I Don't Plan to Run These Events and Live Webinars Again

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"Highly recommended. Prepare to be amazed."

This was the response from a client who purchased one of the Video Webinar Workshops.

Someone has just asked when I am running my live Webinar Workshops again.

The 1-Day Video Webinars I have coming up are live. I don't have plans to run them again.

Thereafter you can purchase the Replay Recordings. Details of the forthcoming online events are below together with several free taster Webinars, including the Money Breakthrough Intro, PhotoReading Brain Supercharger, and the Raising Your Money Vibration Intro.

Your Lifetime All-Access Pass

You have Lifetime Access to the Replay Recordings which means you can revisit and refresh your knowledge whenever you choose.

Forthcoming Live Video Webinar Workshops

The following live events are coming up in the next few weeks.

The 1-Day Money Breakthrough Webinar Workshop - Saturday 26th October: https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/1-Day-Money-Breakthrough-Workshop-Part-1

To join us live for the Fearless Public Speaking Webinar Workshop - Saturday 16th November: https://marilyndevonish.thrivecart.com/fearless-public-speaking-webinar/

You will find an overview of what's coming up starting next year and into 2021 at: http://bit.ly/marilynwebinarseries

Online Video Webinar Workshops Already Available On-Demand

The following Online Workshops are already available on-demand via Video Webinar:

Practitioner Insider Secrets Part 1 (Half Day): https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/Practitioner-Insider-Secrets-Part-1-1

Practitioner Insider Secrets Part 2 (Half Day): https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/Practitioner-Insider-Secrets-Part-2

3-Day PhotoReading Certification Class: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/photoreading-online-certific/series_details

1-Day Huna Workshop: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/1-day-huna-workshop/series_details

Raising Your Money Vibration 10-Part Series: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/raising-your-money-vibration/series_details

Feedback from one of the Practitioner Insider Secrets Webinar Workshop attendees:

"What an amazing (online) Workshop."

The "energy" and dynamism of a live event still travels.

Learning Online vs. In-Person

I've been asked several times about the difference and advantages of learning online vs. in-person events. You can read my answer and summary at; : https://marilyndevonish.com/benefits-of-in-person-vs-learning-photoreading-online/

Feedback About the Live Webinars

"It has been really fantastic. It has gone into great depth and I thought I would miss the live room but this is very good."

This was the feedback from one of the delegates on my Practitioner Insider Secrets Online Video Webinar Training.

A friend from one of the technology business groups pointed out that good Webinars are not simply online learning which is often consumption-led, it blended learning, because although it's an online event there is still lots of energy and interaction, as the first attendees of my 3-Day PhotoReading Certification discovered when they were still "Feeling both relaxed and energised" after 21-hours online!

PhotoReading Online Certification Workshop

I thought I might miss the live in-person room too but it was huge amounts of fun. Attendees also said:

"Have learnt lots, really practical - thank you Marilyn and Winnie too!"
"What an amazing workshop, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your time and energy and to everyone else who is out there."
"Thank you again - really enjoyed it :-) "

Further testimonials about the 21-hour Webinar Workshop are below:

Mark wasn't at the live event but purchased the PhotoReading On-Demand Webinar. Someone asked me if PhotoReading works:

He said on a group chat thread when someone asked if PhotoReading Works:

"Highly recommended. Prepare to be amazed." Mark, Australia

Logistics and Access

The Webinars are ready to start when you are! Just pay and press play!

Marilyn Devonish Webinar Series

When: Check the links for dates with live Workshops. The replays recordings have instant access once you have registered and completed your payment.
Where: Online/Comfort of Your Own Home
Duration: 1-Day/10am-6pm UK time (unless stated otherwise).
Availability: You have Lifetime Access to the Replay Recordings.

Lifetime Access means you can revisit the information whenever you choose once the live event is over, and take part from anywhere in the world. The recordings are hosted on my BigMarker Video Webinar Platform.

Take Part from Anywhere in the World

Planned Online Events

You will find an overview of forthcoming virtual events at: http://bit.ly/marilynwebinarseries

You will find an A-Z of Services at: http://bitly.com/azservices

I haven't included prices because these will increase once any launch or early booking prices are over.

Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess Coach

Free Taster Webinars

You can experience the Video Webinar platform for yourself with the following free bonus recordings:

Money Breakthrough Intro: https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/Marilyn-Devonish-Money-Breakthrough-Programme-Test-Webinar

PhotoReading Brain TranceFormation Intro: https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/PhotoReading-Brain-TranceFormation-Intro

Raising Your Money Vibration Intro: https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/Raising-Your-Money-Vibration-Intro-Webinar

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