You Get What You Wish For - You Just Have to Notice

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I said I will "Go Global" this year as I set my New Year intentions and wish list.

My wish was to go global this year

Global Training

You get what you wish for. You just have to stop and notice.

Earlier this month I was sat staring at a series of screens, each showing a different time zone; "So it's 8pm in the UK, that makes it 5am in Australia, and midday in Canada . . . . . "

I went to sigh then realised the brilliance and #synchronicity of it all because this is part 1 of my #intention for this year fulfilled. I said I will go #global this year, and global it is when you're trying to schedule 5 different time zones for the live Video Webinar Program I'm running.


Global Radio Interviews

Yesterday I was booked to do a Radio interview out in the United States; the interview is on Monday 10th June, 8pm UK/BST. I will share the link in my eNewsletter when I have it.

Where I’ve been
Photographer: Joey Csunyo | Source: Unsplash

Global Summits

The last Summit I look spoke at had Keynote Speakers from around the world.

The first Online PhotoReading Certification Course I sold this year was to a lovely gentleman out in Australia.

One of the promo testimonials I created back in October last year when I first ran the live Webinar is below. It was created 3 months before I consciously verbalised the outcome. It was also a "world 1st" because the full 3-Day PhotoReading Certification Class has never been delivered in this way in its 29 year history.

I am currently also planning my own Online Summit and if I secure the speakers I have in mind it will be a global gathering of great minds. Watch this space!

Mind and Starting Reality

In my mind when I said I am going to focus on going global this year and having a wider reach I sort of envisioned myself jetting around the world in style and rocking up at glamorous locations around the world, and actually, as I type that has also happened this year because I ran Workshops and Coaching Sessions at Kambio Retreats in Spain this year at the gorgeous El Cortijo De Los Caballos Villa complex. I will be teaching there again in November if you want to attend.

The El Cortijo De Los Caballos Retreat in Spain
Another wish fulfilled in fine and luxurious style

Global Soul Plans

The last Soul Plan Reading I did was with a client out in Canada, the one before that I think was Malaysia.

Soul Plan Reading Testimonial

Global Breakthroughs

Had a Breakthrough Coaching enquiry in over the weekend from the United States. I do the Sessions either by phone, Skype or via my Online Meeting Room.

Notice What You Notice

Below is one of the Cards from my Coaching Cards Tarot Deck. It has been one of my favourite sayings for the past 19 years and is how I often close my Coaching Sessions. It sounds simple enough but the neurological power of it is quite astounding.

The Marilyn Devonish Coaching Cards make a wish

What did you set for yourself as a goal this year and how is it shaping up?

I now have a doubly big #smile on my face!

Can't wait to see what grand and glorious global adventure shows up next.

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess Coach

Putting Your Resolutions into Action

If you're reading this at whatever time of the year and your goals and New year Resolutions still aren't coming to fruition check out one I wrote earlier:



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