World Productivity Day - 7 Top Tips

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"How do you get so much done and always have so much energy?"

It's a question I get asked a lot when it comes to productivity, outputs, course and content creation, and my seemingly endless global working hours.

World Productivity Day

In honour of World Productivity Day what follows is a quick compilation of some of my favourite tips and resources.

1. I PhotoRead

This won't come as a surprise to those who follow me on social media. The premise of PhotoReading is reading at 25,000 words per minute, PhotoReading a book from start to finish in around 5 minutes, and learning strategies to remember and recall what you've read.

Sound awesome and maybe a little wished fulfilled out there? Below is a quote from one of my clients, the lovely Naomi Tamayama of

Dramatically Increase Your Productivity
"I have spent less than an hour reading 8 books on a topic and have just compiled a piece of work from this."

In my books that is awesome and out there. Imagine what you can do with that extra time and how much it contributes to your ability to get things done.

2. Mentally Planning

There are times it looks like I'm sitting around chilling, and I am. There are other times where it looks like I'm sitting around chilling and I sort of am, whilst mentally planning. There's a particular type of indescribable energy that comes from clarity of thought, mental focus, and intention.

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3. Biorhythms

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to do this however when you can work to what I call your biorhythms. This means if you're a 'morning person' get your most production hungry tasks done then. If it's twilight for you, save the tasks best suited to that time until then.

4. Power Sleep

This will be a tricky one to put into words because it has several provisos and stages. I'll talk about it at the next PhotoReading Workshop. In the meantime check out something I created earlier.

How to Feel Energised on Little or No Sleep

5. Content Creation Strategies

I did an interview with the MissingLettr Uppercase Summit last year. It's an open page so you can watch the video replay here:

6. Micro Achievements

If you're an 'all or nothing' kinda girl or guy this idea most likely won't suit you. There are times where I'm busy, and I'm getting other seemingly small things done in the margins. Although it doesn't feel like much, the cumulative can be powerful.

The Journey Is On
Photographer: Clemens van Lay | Source: Unsplash

7. Keep Going

I don't mean keep going when you're tired or burnt out; go back to point 4 re sleep, I mean keep going with your ideas. Getting things done and creating outputs often comes down to following things through. When you're on to a good idea or there's something that worth doing, keep going and keep refining and working your plan.

There are a ton of other things however if you haven't been productive or don't have much time I decided it might be best to keep this short and to the point!

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach

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