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It's a conversation I've had many times over the years; why devalue yourself or you product by offering early booking prices. That question was unexpectedly answered tonight when I was invited to join a new network and initiative.

An Eco Alternative to PayPal and Bitcoin

Tonight I was invited to look at a new online currency network that is just entering beta stage development. It's a group of ex-PayPal employees who have seen a way to revolutionise the online payment industry and add a new eco alternative to bitcoin currency.

PayPal, Bitcoin. Is this the next big thing?
Is this the eco alternative to bitcoin?

They addressed the issue of early adopter pricing and why they are giving free currency away as part of their FAQs and it basically sums up the conversation I had a few days ago. I think this is one of the best descriptions I've read and encapsulates my rationale perfectly.

It comes from a new online currency organisation that is just starting out where it is currently free to join by personal invitation:

Joining after the IQ network has been widely adopted requires little external motivation, since once the adoption challenge is solved people will value the better technology, convenience and cost. Signing up after millions have joined is also an easy decision, since you already know there's a good chance the project will succeed, and the reward will become valuable.
But joining at the very early stages requires real vision and foresight. We want to compensate our members accordingly.
IQ’s unique rewards model is what allows it to overcome the adoption barrier that has impeded previous payment technologies. It encourages fast adoption of advanced payment technologies, while others struggle to attract new users.
IQ will be giving free currency to incentivize actions that help the system grow. That includes tasks such as: registration and verification of friends, installing the Q application, adding information, making purchases, etc. These tasks are in everyone’s interests, as they will help Initiative Q grow, and reach the target of releasing all Qs to members at a value of around one USD per Q.


I couldn't have put it better myself. The reason I offer great deals to those on my #eNewsletter list who sign up early when I launch new Programs and Workshops is for that very reason. I would add 'courage' and a 'leap of faith' to the vision and foresight.

To take a chance, experiment, do something new all takes a certain something because like they said, it is an easy decision to take part in something once everyone is doing it.

The Post PayPal Early Adopters
The Early Adopters

When I did my Business Degree and Postgraduate Marketing Diploma Philip Kotler spoke of the 'early adopters' at one end of bell curve, vs. the 'laggards' at the tailend. Much of what I do is early adopter stuff because it often comes once, never to return again.

Are You a Visionary?

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About the Network

Below is a very brief summary about their purpose and long term intention:

The Initiative is building the payment system of the future. The payment network will integrate the best technological improvements that have been made in the payment industry over the last few decades to create a flexible, easy-to-use and inexpensive payment network.

These technologies have been available for years, but have not been adopted due to a classic chicken and egg barrier: No buyer wants to join a new network with no sellers, and no seller will offer a payment option that no buyer uses.

It solves the adoption problem by associating the payment network with a new global currency, and distributing this currency to early adopters for free.

Why should I join ?

  1. The earlier you join, the higher your reward. We believe that Initiative Q will overcome the main barrier to a better payment system, and has a good chance of becoming the global standard. But even if you give it just a 0.1% chance of success, think of it as a free lottery ticket.
  2. Why not? It’s free and safe. All you need to do is provide your name and email.
  3. By joining, you increase the chances of success, and accelerate the transformation of the payment industry — a change that will benefit everyone, eliminating the need to carry cash and/or plastic and leading to lower costs, less fraud, and fewer scams.
  4. You will help reduce enormous waste and pollution caused by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, currently consuming as much energy as 6,000,000 households!

What are the risks in signing up? What will you do with the data I provide?

There are no risks. It’s safe and free to join; you just provide your name and email address. We store your personal data securely and we don’t share it with anyone else. We will only email you regarding the project and your account.

I have got 2 invitations left if you wanted to check out the eco currency Initiative at their ground floor stage. All they require is your name and email address to join.

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