Is Your Past Life Holding You Back?

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Does the distant past affect your present and future?

#Whoa I did what you call 'cold' Past Life Readings on my Raising Your Money Vibration Webinar last night. The Readings felt like completely random stuff from my point as view as I'm talking. As the attendees on the call shared their feedback however it was apparent how "spot on" all the Readings were.

With one I was talking about their past life religious restrictions and it not being OK or not being allowed to ask for what they want in this lifetime.

Their response and feedback about growing up in this lifetime:

"Very accurate, as a child in my family we were not allowed to ask for what we wanted for Christmas or birthdays, we just got given whatever the present was. Even today it is difficult for me to ask for what I want."

With another I talked about persecution, boundaries and martyrdom. They said about their experiences in this lifetime:

"omg yess yess yess - marriage was that alllll over and money related stuff there as well as health. Then subject to fraudulent attacks in more than one place - so financially shaken - wow and yes for gifts that is exactly what I say - I know I am powerful beyond belief and so many powers n gifts but can not access them because of this block"

With another of the Readings I talked about being "ostracised" and what I call "The Cinderella Complex." They said:

"It's so exacting the way you word it x "

With the 2 cards I pulled during another attendees Reading:

"Wow, both of those resonate! Thank you!!! Totally!"

There was more. All the #PastLife Readings were different. The feedback however was #WOW and the same. It was fascinating to hear how each of the different scenarios were playing out in people's lives today and right now.

Past Life Cards by Dr Brian Weiss
Past Life Cards by Dr Brian Weiss

Although I use this deck during one-to-one Private Sessions, and do the Tarot Tuesday Facebook Live Video Readings every month for my Online Membership Group this is the first time I've done Group Past Life Readings so am very pleased with that result.

"Marilyn did you Huna the Money Vibration Program before we started?"

We also had very cool stuff happening for my global participants straight off the bat:

Clearing Past Life Energies

Past Life Induction with Marilyn Devonish
The Past Life Clearing Induction Replay

If you missed the Live Video Webinar the Clearing Induction is included in the Replay.

The Dr Brian Weiss Show Stopper

For those who were at the Hay House Dr Brian Weiss Past Life event a few years ago, I was the woman up in the rafters who stopped the show. My question brought a round of applause from the 500 strong crowd such that Dr Weiss said: "Great question, and you're going to have to say that again" because it both took some thinking about, and the end of drowned out the the spontaneous applause.

His answer to my question based on his NDE; Near Death Experience and Past Life Research confirmed what I had long since suspected about "way" we end our lives.

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We've got another 7 Sessions to go if you booked the full 10-Part Raising Your Money Vibration Online Series so at some point I will do some Readings with my new Money Oracle Cards deck which launched in May.

The Marilyn Devonish Money Oracle Cards
The Marilyn Devonish Money Oracle Deck

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You can sign up for ad-hoc one off Modules or take part in the whole 10-Part Online Series. CLICK HERE to register. If you can't make the live dates you will have Lifetime Access to the Replay Recording(s).

I also did a Confirmation Card Reading this morning about what we cleared on the #Webinar which was fascinating and #OMG so I'll email them over next week.

I will post the Cards from yesterday's Session on my TranceFormations TM page later.

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