How to Learn PhotoReading - Which Option is Right for You?

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There are 5 options for learning PhotoReading. I'll begin with a high level summary moving from the PhotoReading Workshop which is the fullest and quickest route, through to self-study, then go into more detail.

If You Have to Choose One Workshop Choose This!

"If you have to choose one Workshop that will help you will all other courses, choose this. It will help you with any other workshop, and help you in your whole life!" Penny Croal, Meta Medicine Trainer"

PhotoReading Testimonial

1. Live 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop. I run the Workshops in Watford which is 20 minutes on the train from London Euston: or: (use the Eventbrite page for any early booking deals).

2. Online 3-Day Video Webinar Certification Training. This option means you complete the full PhotoReading On-Demand Workshop with Marilyn Devonish via her Video Webinar Training Room and get started from anywhere in the world as soon as today

There is an instant Access Online 3-Day Video Webinar Certification Class (recommended version because it includes the online Student Course Materials, MP3 downloads, course handouts, and bonus items):

The 3-Day Certification On-demand Video Webinar (price in US$):

3. PhotoReading Home Study course created by Dr Paul R Scheele. This is a series of audio CDs of a PhotoReading Class: This Course comes as a Digital Download. It can also dropped shipped around the world however it incurs additional taxes to pay upon arrival over and above the shipping costs.

4. The 1-Day Online PhotoReading Video DVD. Created by Marilyn Devonish. It also comes with the option of one-to-one telephone or Skype Coaching Sessions:

5. PhotoReading Book. You can also teach yourself using the 150 page PhotoReading book.

PhotoReading Best Personal Development Course
Check the Main Website for Current Early Booking Prices

Choose Your Own Payment Plan

You can pay a £200 deposit to secure your place and choose your own payment plan. Full payment must be made 3 weeks in advance of the Workshop date.

The deposit also secures the early booking price if there is one available at the time of booking. The early booking prices work on a sliding scale: 20%, 15%, and 10% saving when booking several months in advance. The earlier you book, the bigger the discount.

To pay in full or use the deposit option go to:

To make 2 split payments go to:

1. About the Live PhotoReading Workshop

The Workshop takes place at the Jurys Inn Hotel on Clarendon Road Watford and runs from Friday - Sunday and runs from 3pm - 8pm on the Friday and 9.30am - 6.30pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

It is suitable for all ages and types of reading material and study. My delegates range from age 7 to 70+. In terms of industry and profession, I've had everything from Accountants and Aromatherapists through to Coaches, Consultants, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and Neurosurgeons. It also impressed Rocket Scientists from Cranfield University.

Feedback from a cross section of PhotoReading Workshop clients is below:

Feedback from Team of Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University
Feedback from Team of Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University

PhotoReading Through the Ages

Below is a summary of feedback received from a family of 5 who flew in to attend the Workshop; a 11 year old through to a wonderfully hyperactive games obsessed teen:


"Hi Marilyn,

Sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight back home. Just wanted to send you a big heartfelt thank you for the wonderful past three days at the photoreading seminar! All five of us very much enjoyed it and the kids fee super grateful for all they learned the past days on photoreading, but also on all the other elements you managed to interweave with the seminar material.

Besides the direct learning I feel it brought us closer together as a family doing the seminar with the five of us. I’m expecting this to be the starting point for a lifelong journey of self development for our kids, while Eva and I will continue our journey together with them.

Hoping to stay in touch and looking forward to meeting you soon again!



“Dear Marilyn, you were an awesome teacher. You helped me so much. I thought that I couldn’t read fast but I was wrong. You also helped me so much being a better person and feeling better about myself

I liked that we played games because sometimes it can help you remember things. I love the help from Marilyn it was so helpful. Your Huna was awesome, it feels nice to see things from different cultures.

It was fantastic for me. I don’t think that you need to change anything. It was wonderful and incredible and helpful.” PHOTOREADING WORKSHOP ATTENDEE, AGE 11


“I am quite a stressed person and I don’t really feel comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas . . . but this program taught me how to relax and it was a really nice and peaceful environment.

It is not only a PhotoReading training but self-development too!

Thank you for being a great enthusiastic mentor! I could really relate to your past self so I’m hopeful + ambitious to develop and achieve at least ½ as much as you have.” TEENAGE PHOTOREADING ATTENDEE


“This is more than just learning PhotoReading, you have a social engagement with other people and it is a spiritual/mental massage. AMAZING. No other words.” TEENAGER GAMER PHOTOREADING ATTENDEE


“Thank you so much for allowing our kids to join as it was a magical training to acquire new skills but also to create a deeper connection and bring some magic to our family." MOTHER OF 3, PHOTOREADNG ATTENDEE

The benefits of PhotoReading span the obvious applications of studying taking exams, through to improving your work and professional performance and building confidence and activating other skills.

"I went from lightly cynical to a proper convert in under 3 days." Lisa, Journalist

Book the in-person Workshop:

2. About the PhotoReading Video Webinar Workshop

This allows you to take the full 3-Day Certification Class via On-Demand Video Webinar. Recorded with live attendees Marilyn Devonish takes you through the full PhotoReading Workshop curriculum.

Feedback from the 3-Day Online Certification Workshop is below.

Feedback from PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee
Feedback from PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee

The Workshop takes place wherever you are and whenever you want to get started. Simply go to the BigMarker site and sign up. You will have instant access to all 5 Modules upon checkout.

You have Lifetime Access to the Webinar and course materials.

Feedback from the first Video Webinar Training atttendees included:

"The programme is brilliant. I have wanted to do PhotoReading for quite a while but could not commit to physically attending a venue. The webinar version is comfortable, effective, fun and enjoyable. I am glad that I waited for it and got a chance to experience it. Thank you so much Marilyn for putting your energy, commitment and knowledge into the programme. I learnt so much."
"Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.
Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed.
Thank you for an intensive and unforgettable weekend of training. Your energy is incredible and something I will definitely keep in mind to practice to emulate!"
Book the instant access on-demand 3 Day Online Certification Workshop

3. About the PhotoReading Home Study Course

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken this very course. You are in good company.

It is so simple that you will PhotoRead your first book within the first hour - the dictionary! By the time you finish the Home Study Course and you will be absorbing information at least three times faster than you can now.

Author Dr Paul R. Scheele packed techniques, advice, and activities into nine CDs to guide you into full use of PhotoReading. The course is designed for anyone age 13 and up.

PhotoReading Home Study Deluxe Course

To purchase the Home Study CD Course go to: They CDs now come as downloads to your Personal Learning Course Online Library. You have Lifetime Access to the materials.

4. The 1-Day Online Video DVD Course

This 4-Part, 6-Hour DVD Series takes you into a live PhotoReading Workshop with Certified PhotoReading Instructor Marilyn Devonish. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, or an experienced PhotoReader wanting to refresh your skills, this 1-Day Session will help you enhance your PhotoReading abilities and clear out old blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs. This DVD is an Introduction to PhotoReading.

The Marilyn Devonish 1-Day PhotoReading and Huna DVD

It also contains additional Bonus Material which we don't cover on the main Workshop. You also have the option of booking a one-to-one Skype Coaching Sessions to further enhance your skills.

One of the first people to take part in the DVD training said:

Hello Marilyn,
I had a wonderful time this weekend feeling like a fly on the wall at your Photoreading workshop, I cant believe all of that happened on one day, wow! I loved the page 23 moment and cried during your Huna session, I need some of that pod poc stuff please!
Lots of love,
Susan xx, Lawyer, London

PhotoReading Workshop 1-Day DVD Training
Feedback from Sieta Jones about the 1-Day PhotoReading DVD Training

You will find further information and purchase details at:

5. PhotoReading Book

The 150 page PhotoReading book by Dr Paul R Scheele contains everything you need to know about PhotoReading and more besides. If you are good at focusing, researching, and self-enquiry this is a great way to get started.

PhotoReading book by Dr Paul R Scheele

You can purchase the book via my main website: (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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