Past

During the FLP/Future Life Progression Session which typically comes towards the end of the whole process because the mind is much clearer and less encumbered by past programming, paradigms, limiting beliefs, and past expectations, my client relayed some ideas.

They didn't mean anything to either of us or make much sense at the time however they were all both written down and recorded via audio for later consumption or what I call the "Aha Moments."

A "3 Figure" Weekend!

A few weeks later we were doing another Breakthrough Coaching Session and my client arrives excitedly on the telephone call. She is a business owner and had just had a "3 figure" weekend, which in UK speak means a comma after the first number 3 zeros £000,000.

She explains that she miraculously came up with this new idea and process and decided to launch it as the upsell product during her weekend Workshop. She then went on to outline the process.

As she was talking it all started to sound very familiar so while listening I also flicked back through my notes.

The Money Breakthrough Ideas from FLP
The Money Breakthrough Idea that came 'seemingly' out of the blue ......

Voila! It was in my FLP Session Notes .....

After she'd finished and I congratulated her I said "listen to this" and I read my Breakthrough Session FLP notes verbatim. She was shocked and exclaimed:

"Where did you get that from?????!"

"From you" I said. "Well, an aspect of you. This is some of the information shared by your future self during the Guided Coaching Process."

I tend to also do something a bit different with these types of FLP Sessions particularly when it's around business because people often want actual strategies and practical things they can do in the "now" even though half the time they don't consciously remember until the time is right to bring those ideas to fruition in an easy and seamless way.

My client had no conscious recollection of the process because so much tends to come through during these Sessions which is why I take copious notes. I also have a very good memory and often have those Aha and Light Bulb moments when talking with clients years or even decades later; those in the know call it the "Speak It Into Existence" phenomenon where what they say and request during the Sessions comes true, often to the letter. A link to another of my FLP Case Studies 'The Business Man in the Blue Suit' is at the end of this post.

The TranceFormations Ripple Effect Business Card
This Has Been My Logo and Intention from Day 1

The Magical Ripple Effect

My intention with this work from Day 1 back in October 2000 was that it would create an incredible Ripple Effect in all areas of people's lives in addition to whatever the presenting problem was that brought them to me in the first place.

The water drop and ripple effect has been my logo for the past 18 years.

A few years ago I received an email from an previous client. He was introducing me to a new work colleague who wanted to book Executive Coaching Sessions so recommended me. He also said:

"Marilyn, I've been meaning to get in touch with you and say thank you because the benefits of the Breakthrough Session we did are still rippling throughout my life."

A Complete Life TranceFormation in Less Than 1-Day

I was both delighted and intrigued to hear that because it felt like a good 10-years since we had done the 1-Day Breakthrough Session. Sure enough, when I checked my database it was indeed 10 years ago. Amazing to think that investing in just 1-Day was continuing to pay dividends 10 years later.

I did a write up about a couple of my public media Breakthrough Session stories in a previous Blog:

Soul Plan Reading Testimonial

Another Incredible Process Is Born!

Last month I took a client through my new Power of 4 Programme which is a shorter version of the TranceFormation Programme. We do a Soul Plan Reading, Huna and Access Consciousness Clearing Session, and an Angel Tarot Reading Session.

Again, during the Future Life Progression Session what can best be described as a Channelling occurred, which often happens for my clients. What came forth is something she has never shared with the world but we'll be doing so on Thursday 8th November, so if you're on my eNewsletter list watch this space!

An extract of what she/'they' shared during the Future Life Progression Process is below:

"This will be about really ‘seeing’ your crystal; the shape, how it catches the light, and who it is choosing to be in this life. Crystals get cut in a certain way, like the way we come into this body, and we will explore how they embody that incarnation with their custodian, i.e., you.
This is not about getting messages from your crystal, it is your crystal taking opportunity to communicate with you in a way you probably have never had before. After this groundbreaking Live Webinar you can continue up-levelling that unique communication and conversation. "
Crystal Tables Courtesy of Harrods

Crystal Communication 10.0

She does what can best be described as 'Crystal Communication' however the likes of which I have never seen or heard before, and I've been working in the crystal field for over 20 years.

If you are joining us for the live Video Webinar you'll have the opportunity to be on camera so we can see the crystal you have chosen to hear from, and you can also describe it if you are not in a position to be with your webcam.

I might have to take her on a trip to Harrods some time and see what messages we get from these beauties!

What Can You Expect from the Future Life Progression Session?

Is Now Your Time to See the Future or TranceForm?

If you are reading these Blogs this information always seems to pop up at just the right time, so if it feels right for you then go for it. I work via telephone or Skype with clients around the world, and there are also local FLP Practitioners in a number of areas.

I'm no longer offering the 6-Month TranceFormation Programme as open Programme, it is by appointment. If you would like to register your interest use the form below. You can also use it to drop me an email if you would like to book an FLP Session.


And what I would say as a disclaimer about this process if you're thinking you just need to do one Programme and you'll net £100,000 is that where my clients have done that, they already had the infrastructure in place to support it, as in a business, a product, a sales funnel, and the automation to handle the influx. They had also invested in working on themselves as well as their business to be ready to handle the next level.

I'm not saying that same thing can't or won't happen if you are just starting out, just that it helps to have an infrastructure to support it.

These clients were also part of my TranceFormation Programme or Power of 4 Programme so we had done additional lead in and clearing work in order to get us to that point.

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

Link the to another of the incredible FLP Case Studies:

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