HURRY! These Deals Coming to an End

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I will update this page as new offers or early booking prices come on stream, so bookmark the page or save the link.

I have also added a few product video links and testimonials at the end of this page, so you have an experience from what to expect when you sign up and take part.

You can also find updates by clicking the red ‘What’s New’ button at the top of my website homepage:


A quick last reminder that the £250 early booking saving for the September 3-Day PhotoReading Video Webinar Workshop ends this Saturday, 30th July. Booking page:

I had a couple of questions (5), about the event, so have answered them below.

PhotoReading Certification Workshop with Marilyn Devonish

1. Is the training live? Yes.

2. How long do you have access to the recording if you can’t make the whole thing? You have lifetime access. I might change that model moving forwards, however, it remains the same for legacy purchases and they will always have lifetime access if that is what they purchased at the time.

3. Am I using Zoom? No, I am using my BigMarker webinar platform. It gives me the ability to deliver PDF downloadable handouts to the group in real time when we do the practice exercises, and record the sessions directly into your course access area so you can watch the replays as soon as it renders them.

4. Is it as effective online? You will see some of the testimonials from those who attended the first ever full webinar PhotoReading Workshop with me back in 2018. There has been no difference in feedback from those attending online and those attending in person. The main difference, of course, is logistics, and not gathering round the table to eat the yummy cakes from Marks and Spencer at break time.

5. Is it definitely going ahead? So long as a I have a core group of people booked on in August, yes. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time in my schedule to hold dates which don’t have confirmed bookings.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


JULY 1ST 2022: To start the month, there’s a flash BOGOF offer. Purchase 2 times from the new online store, and you get the second purchase free. CLICK HERE to shop.

Tranceformations New Online Store Offers
A Powerhouse Combination

For example, you could purchase the online 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking Workshop, on offer during the launch for £397, and get the online 1-Day Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshop for free, a total saving of £597.

There are a limited number of packages available, so book your virtual on-demand place now!

The courses are pre-recorded on-demand video webinar workshops. With this deal you also get lifetime access, which means you can revisit the material and refresh your skills as many times as you like.


June 29 2022: I am doing the pre-launch for my new online store. In addition to the wonderful special pre-launch offers, and a few Exclusive Limited Edition items, there’s also an accidental double discount at the checkout.

I say accidental double discount, because I didn’t realise until I’d sent the link out to my eNewsletter list for beta testing, the system applies the 20% discount I set up to EVERYTHING at the checkout, even if I’ve already applied a saving on the price. Still, that’s the point of testing, so enjoy while it lasts!

CLICK HERE to enter and have a virtual browse. I’ll be adding new items throughout the summer months.


Imagine that the breathing capacity of your lungs could be greatly expanded and your energy levels increased.

Online Healing Fest

What could that mean for those seeking stress reduction, practicing meditation, looking for inner peace, needing to heal, or wanting greater ease at doing daily activities?

What about athletes and musicians who need stamina to perform at their highest levels?

What could it mean for those with asthma, allergies, COPD, or other breathing challenges?

What about those attacked by viruses such as the flu or COVID-19?

What about those looking to recover from exposure to air pollution and wildfires?

CLICK HERE for your Free Guest Pass and further information.


OK, not quite 1999, but someone found an old link for the 2017 launch price for my Intuition Supercharger 1-day workshop. Before I update at the end of this month, thought I'd see if anyone else wanted to share in her good fortune!

It's a practical step-by-step approach where I breakdown some of the amazing synchronicity photos in the collage below, and how intuition and synchronicity played a pivotal part in their unfolding . . . . . . .

Grab it while you can! Book your place at the 2017 $137 launch price here:

Intuition Supercharger Online On-Demand Workshop


Looking for a tried and tested (over the past 25+ years) and proven way to deal with data overload and overwhelm? If yes, join us for the Hybrid Productivity and Brain Booster Workshop. Read on.

Photoreading next generation speed reading

You'll leave with more focus, clarity, clearer purpose, easy access to the flow state, and a sense of relief because you'll have simple to implement yet powerful strategies that make an immediate positive difference and impact in both your life and business.

Book your place:

The early investment price ends midnight, 30th April 2022.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach, Certified PhotoReading Instructor since 2002, Mental Health First Aid Trainer


The amazing in-person PhotoReading Workshops returns for 2022!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the live in-person 2022 class.


It goes live April 2022.

Free Bonus Online Coaching Session with Each Completed Card

It is free to join. Simply use your camera phone to scan the QR code above, or go to:


Buy One Get One Free on all Black Friday purchases.

Buy an on-demand 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop and choose another (excluding the 3-Day PhotoReading* Workshop) free. Go to:

Book an online Coaching or Therapy Session and get another 1-hour Session for free. Book via:

How Does it Work?

Simply purchase a 1-Day on-demand Video Webinar Workshop and choose another Workshop (with the exception of PhotoReading) for free. For example, purchase the 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking Workshop, and get the Practitioner Insider Secrets or MBS Energy Fest Workshop as your Bonus Black Friday gift.

When you book an Online Coaching or Therapy Session, you will receive a bonus 1-hour Session with Marilyn Devonish which you can use for yourself, or gift to a friend. Coaching Sessions are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.

Online Courses and programs available include:

And so much more!

The system isn't configured to do it automatically, so once you've made your coaching booking or purchased a workshop, send me an email with your choice, and I'll manually set it up for you.

Black Friday Terms and Conditions

Offer ends 9am USA PT on Monday 29th November 2021. With the exception of the PhotoReading Workshop, which is not available as the free choice, all individual purchases made between Thursday 25th and Monday 29th November are included.

* You can purchase the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop and choose a Bonus 1-Day Workshop. You cannot however purchase a 1-Day Workshop and choose the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop as your Black Friday Bonus.


What’s included and how does Huna Work online? A sneak peek is below:


October marks my 21 year anniversary of giving up my Chartered Accountancy studies to become a Coach and Therapist instead. To celebrate, and pass on things I’ve learnt over the past 21 years, I have set up 21% savings on all my on-demand online workshops.

Go to:

Use Coupon Code: 21years

This link has the 21% saving built in. From there it should up on all the online programs and workshops:


To join us live on Saturday 26th June or pre-order the replay recording at the launch price, go to:

Online Webinar, Online Training, Online Coaching

The price increases on 11th June 2021.


Join me live online next month for the Core Issue Therapy & Huna Breakthrough Day.

This 1-day Video Webinar will be useful for those:

  • Feeling stuck in a rut and needing greater clarity, an energy boost.
  • Held back by old limiting beliefs and past negative patterns.
  • In need of future insight and next steps.
  • Looking to get to the root cause of old issues and past trauma.
  • Who want to cut and heal old energetic ties and connections.

The day includes a unique combination of Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy, Hawaiian Huna, Access Consciousness, and Tarot. The pre-launch price ends on 31st May 2021. Book your place at:


My clients have had incredible results with the Online Future Life Progression (FLP) Sessions; I’ve attached a couple of Blog links below the summary video. I’ve got codes left over from my eNewsletter list. Go to: Enter Promo Code: enflp10

Here’s what clients have experienced with the Online FLP Sessions:

Marilyn Devonish Client Future Life Progression Session Results

See Your Future and Create It:

The £100K FLP Story:


The Power of 4 Online Program

The 2020 Price for the Power of 3 Program ends on Thursday 31st December 2020. Book your place at:

Power of 4 Program with Marilyn Devonish

The New Life Script Webinar

The New Life Script Live Webinar is on Thursday 31st December at 4.45pm UK GMT. If you can’t make the date there will be a replay recording. Book your place at:

New Life Script Live Webinar New Year Resolutions

If booking after 1pm on Thursday 31st December, book via:



Black Friday Deals: Buy One Get One Free + Save 50% on your 2nd Online Course

Buy one online Video Webinar Workshop and get the second of your choice for half price. Go to:

Buy one Gift Voucher and get a second worth £150 for free! This offer applies to previous Gift Voucher purchasers, Breakthrough Session clients, and those in my Online Membership Group. Outside of that, the Buy One Get One Half Price applies. Go to:


A few of my favourite suppliers are also offering great deals this week.

Book Like a Boss
The company I use for taking online Coaching bookings (as per my Gift Voucher page above), and selling online products and services is having a 30% off sale.
Use this link: Enter Promo Code: BLABBF2020

The is company I use for creating my online quizzes and feedback forms is offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Go to:


The company I use to auto-syndicate my Blogs throughout the year is offering savings of up to $800. Go to:

Deposit Photos
Have you received one of the emails threatening to sue you for illegally using pictures and images on your Blog? I know several of my friends and clients have. It unfortunately seems to be a new money-making trend. This is the company I use to source some of my royalty free images:

The deals expire on Monday 30th November unless otherwise stated.

Price Increase Notification

My prices will increase from the end of November 2020.

Price Increase Notification Marilyn Devonish
Price Increase Notification

To pick up fabulous Training, Coaching, and Online On-Demand Video Webinar Workshops at what are turning out to be year 2010 prices, go to:

October Offers in a Nutshell

These offers end at midnight on Saturday 31st October 2020.

  1. My 20 Year Anniversary Savings; 20% off all Online Coaching and Online Therapy Sessions. The Promo Code is below.
  2. Banish Procrastination 1-Day Video Webinar early booking price.
  3. The 1-Day Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest October early booking price.
  4. Free Online Tarot Reading Session; BOGOF
  5. Online PhotoReading Certification Class limited time offer sale.

Further information about each of the offers, and what’s included, is below.

A Halloween Treat!

Tarot BOGOF. Book an Online Tarot Reading and get another of the same value free.

Book your Reading at:

For an idea of how well the #tarotreadings match reality, read the #TarotTuesday comparison Blog:

Offer Validity: Offer is valid for Halloween weekend 2020 and expires midnight USA PT on Sunday 1st November 2020.  Tarot bookings are valid for 3 years from date of purchase.

Session Location: Sessions take place by phone, Skype, or my Online Meeting Room

Session Duration: You can book a 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute Session.

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant & The NeuroSuccess Coach

#tarot #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreadingsonline #tarotreadersoffacebook

Next Generation eLearning - The Online PhotoReading Sale

The PhotoReading Sale ends this month, 31st October 2020.

The PhotoReading Video Webinar is an On-Demand Workshop, which means it has been pre-recorded, and you can take the class whenever you like. I do not have plans at the moment to re-run the online course.

The US$ price for the Online PhotoReading Course is here: I reduced the price during lockdown. The prices will be returning to normal next month.

This month I also introduced different price point options for those wanting to access the class for a limited amount of time. Go to: These prices will also be changing at the end of this month. There is a countdown timer on the page.

#elearninganddevelopment #acceleratedlearning #limitlesspotential #onlinecourses #ondemandlearning #onlinecoaching #onlineworkshop

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant since 2003, Certified PhotoReading Instructor since 2002

My 20 Year Anniversary - Save 20% off online Coaching and Therapy Sessions

I have a few 20 Year Anniversary Codes left which were allocated to my eNewsletter list.

My 20 Year Anniversary Sale

Go to:

Enter Promo Code: en20years

The Coupon Codes expire at 11.30pm on Saturday 31st October.

The Online Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Video Webinar Workshop - November 2020

“This Workshop has opened my mind - Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“You’re charging too low for this Workshop. Market for £1500.”

The next tier early booking price ends 31st October.

Join us on Wednesday 28th October, 4pm UK/GMT for a live MBS Planning Meeting. It will stream live on my Facebook page: Marilyn Devonish and Gina Batt will take you behind the scenes as they plan this year’s online version of the Workshop, now in it’s legendary 10th year. We usually do this meeting behind-the-scenes in private. This year, you are invited. This the direct link: There may also be a few Clairvoyant Insights . . . . . .

MBS Energy Fest Workshop Attendees feedback:

Online Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Video Webinar Workshop
“This Workshop has opened my mind - Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Join us for the Online Annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop.

Not quite how I envisaged running the 10th and possibly final year, but hey ho, it is what it is!

Book your virtual place for November 2020 here:

The live Video Webinar event takes place on Saturday 28th November 2020, 9.30am-7pm UK/GMT. A Replay Recording will be available if you can’t make the live date.

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant & The NeuroSuccess Coach

Banish Procrastination 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop

The new Banish Procrastination Workshop is taking place on Saturday 7th November from 9.30am-5.30pm UK/GMT. Book your place at:

The early booking price ends in a few days time.

NEW!!!!! The Huna Podcast Series Lifetime Deal

I've had a lot of messages from people this past month asking if #Huna can help them clear what they're feeling; anger, frustration, fear, overwhelm, sadness, despondency, the resurgence and triggering of old trauma, feelings of hopelessness, despair, disconnection, tiredness, lack of concentration, and a host of other things.

Sign up for just £7 per month, or grab the lifetime deal

For those who are not in a position to do an online one-to-one Huna Session, I have a new audio Podcast Series. It currently starts at £7.

You will find details at:

For those who have subscribed, your Covid launch price is locked in regardless of future price increases.

Testing! Testing! Online Huna Workshop

I am testing out a new platform. If you’re a Huna fan, or want to learn more, you can access the first half of my 1-Day Huna Video Webinar Workshop for just $37 in return for giving me some feedback about the platform.

ViewStub Online Huna Workshop

To book your virtual on-demand Workshop place got to:

Limited Time PhotoReading Online Video Webinar Workshop - October 2020

People have been asking for years if I can lower the price of the 3-Day Online PhotoReading Video Webinar Certification Class. When I launched the online version 3 years ago, I said the price I offered for those on my eNewsletter list would not be repeated, so grab it while you can, because it is already “incredible value” and “underpriced” according to my delegates, and Workshop attendees over the years.

This week I had an idea about how I can reduce the price point. You will find the offer at:

PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Online Video Webinar
You can now choose from 3 options and price points

The Workshop is available online and on-demand, so you can get started as soon as today.

The launch price ends on 30th September 2020.

Latest Offers - August 2020

The launch price for the Video Webinar Bundles of up to five 1-Day Workshops, and the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop ends on Tuesday 25th August, midnight UK/BST:

Covid19 Kickstart Bundle:

Covid19 Kickstart Bundle Payment Plan:

Launch price for the Banish Procrastination 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop ends on Tuesday 25th August, midnight UK/BST. Go to:

There’s just 1 week to go if you want to take part in the $2995 Raffle, and free Prize Draw. Enter at:

Banish Procrastination Video Webinar Workshop

Resolve old issues. Increase your productivity with less stress. Hit the ground running post-covid19.

Live Global Video Webinar Workshop

The £59 pre-launch offer is now on for the 1-Day Banish Procrastination Video Webinar Workshop. Book your place at:

The date will be set with those booking during the launch to ensure those want to attend live can be there.

NEW! On-Demand Online Video Webinar Bundles

Marilyn Devonish eLearning Video Webinar Workshops

You have access to 6 of my most popular courses online, on-demand, from the comfort of your own home. Go to:

The payment plan option is:

Launch prices are now on.

NEW! Memory Accelerator Module

Homeschooling? In a rut? Going a little stir crazy? Feel as though your brain is either on vacation, or going round in confusing or overwhelming circles? If “yes” it is time to give it a boost!

Memory Improvement Webinar eLearning

If you’re an employee or business owner who needs to give your brain a boost, take my new 90-Minute Memory Accelerator Video Webinar Workshop. Sign up at:

There is also a MP3 version for my Huna Podcast subscribers. Go to:

August 2020: The launch price is now on.

Global Soul Plan Video Webinar Readings - August 2020

Following the success of the “50 Soul Plans for £50” to celebrate my birthday a couple years ago, I have decided to run another online global Soul Plan Reading Event. Book your place at:

You can read a summary of the Soul Plan Readings I did for members of the Royal Family here:

It is £60 for those on my eNewsletter list booking before 9th July.

Valentine's Offer

If you've had a tough time of it lately, or are in a relationship and know you are projecting old stuff and carrying previous relationship baggage into your current situation, there's 25% off the Healing Heartbreak Audio Coaching Program.

Healing Heartbreak

CLICK HERE for instant access and to choose the package which is right for you.

This offer is valid until Sunday 16th February 2020.

February 2020 Offer of the Month - Tarot Coaching Package

Get upto 50% off my new Tarot Coaching Packages. The prices will change throughout the month. Next price increase is on 9th February.

Tarot Tuesday Testimonial Spot On

If you are looking for greater clarity, focus, or sense of direction this year check out the February Offer of the Month.

To book a 3, 6, or 12-month Tarot Coaching Package go to:

If you are in my Membership Group the first of the Free Bonus Tarot Tuesday Facebook Live Readings is on Tuesday 4th February.

January Offer of the Month - Save 30% on eLearning Online Workshops

Save 30% on ALL my Online Courses, Coaching Programs, and Video Webinar Workshops.

CLICK HERE to enter the site using the 30% off code.

Click 'All Courses' along the top menu bar to view all products and services.

You can also go to the main site:

Use Coupon Code: xmasbeta30

The Christmas and New Year Offers

  1. The Hollywood MasterClass Series Free Prize Draw.
  2. Early booking price ends this month for the 2020 MBS Energy Fest Workshop.
  3. Save 30% off all Online Video Webinar Workshops and Online Coaching Programs on my new eLearning Platform.
  4. The Online Christmas Advent Calendar Gifts and Special Offers.
  5. The Free Online Ultimate You MindFest
  6. The Tarot and Huna Big Clearing Call:
  7. The Free Online Ultimate You MindFest

Read on for details . . . . . .

The Hollywood MasterClass Series Free Prize Draw

I have purchased one lucky reader a 12-month Hollywood MasterClass Online All-Access Guest Pass.

You can take a sneak peek at this fabulous prize below.

To enter the Free Prize Draw CLICK HERE

The Life-Changing MBS Energy Fest

The Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop very early booking price expires on 31st December. To reserve your place on this life-changing Workshop go to:

The Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Deals and Special Offers

I created an online Advent Calendar so we can have some virtual fun. CLICK HERE to take part and choose your prizes and surprises.

New Year Beta Test Launch Offers - Save 30% off all Online Courses and Workshops

This week, in the run up to Christmas I launched my new Online eLearning Platform. There's 30% off courses while I'm in test mode plus a couple of free courses if you want to take a look around beforehand.

CLICK HERE then hit 'Home' or 'All Courses' to reveal the savings.

Main Website outside of this offer is:

For the course creators, if you are looking to build your own platform you can join Zenler as a beta test founder member. Drop me an email for further details.

The Online Ultimate You Free MindFest

Register for your Free Guest Pass at:

The Free Fest started on 26th December so log in now to catch the full series.

The 19-Year Anniversary Offer

Go to:


Got it!!!! This month is my 19-year personal development Anniversary, as in I first walked into that fateful NLP Training in October 2000.

In recent years I've always marked the occasion to help others move forward in their own #TranceFormation; Usually a deal on the 1-Day Breakthrough Session because it had such a profound effect on my life however this year I don't have the capacity to offer it at anything other than full price so thought I might have to let the date pass unmarked.

I was just sat here thinking about the wonderful events which unfolded yesterday during the Money Breakthrough Video Webinar Workshop and thought: "By JOVE! I've got it!"

All 3 Programs are mini breakthroughs in a virtual box so why not offer those?

Done! Here they are! To choose your offer or package and you're ready to go! It's all online so you can get started today.

CLICK HERE to view the Money Breakthrough Package Offers.

To watch hear about the stunning TranceFormation go to: The link to the "MULTIPLE 6 Figure Increase"second video is in the YouTube description.

The October Offer . . . . . . .

The October Special Offer

I'm still deciding on this one, so watch this space! Details coming this afternoon/evening depending upon your time zone, Tuesday 1st October. It might be the 1-Day Huna Video Webinar Workshop . . . . . . . .

Scratch that, I've Decided!

The Huna 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop it is! Huna is one of the most powerful modalities I know for healing relationship issues and clearing energetic blockages and stuck states.

OFFER 1: To Register for the 1-Day Huna Workshop go to:

Enter Coupon Code: hunaweb40 if you're on my eNewsletter list and booking during the pre-launch notification. The 40% saving expires on 2nd October.

The new Coupon Code thereafter is: octoffer30

You can also purchase by card or PayPal using (the price has already been adjusted):

For an overview of what's included in the 1-Day Huna Video Webinar Workshop and to hear from previous attendees go to:

OFFER 2: The 20% off the 2020 PhotoReading Workshop also ends this month. Go to:

OFFER 3: The next tier price end for the December Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop on 30th November to 1st December. Go to:

OFFER 4: The next tier price for the Fearless Public Speaking 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop also ends this month. Go to:

What Can you Expect from these Life-Changing Workshops and Webinar Trainings?

Below is the "Five Words" Challenge video. And people do find it a challenge to stick to just a few words!

Watch the short video compilation

Five Words.

There are so many. Most can't use just one. A few are below:

"Amazing. Incredible. Energising. Inspirational. Magical. Re-charge. Enlightening. Pretty-Perfect. Excellent. Exceeded Expectations. Change Nothing. Wonderful. Awesome. Tailored (to our needs). Great. Energy. Passion. Easy. Extremely Good. Positive Energy. Enthusiasm. Reactivation. Relaxing. Spiritual. Mental Massage. Life-Changing."

These are just from PhotoReading however the same words are mirrored for the Huna Workshop, Money Breakthrough, Raising Your Money Vibration, Living a Magical Life, and Membership Group Workshops and Webinar Trainings.

A-Z of Services:
Main Website:
Online Video Webinar Workshops:

Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess Coach

September 2019 Offers

The Clock is Ticking and Time is Running Out ...... THEY THINK IT'S ALL OVER. IT NEARLY IS NOW!

These offers end this tomorrow. Below are the early booking and launch prices which expire this month:

The Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest 1-Day Workshop. The next tier booking ends tomorrow, and it is my last in-person Workshop for 2019:

Save 25% on the 2020 PhotoReading Workshop:

Raising Your Money Vibration 10-Part Video Webinar Series:

1-Day Money Breakthrough Video Webinar is on: Saturday 26th October. To book your place go to:

1-Day Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar is on: Saturday 16th November. To book your place go to:

Offer of the Month - Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy Private 1-2-1 Session:

Supercharge Your Brain package: I'll updating the deal prices next month.

The prices all increase tomorrow, 11.30pm on Monday 30th September. New prices will be available from Tuesday 1st October 2019.

There's also a limited time offer on the 3-Day Online PhotoReading Video Webinar Certification Class. Step 1 and Free Webinar:

New Sales Page:

Attend a Series of Online Events

If you want to attend a Series of 1-Day Online Video Webinar Workshops in the coming year I recommend using the combination offer:

Grab the new Online Coaching Program pre-launch special offers
HURRY! Your £3700 saving ends soon.

Whether it's a deep dive into the new Online version of the 3-6 month TranceFormation Program, TranceForming your mind and brain with PhotoReading, or joining us in December for the Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop, these amazing offers end soon.

On this section for each product you will find:

  • Previous Client Testimonial.
  • Link to Express Checkout page.
  • Link to Full Program Overview/Main Website.
  • Information about when the special offer ends.

Online 3-6 Month TranceFormation Program

Save £3700 when booking this weekend.

Client Testimonial

The TranceFormation Program allows you to see the world with new eyes
“The TranceFormation Programme has been a tonic for me. Marilyn has picked me up, shaken me around and helped me to see a brighter future. Marilyn’s energy, knowledge and the ability to challenge me to move forward has been the basis of my life changes. The mix of modalities has helped me to discover more about who I am, and how to be the best version of me both now and in the future. I recommend Marilyn as a personal coach and mentor.
I’ve poo poo’d a lot of this stuff. I’ve done NLP so how come this stuff hasn’t cleared before?
I like that way that the TranceFormation Programme is not absolutely set in stone. It feels like a journey that can be done gradually with no restrictions. The Soul Plan was the blueprint to start. The Archetypes was a fascinating insight into the world. We’ve done Skype, we’ve done phone, and you’ve not said ‘right, you’ve got an hour or an hour and a half.’ It’s like a journey with magic steps along the way, and a magic wand with more and more clarity along the way. That’s what makes it so special. It took guts to say I need help from someone that I totally trust and I feel you’re authentic. I like the fact that it just flows, it’s not regimented, it’s just lovely."

LOUISE MASON, Nurse, Baby Massage Specialist, Toast Master Extraordinaire, and Intrepid Explorer of Life

Booking Links for TranceFormation Program

Express Checkout Page for the pre-launch offer:

Full Program Overview:

Your £3700 saving ends on 30th June 2019. Thereafter you will be re-directed to either the launch price or full investment price page.

PhotoReading Workshop (in-person)

See the next link for the special launch price offer on the 3-Day Online Video Webinar Certification Class.

Client Testimonial

"Photo reading is bonkers! Syntopic reading!
Being able to read and absorb information on one topic and then extract the key points.
I have spent less than an hour reading 8 books on a topic and have just compiled a piece of work from this.
#gamechanger #realifeskills"
NAOMI TAMAYAMA, Business Owner & Entrepreneur Coach

Booking Links for PhotoReading Workshop

Early Booking Price page:

Main Website:

The 15% off early booking price ends this month. The PhotoReading Workshop offers operate on a reducing balance method and decrease the closer we are to the live event.

PhotoReading 3-Day Online Certification Class Video Webinar Workshop

Testimonial from one of the first participants to take the PhotoReading Online Webinar Class

Client Testimonial

"I have wanted to do PhotoReading for quite a while but could not commit to physically attending a venue. The webinar version is comfortable, effective, fun and enjoyable. I am glad that I waited for it and got a chance to experience it. Thank you so much Marilyn for putting your energy, commitment and knowledge into the programme. I learnt so much."

JACQUI R, Management Consultant

Booking Links for PhotoReading Online Certification Class

Express Checkout. This deal to celebrate and test out the new shopping cart landing page ends on 30th June:

On-Demand Instant Access Page US$:

UK Booking Page:

Your £150 saving using the Express Checkout ends on Sunday 30th June 2019.

The Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Annual Workshop

The Annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Life Changing Workshop

Client Testimonial

"I couldn't ask for anything more, all of my hopes (and goals) have been blown out of the water, so more of the same. I've had the best year!"

NOREEN COPPIN, Sharing how the goals she set at the MBS Workshop had been achieved and exceeded.

Workshop Booking Link

Main Website:

The early booking prices for this Workshop are quarterly so the next tier ends on 30th June.

The Money Oracle Cards & Coaching Cards

You can also still catch the launch price for my 2 new Coaching Card Decks.

The 77-Card Money Oracle Deck

You can read more at:

Coaching Cards:

Money Oracle Deck:

Express Checkout Launch Prices for the newly released Money Oracle Card Deck:

Money Oracle Cards UK Orders:

Money Oracle Cards INTERNATIONAL Orders:

Presenting with Confidence and Calm

Erika Brodnock winning another award for her  now amazing presentation skills
Erika Brodnock winning another award for her now amazing presentation skills

Client Testimonial

"I remember attending the PhotoReading Course with Marilyn Devonish and being worried about a pending TEDx talk I was scheduled to deliver in just over a months’ time... I was petrified.. I didn't see myself as a speaker, and while I knew I had a powerful story to share I wasn't sure how to deliver it and had racked up a few negative experiences around public speaking in the past!

When I heard about The Magic Programme I jumped at the chance to participate. I knew it was for me as I needed a little magic in my life.. If only to make it through the TEDx talk.

I worked through my speaking angst with a combination of Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Marilyn and Matrix Reimprinting and went on to deliver a talk that has now been watched and shared by over 1000 people. That, however was just the beginning . . . Since then I have been asked to speak at several events. From meetups to the BBC and each and every time I have delivered beyond my wildest expectations and to high acclaim...

Simply MAGIC!

If you're thinking about enrolling on the Magic Programme and wondering if it’s the right thing to do... Take a look at the clip below and click the sign up button. It's certainly worth every penny."

Erika Brodnock
Karisma Kidz

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