I’m Still Kicking Myself!

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This is one thing I also hear most often in my classes. It’s a common BIG REGRET.

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I received an email from Learning Strategies this morning. It was one of those synchronicity moments because yesterday I had been thinking about the biggest regret people have when they finally attend the PhotoReading Workshop. It is they "wish they had taken the class when I first told them about it because they had no idea it would be this good and cover so many aspects of work, business, personal development, and life."

I remember walking back towards the train station with one of my attendees and their daughter as they both tearfully said they really regret not attending the class when I'd first told them about PhotoReading 7 or so years prior.

On another occasion, I was walking to lunch with a group of PhotoReading attendees. They were all saying how much the PhotoReading Workshop "exceeded their expectations, and that I wasn't charging enough for what I delivered, and that they are so glad they didn't wait and further procrastinate about attending."

It's a common story and I often joke I would make more money charging a tenner to each person who says the same, than I would from running the Workshops! I can also hear Actress Julia Roberts saying: “BIG mistake! HUGE!” LOL.

The Learning Strategies email was entitled: "I'm still kicking myself."

An extract is below. They also share wonderful case studies and client testimonials from the realm of business, study, learning languages, and returning to the job market after being a stay at home mum. There is still time to sign up and join us for the live online 3-day Workshop starting tomorrow.

"I am still kicking myself. I heard about PhotoReading at 25,000 words a minute 20 years ago, but didn't do the course until four years ago. Since then I got two huge promotions, because I had read dozens of books and articles related to my business and came up with ideas that made a big difference. It was not just because I could read fast, but because PhotoReading taught me how to use more of my brain. I don't know if I am any smarter, but I certainly am richer—in more ways than one."
— Kevin P., St. Louis, Missouri
How to use your "whole mind" to read faster, remember more, be more respected, & get more from life

Dear Marilyn,

Get ready for an amazing offer to help:
  • skyrocket your reading speed and comprehension...
  • boost your vocabulary so it is easier to communicate and others will perceive you as more capable...
  • supercharge your memory for everything you read, hear, and experience...

Let's begin with an extraordinary reading process that may surprise you.
Be clear: This is not speed reading. It is so different.
Speed reading is about moving your eye balls faster. The "PhotoReading" System is about using your brain more effectively so you can:

Blast through information three times faster than you can right now
Yes, you can PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute. I know that defies imagination, but I've demonstrated speeds from 100,000 to 693,000 words a minute. Paul Scheele, the developer of PhotoReading, along with a handful of our students demonstrated over one million words a minute on a documentary that aired on the TLC cable network.

Set your immediate sights on using PhotoReading first to get through your reading three times faster than you can now.

Over one million people have learned it through our PhotoReading book, which is now in the Fourth Edition. Over 200,000 through our home study course, which was completely rewritten and rerecorded in 2010. And tens of thousands through our seminars.

You can do it too. As PhotoReading author Paul Scheele has said countless times, "You are brighter than you think."

A stay-at-home mom for 14 years learned PhotoReading as part of her plan to get back into the job market. She was soon hired by a medical technology company and got promoted four times. She attributes her skyrocketing career and her dream job to her new PhotoReading skills. She began by PhotoReading job hunting and resume writing books to land a job as an administrative assistant. She moved on to database programming materials and was soon promoted to a clinical supervisor. Next she started PhotoReading people management books. She was then promoted to trial leader, so she began focusing on project management and team building books. In her new senior position she PhotoReads to stay current in her field. "Twenty percent of my success can be attributed to luck, 80 percent to PhotoReading. My income has shot up 200 percent!"

"As strange as it seems..."

When you PhotoRead your first book during the self-study course, you will actually go through the book at 25,000 words a minute. That's about a flip of a page a second.

You will probably feel completely lost. That's fine, because you will learn how to "activate" the book. This is a process that will help you understand the book consciously, so that you know what's in the book. So that you can get from the book the information you need. As a reporter said on camera about PhotoReading, "As strange as it seems, the book began coming alive for me."

Start out at three times faster than you can now, and with use you'll find yourself performing at speeds that Paul, many of our top students, and I do every day.

A father of two who works full time and whose wife holds a heavy graduate school course load decided to take two graduate-level business classes himself. He earned Bs in both courses, even though he spent only 30 to 45 minutes a week PhotoReading for a total of about 10 to 12 hours for the entire semester. During his sessions he would "free-note" answers to some questions or "mind map" an entire book for more detail. "I will never ever go back to regular reading. This system works, period!"

Brainwave activity changes immediately

Brainwave activity changing and relaxing with Step 3 of PhotoReading

You can see in the chart above how brainwave activity instantly changed when a student began PhotoReading during a special session taped for a United Film & Television documentary called "Genius." (As I said, you will be using your brain differently, and this shows it.)
The dark areas show brainwave activity while the student was "regular" reading. The lighter area shows activity while the student was PhotoReading. Notice how the change happened immediately. It is like plodding through a dense forest and then running through an open field. "Mental chatter" disappeared as the PhotoReader instantly expanded the capabilities of his mind.

This highlights how PhotoReading allows you to process information in a way that is more compatible with the tremendous powers of the human brain.
An entrepreneur had difficulty understanding the advice of his legal counsel. He PhotoRead several books on the subject in a bookstore. As he was leaving, a flash of insight streaked through his mind, drawing him back to the books. He intuitively grabbed one from the shelf, and opened the book automatically to the page that offered a clear explanation of the advice.

Google shows hundreds of thousands of results on PhotoReading
Which reminds me, you can use PhotoReading with email, ebooks and webpages as well as paper books and magazines.

Today I read books nearly exclusively on my iPhone. I make the type as small as I can and start PhotoReading. With novels I instantly and intuitively know whether I will enjoy the book. I can easily weed out books that I won't like.
For nonfiction books…well, there are so many worthwhile books out there these days. PhotoReading is the only way to get to everything you need as well as everything you love.

Needing to learn French, a businesswoman PhotoRead the English/French dictionary repeatedly for two weeks before attending French classes at the Berlitz school in Brussels. Each night after class, she PhotoRead the course manuals and the dictionary. Within three days, she had advanced to the second book. School administrators told her she was performing two and a half times better than their previous best student.

"You guys discovered how to teach psychic abilities to corporate America"

A vice president at 3M told that to Paul Scheele and me at one of our classes at their world headquarters.

We knew that PhotoReading was way more than just reading at ridiculously high speeds. It was about using the unlimited resources of your brain. But could there be more?

When our first PhotoReading personal learning course came out, we received this note from one of the original buyers:

"PhotoReading is the most spiritual course I've ever taken. It has shown me how to use books as a gateway to my greater intelligence, my higher self."

I remember sitting in a darkened room in the media lab of my alma mater Gustavus Adolphus College. I was a little nervous. The director flashed US Patent Law on a laserdisc at me on a monitor. We calculated the speed to be 693,000 words a minute. I sat in the "accelerated learning state" you will learn to access as the pages zipped by. He then asked me random multiple choice and true and false questions from the text. I answered 75% of them correctly.
He noticed I was doodling and asked about it. I just shrugged and looked at the drawing. Then I said, "It's number 37." That number had simply flashed into my mind.

We looked through the text and couldn't find anything labeled 37 that looked like it. Then we counted 37 diagrams into the text, and sure enough, what I had doodled was a crude approximation of diagram number 37.

For the fun of it, you can search "Pete Bissonette PhotoReading" on YouTube. It's a clip from a television program, and you'll see me PhotoReading on a computer screen at about 100,000 words a minute.

As long as you are on YouTube, search "KMSP PhotoReading" and watch a six-minute television news report. The television station originally sent their investigative unit to prove PhotoReading was a fraud. It ended up being one of the most comprehensive looks at this amazing system. The video shows the reporter demonstrating PhotoReading himself! He interviewed students and talked at length with a professor at the University of Minnesota who had a doctorate in reading.

A new employee attended a meeting on the first day of her job. She had spent a few minutes PhotoReading reports before the meeting and contributed to the conversation as if she had been working there forever. "I don't know who was more surprised, me or my new coworkers!"

With PhotoReading you will:

  • Be better read and more knowledgeable than most anyone else you know. (That's one reason good readers earn 2-1/2 times the income of poor readers.)
  • Get usable expertise in any subject you choose, from home-improvement to rocket science, investing to politics, accounting to geophysics, philosophy to mathematics. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Complete your reading quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for other pursuits.
  • Build supreme self-confidence in your ability to learn anything in the world!
  • Tap the unlimited resources of your genius mind.

You can use PhotoReading on any type of reading from pleasure reading to business reading and academic reading to technical reading.
It solves the problem of too much to read in too little time.

Whether you want sharper thinking, increased productivity, more income, better grades, or more enjoyment out of life, PhotoReading solves the stressors and opens you to greater success in life.

Plus, you will learn to:

  • Accelerate learning, improve memory, and heighten concentration.
  • Think conceptually.
  • Discover new perspectives and approaches. You'll step outside of familiar ways of approaching a situation. You'll move beyond habitual ways of thinking.
  • Propel yourself to higher personal performance. Your confidence and self-esteem soars as you use PhotoReading, and this will spill beautifully into all areas of your life.
  • Enhance the use of your intuition. Society encourages your logical and analytical abilities. PhotoReading activates your creative and intuitive capacities creating more choices, more power, and, yes, more fun.
  • Acquire skills and behaviors. When you use PhotoReading on topics such as tennis, negotiation, chess, sales, time management, painting, rock climbing, self-improvement – on any skill or endeavor – you will be preparing your mind and body to express those skills directly as new behaviors. We call this "Direct Learning," and it is one of the most startling aspects of PhotoReading.

A high school student PhotoRead a variety of books before preparing a theme paper. The teacher wrote on her paper, "A+ Your writing style improved overnight. What did you do?!" She had taken on the collective writing style of all of those authors.

Boost your vocabulary as you read faster to get an easy edge over others

Studies show a strong vocabulary gives you a clear advantage, so use PhotoReading on dictionaries. PhotoRead a section of the dictionary every day and words will begin appearing in your vocabulary. Correctly used! Words you didn't know you knew, but have become a part of you.

For one, as you increase your vocabulary you will be credited with superior intelligence, better education, and gifted capabilities. It solves the problem of others being perceived as better than you.

It also makes it infinitely easier for you to communicate your ideas. When you can express yourself clearly and precisely, others will be more likely pay attention to you. You will be given the benefit of the doubt, other will be apt to follow you, and more opportunities will come your way.

How to remember more and more and more!

I think you will love it all, too. You'll find benefit on so many levels. That's one reason our courses have stood the test of time.

For your personal best,

Pete Bissonette

P.S. They say the human brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer on earth. With PhotoReading you learn how to tap into the greater capabilities of your brain to read faster, remember more, be more respected, and get more from life.

Learning Strategies Corporation
2000 Plymouth Road
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305-2335 USA


As one of my clients and PhotoReading attendees, a marketing specialist put it: "I can see your issue with marketing. How to get people to believe all the changes with something so seemingly simple as PhotoReading."

PhotoReading Workshop Testimonial, Marketing Specialist
“I see your dilemma. How to get people to believe.”

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