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Whether you’re a parent trying to do the much talked about “Summer catch up” for the tens of thousands of children across the globe who had to be taken out of school, or you’re an employee, manager, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to get their own head back in the game, join me for this one of a kind and totally unique PhotoReading Facebook Watch Party.

Innovation Central

Those who have followed me for a while will know this is the home of innovation. My latest is idea is hosting a Facebook Live Watch Party for the PhotoReading Workshop.

What is a Watch Party?

It's a pre-recorded video which plays in real-time. While the video is showing, those taking part can ask questions live via the Facebook Chat, like an on-demand Video Webinar Replay, but different because you can ask me questions live via the Chat.

Why Attend?

If you have been taking yourself through the PhotoReading Video Webinar Certification Training, or have previously attended a Workshop and would like a refresher, this is perfect.

Who is this For?

  1. It is free of charge for those who booked to attend the PhotoReading Workshop this year and were unable to do so because of the Covid19. My primary purpose is to answer your questions as you've been working through the Online Program.
  2. It is also available for my previous PhotoReading attendees who would like to do a refresher and get their questions answered.
  3. You can also join us if you are new to PhotoReading. (Choose the first option on the booking page).

How Long is the Watch Party?

The date for the live event will be decided by those who have booked a place.

Workshop running time is: 4.5 hours.

Tea/coffee breaks are already scheduled into the recording we’ll be watching because it was originally recorded with a live classroom audience.

Isn’t 4.5 Hours a Long Time?

In my world, no. It is an Accelerated Learning Course where we are utilising the Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences, so it is a very different experience to being on a regular Zoom call, Webinar, or Training.

Still Energised After 9 Hours on Screen & 3 Days!

Attendees were feeling both relaxed and energised, even after spending 3 consecutive days online.

Want to Join Us?

To book your virtual place go to:

Prefer to Watch Rather than Read?

I did a Facebook Live video to talk you through the process.

Investment & Booking Options

For PhotoReading Workshop 2020 attendees who booked to attend the live Workshop this year and haven't been able to because of the Covid19 situation, attendance is free of charge to help you get started.

Free for 2020 Workshop Attendees

Attendance is free for those who booked to attend a PhotoReading Workshop this year. The Watch Party is for Day 1 of the PhotoReading Workshop to help get you started whilst we wait for the world to regain its balance.

PhotoReading Workshops Graduates

PhotoReading Workshop Graduates (this means you have previously attended one of my Workshops or purchased the PhotoReading Video Webinar Series via Zenler or BigMarker): £25

PhotoReading 1-Day DVD Clients

PhotoReading DVD purchases (this product: £45


Non-PhotoReaders Launch Price - This means you have not invested in a PhotoReading Workshop or Training with Marilyn Devonish: £75 (or if you want to get started right away you can purchase the existing recording we will be using for £197 via:

Individual PhotoReading Coaching Sessions

For those who want to book a PhotoReading Coaching Session instead of taking part, it is £150 per hour. You can book it here:

Feedback About this Event

The video we will be watching at part of Watch Party was filmed with a live student audience. It was the first time in the world and in the 30-year PhotoReading history that the Workshop had been delivered in this way. A selection of their feedback is below.

PhotoReading Information

If you are new to PhotoReading use the links below for further information.

PhotoReading Main Website:

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PhotoReading Webinar Direct Access:

PhotoReading Success Stories:

Join the Watch Party Workshop:

Further Information

If you have further questions use the form below or email:

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