What Can You Expect from the PhotoReading Global Video Webinar Training?

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I’ve had questions about the new Online PhotoReading Global Video Webinar Training. The answers are outlined below.

Is the Training ‘Live?’

"Yes." If you sign up for this first Workshop taking place next month, it is live. CLICK HERE to sign up.

How will the Webinar Training and content be delivered?

The Training will take place using my Video Webinar platform so you can:

  1. See me live on camera.
  2. View the PowerPoint presentation as we go through the Course material.
  3. Use the online Q&A and/or Chat Room to submit your questions throughout the weekend.
  4. Raise your hand if there is something you want to ask.
  5. Switch on your microphone or webcam for the scheduled interactive Q&A Sessions if there is something you prefer to ask in person.
  6. Receive pdf handouts delivered via the Webinar platform.

For an example of what to expect you can watch my PhotoReading Intro Webinar replay here: https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/PhotoReading-Brain-TranceFormation-Intro

Who is this Training for?

That is always a tricky question to answer because the demographics of my PhotoReading Workshop range from age 7 to 87, and from Accountants, Lawyers and Doctors through to Crystal Healers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Rocket Scientists. You can see what the Rocket Scientists said about my Workshop at the end of this Blog . . . .

I put together a 4 minute video summarising client examples and their results:

Overview of the reach and ripple effect of PhotoReading

How long is the Webinar Workshop?

Just like the in-person PhotoReading Workshop the Webinar Training is 2.5 days; 3pm - 7.30pm on the Friday, all day on the Saturday and Sunday finishing at 6.30pm. For the weekend it is scheduled to run as 2 x 4.5 hour blocks and we will, as we do with the live Workshops have tea and coffee breaks and a lunch break.

What equipment or software do you need to take part?

I’ve had people join a BigMarker Webinar whilst on their mobile phone walking across a field so it is flexible. There isn’t any software to download, you click on the Webinar link and enter your passcode which you receive once you have booked a place on the Training.

Because of the duration of the Workshop I would suggest you are in a place with a strong wifi or ethernet hub internet connection. When you log in the system will do a check of your status and report back.

It is not much different in user experience terms to watching a Facebook live or YouTube video live stream. I can also stream to both those platforms however because this is a paid event I won't be doing so on this occasion.

PhotoReading Online Training Success
Online DVD Video Training Success

What results, benefits and impact can you expect from an Online Training?

This is the first time I am offering the Global Webinar option however below is feedback from people who have completed my 1-Day PhotoReading Intro DVD:

"I’ve got this DVD, it’s good, you feel as if you are a fly on the wall in your classroom." Susan Fritsche, Lawyer
“I had a wonderful time this weekend feeling like a fly on the wall at your Photoreading workshop, I can’t believe all of that happened on one day, wow! I loved the page 23 moment and cried during your Huna session, I need some of that pod poc stuff please!”
“Regarding ebooks and other electronic forms of reading... It is covered in her program. I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already! I just purchased her program and I am already getting great value from it!” Entrepreneur and Business Owner
“Hi Marilyn, I’ve just finished the third DVD and OMG it is beyond AMAZING!!!! I truly feel like I am with you all taking part, doing the exercises as I go along...... At time when I go through the PhotoReading process I feel like I am taking nothing in but then certain words pop into my head. You are a fantastic coach and making it fun as we learn it too. Thank you for this. I have said many a time, I wish there was a way of reading where I could take in what I need then write in my own words and get excellent marks, then out of the blue I saw your PhotoReading course come up. I want meant to do this!!!!! xxx” Sieta Jones
You watch the short animation video below for some of the benefits.
A way to get more done in less time

From Failure, Stress and Anxiety to Passing and Acing Interviews with Flying Colours

Sieta also used the PhotoReading DVD Training to pass her exams when she failed (before learning to PhotoRead) and had to do a resit. You can read her's and other client success stories here: http://marilyndevonish.com/how-to-go-from-failure-feeling-defeated-to-training-yourself-for-success/

With the Video DVD Training above there was no live or real-time interaction with me, and the business owners and entrepreneurs taking part still got massive value from the Training. With the Webinar Training you will be there live which takes it to the next level if such a thing is possible!

Use Step 1 of PhotoReading to banish anxiety and stress
Use Step 1 of PhotoReading to deal with stress, worry, anxiety, and overwhelm

Other clients have used it as a way to prepare for and overcome both exam and job interview anxiety and stress. Another of my clients, a Martial Arts expert, school Teacher, and studying for his PhD in Mathematics sites PhotoReading as his main form of relaxation and stress relief.

What results can you expect from PhotoReading overall?

I’ve had people ask if PhotoReading works in the long term. One attendee from my first ever Workshop when I was doing my Instructor Training over 15 years ago is still raving about it. You can read some of my client testimonials here: http://marilyndevonish.com/client-proof-1-3-years-later-photoreading-still-works/

Some of the more obvious benefits include: Saving time, reducing stress, able to make decisions faster and more effectively, assimilating information more quickly and being able to more easily comprehend and action what you have learnt or read. It also increases your levels of productivity, creativity, critical thinking skills, intuition, and public speaking ability.

Which Webinar platform am I using?

I am using BigMarker. You can sign up for your own trial via: https://www.bigmarker.com?referral_code=marilyn-devonish

This is what the platform looks like, as a viewer, you won't see the Host Control Panel! Everything else however will look similar with the PowerPoint slides on the main screen and my video either top right on a PC or underneath the slides on a mobile phone.

PhotoReading Webinar Training
The BigMarker Webinar Platform in Action

What time zone am I using?

I am in the UK so all times stated are GMT; BST if you are reading this before the clocks change for autumn.

What did the Rocket Scientists say about my PhotoReading Workshop?

I worked with a team of Rocket Scientists and Cranfield University. They said of my PhotoReading Workshop:
"Stimulating, Valuable, Thank You, Highly Recommended, Professional, Excellent, Enlightening, Participative, Motivating, Confusing - in a good way! Time Well Spent, Fun, Relaxing.
It was more than just PhotoReading.
Should be given to all First Year PhD students."

And they are correct, it is more than just PhotoReading, and at that time I wasn't even offering the magical Huna.

How Do You Book Your Place?

To book your place on the Global Webinar Training go to: https://app.eventsframe.com/e/r3CQJdTy0/photoreading-online-certification-training/ There is an early booking price available for the next few days.

For information about the next in-person Workshop in the UK go to: http://www.tranceformationstm.com/photoreading/

If you have any further questions or queries leave them in the comments or use the email contact form below.

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

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