How to Pass Your ACCA Exams & Ace Job Interviews

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Imagine shaving months off your ACCA and all Professional exam study time?

Would you like to go from pouring over books at a snail's pace and struggling to take it all in, to easily blasting through information in just hours and making notes which truly aid your ultimate exam success?

If you've completed your studies and now face interviews after months or even years of being out of the job loop would you like a way to meet and exceed your employers expectations and land the job?

If so, read on! It's a 5-minute read that can change your life.

I received the message below from one of my PhotoReading Workshop attendees. When she decided to sign up for the PhotoReading Training she was struggling with her ACCA Chartered Accountancy Exams. It was taking them 2 months just to read one book and and even then she was finding it difficult to "have the time" to make proper study notes, nevermind all the test papers that come thereafter.

PhotoReading and the ACCA Exams: "For me it's been really magic"

The Marilyn Devonish Accelerated Learning PhotoReading Workshop
From Months of Struggle down to Hours of Ease

After completing the PhotoReading Workshop she got that 2 months down to just 18 hours INCLUDING her note taking and exam question practice, and of course she got faster from there.

She is now a Chartered Accountant, and when we spoke a year ago said PhotoReading was a part of that and she still recommend it to undergraduates.

When I was studying for my ACCA exams my memory was medically so bad that I had a medical certificate from my Doctor. That diagnosis was the thing that at least made me receptive to the idea of PhotoReading because I had already hit desperation point.

I have posted a copy of the ACCA letter at the end of this Blog, together with information about how you can learn and do this for yourself in as little as 1 day. There is also a link where you can take my free Intro Video Webinar Training.

And you don't have to be struggling with your studies or career, you may simply want to accelerate, enhance, and dramatically improve your performance levels in whatever industry or job you are in.

Who Is PhotoReading For?

Check out the video below for an idea of those who have benefited from this incredibly simple yet powerful and life changing system:

From Accountants, Doctors and Surgeons to Crystal Healers and Rocket Scientists

From Accountants, Doctors and Surgeons to Crystal Healers and Rocket Scientists

The list of attendees has been long and varied since I started teaching PhotoReading Classes back in 2002. It includes:

  • Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Consultants
  • Mathematicians
  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Business Owners
  • Senior Executives
  • Students
  • Rocket Scientists

Even Rockets Scientists and PhD's Are Impressed

Below is what a team of Rocket Scientists from Cranfield University had to say about my bespoke PhotoReading Workshop:

PhotoReading Rocket Scientists Feedback
PhotoReading and NeuroSuccess even impresses PhD's and Rockets Scientists!

Rocket Scientists and PhD graduates really do know how to study yet they were still impressed with PhotoReading. I taught a group of them at the Cranfield University Schrivenham base. Here is what they had to say:

"Stimulating, valuable, highly recommended, professional, excellent, enlightening, fun, relaxing, time well spent, should be given to all first year PhD students."

Not Studying But Got an Important Job Interview Coming Up?

No problem. I did a Keynote Presentation for the Royal Bank of Scotland Women in IT Group. One of the audience members had an interview coming up. She had not applied for a promotion or gone for any interviews in 10 years so was worried about the not just the process itself, about how to deal with and explain 10 years of no progress and sitting in the same job.

Having heard me speak about the potential of PhotoReading and NeuroSuccess and that it goes way beyond reading she decided to book a Skype Coaching Session.

During the Session as well as taking her on a whistle stop tour of the System, I also did an Imagineering piece about what would happen during the interview and how to respond. You can read out the incredible outcome here:

How to TranceForm Your Career and Confidence in Just 2.5 Days

Another employee from the same Investment Bank had this to say after attending the full 2.5 day Workshop following my evening Keynote Session:

The ripple effect of the benefits of investing in the PhotoReading Workshop just keep on coming.

Do You Have Children Who Are Studying?

PhotoReading isn't just for adults. I often have children attend the Workshop and they have gone on to achieve incredible results; everything from overcoming the challenges of dyslexia and dyspraxia through to moving from an "unclassified" mock exam result to a B in just 3 weeks. The school where I taught Enrichment Time Mini PhotoReading Workshops has this to say:

PhotoReading school exam results
Letter from the School in London where I taught PhotoReading Classes

Benefits from Age 7 to 70

Out of the blue I received these comments on an Instagram post on 3rd October 2018 where I shared how I completely turned my life around in October 2000. It is from the mother of Eve, my youngest ever PhotoReading delegate aged 7 who attended the Workshop with her mother several years prior:

PhotoReading Results Keep on Working
A Life Changing and Truly TranceFormational Weekend

My most mature PhotoReading attendees, a retired Air Force Pilot was in his 70's if not a little older!

From Early Onset Alzheimer's to This

It has been life changing for me having been diagnosed with what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer's in my 20's. Below is a copy of the letter from the ACCA confirming receipt of my medical certificate:

ACCA, ACCA Exams, Alzheimers, curing Alzheimers, PhotoReading, Accelerated Learning, Medical Certificate
The Medical Certificate Confirmation Letter from the ACCA

If I can turn things around from that place and space using PhotoReading and Accelerated Learning, just imagine what you can do if you're already free from those limitations and challenges.

It really is life changing and a total life and career game changer.

For those who are reading to make an investment that will continue to deliver years and decades into the future I very much look forward to working with you. You can hear from some of my clients here:

How to Learn This Incredible Career Changing System For Yourself

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No Time at the Moment for the Full Workshop and Need Instant Results from Home?

No time to attend the full 21-hour Workshop and need instant results? You can take the instant access 1-Day Online Video Training instead:

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From Failure and Anxiety to Calm and Passing Easily - PhotoReading DVD Client

The client outlined above had failed their Counselling exam and with just a few weeks to spare before the resit decided to take themselves through my 1-Day Online PhotoReading Intro DVD. The results were pretty miraculous and a complete 360 degree turnaround.

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

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