How to Still be Energised After 22.5 Hours at Your PC

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"Feeling both relaxed and energised, thank you!"

This was the feedback from someone after Day 2 of a 9 hour Video Webinar Training. We did have a break for lunch however it was 2 x 4.5 hour video Webinars on Saturday and Sunday plus 4.5 hours on the Friday afternoon/evening, and everyone still felt amazing by the end of the 22.5 hour weekend sat in front of a PC screen.

Webinar attendees felt focused, relaxed and energised throughout the 2 and a half days

Below is one of the feedback forms from the first ever PhotoReading Video Webinar Training. What made it even more astounding is that we did almost 10 hours straight each day on the Saturday and Sunday, and 4.5 hours on the Friday afternoon/evening and everyone was still super energised on Sunday night. Their responses are in bold:

Instructor Name ____ Marilyn Devonish ________________________________________________

Class Location and Date: __26 -28 October Webinar____________________________________

PhotoReading Webinar Course Evaluation

(1) Draw a face or add an emoji and give a word that describes your feelings about the course:


(2) Was the course clearly organised and well prepared? YES No

If you responded NO, explain ______________________________________


(3) Was the Webinar Room adequate? YES

If you responded NO, explain ______________________________________


(4) Rate this workshop: Please circle, bold or highlight one:

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(5) Rate the Instructor: Please circle or highlight one:

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(6) Rate the Webinar Room and functionality:

Poor Fair Good Very Good EXCELLENT

(7) What did you like best about the program?

The layering process - recapping with the opportunity to practice to build the mental muscle.


(8) How can we improve the program?

Can’t think of anything ________________________________________


(9) Please feel free to give us a comment we might use in our next newsletter or promotional literature

Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.

Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed._________________________


(10) Personal note to the Instructor

Thank you for an intensive and unforgettable weekend of training. Your energy is incredible and something I will definitely keep in mind to practice to emulate!_____________________________________________________________________

Do You Feel Energised After 9 Hours of Training in Front of Your PC?

I am really delighted with the weekend because 9 hours a day is a long time to have people sitting at a PC, yet everyone was still focused and energised and excited by the Sunday night.

For me this speaks to what Accelerated Learning and NeuroSuccess is all about; the ability to get incredible alignment with all of the senses. learning styles, and mind body spirit and soul. When that is in place people naturally find themselves in the flow state, get absorbed by the task in hand, and lose all track of time.

How is this Possible?

One of the very simple yet powerful techniques we use is summarised in the Tangerine Technique which is all about getting yourself into a state of relaxed alertness. You can see an image of what looks like in practice below.

Marilyn Devonish demonstrating the Tangerine Technique
Marilyn Devonish demonstrating the Tangerine Technique

And it isn't just about feeling amazing and energised, I've had had clients with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, and even permanent brain damage experience dramatic turnarounds after just 2.5 days.

Learn this Incredible Life and Business Skill for Yourself

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PhotoReading is a "game changer" Monica Douglas Clark
A previous client sharing their PhotoReading 'game changer' experience

A Game Changer

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A true game changer for life, work, education, and business, PhotoReading absolutely changed my life back in October 2000 where I had already spent almost 3 years living with the diagnosis of what was thought to be very early onset Alzheimer's in my 20's and several years of struggle with no improvement ensued.

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