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I am delighted to announce my new 'Promote and Pay' Affiliate Program where you can if you choose to get paid for sharing my products and services, and earn double commissions.

Sign Up and Earn from Home

It has been a long time coming however better late then never! I'm testing out the first few products and also want to make sure the Affiliate Program works. The first links if you would like to join are below. I will continue to add new links to this page as they go live.

The Courses, Workshops and Coaching Programs take place online which means you can both participate and share from anywhere in the world.

Online Global TranceFormation

Affiliate Program Links

I 'think' said while crossing cyber fingers having created an algorithm rule, you only need to register the once, you can use the PhotoReading Webinar link, and it can automatically open up the others, and no worries if not, I can do it manually.

PhotoReading Webinar Certification Training Affiliate Link:

PhotoReading (in-person) Workshop:

Money Oracle Cards Affiliate UK Orders:

Money Oracle Cards Affiliate International Orders:

Power of 4 Coaching Program:

Soul Plan Reading Affiliate Link:

I'll be rolling out links to all my products and services over the coming weeks so watch this space.


PhotoReading Affiliate Program
I have set up a Double Commission Payment Structure

You also get both front and back end commission payments if your customer purchases the Bonus Offers. This means you get paid commission for the main product, plus commission should your referrals take up any Bonus Offers.

It's a Global Opportunity

Because much of my work is now online, and because it's a case of simply sharing a link, it makes this a global business and opportunity.

During our road trip on highway 66 we stopped at a local shop and I spotted in a dark corner this old map with pins and currencies left by visitors from all over the planet.
Photographer: Christine Roy | Source: Unsplash

Super Easy to Join

Just click the links above to join. I will come back to this page and add new products as I get them uploaded into the ThriveCart System so bookmark this page and check in on a regular basis.

Special deal sign in the shopping mall in Asia.
Photographer: Artem Beliaikin @belart84 | Source: Unsplash

Grab the ThriveCart Lifetime Deal!

The lifetime deal is no longer open the the public however as a customer I get to share it for a while longer:

This means you can create your own landing pages, Joint Venture agreements, and Affiliate Programs.

I definitely recommend it if you are serious about getting this side of your business automated and don't already have a platform and strategy in place.

If it's out of your budget check my previous eNewsletters about a similar platform which I shared with you last month. If you're not on my eNewsletter list you can sign up here:

The Landing Pages

Below is an example of one of the product landing page templates.

PhotoReading Webinar ThriveCart Landing Page
My PhotoReading Video Webinar Landing Page

The special offers are where you will pick up your double commissions should your referrals tick the box and upgrade their purchase.

Landing Page Links

To see what the landing pages look like click the links below:

Money Oracle Cards UK:

Money Oracle Cards INT:

PhotoReading Webinar:

Power of 4 Program:

PhotoReading Workshop:

Soul Plan Reading:

Your Own Tracking Back Office

Once you have signed up you get access to your own back office where you can track clicks and number of payments due.

Your Back Office Tracking System

The screenshot below shows how to navigate once you log in.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions or queries send me an email or use the Contact Form below.

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