See the Amazing Before & After Pictures for Yourself - No Weird Pills Just the Wooden Block

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Who would have thought a simple looking wooden block could do this and so much more? The first picture you can see below is after just 21 days.

Also, keep in mind there were no lotions, potions, or pills involved, just the wooden block, and with the Free Starter Program, details of which are also included here as our gift, all you need is a rolled-up towel to get started. You can also do it lying in bed .....

More Breaking News

August 2022: Another MASSIVE block therapy success. In May 2022 I went to the hospital for a series of X-Rays because I knew something wasn’t right with my shoulder, and that what I was feeling went beyond having a muscle sprain. On June 16th 2022 I spoke with the physio at my doctor's office to get the results. It was osteoarthritis. I could barely move my arm. Fast forward 6 weeks. I’ve added my physio’s reaction at our second meeting on 25th August 2022 to the end of this block.

A Body Changing Meeting

A friend, Dr Margo, literally pestered me to look at an “amazing new therapy” and meet with the creator of the modality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always open to learning about cool new things. It just happened to be slap bang in the middle of election season, so I had very little time for novel ventures.

To say I am so glad I took the time to meet with Deanna the Founder is an understatement. I will add to this blog so bookmark or save the page. For now, let’s start with a few ‘Before and After’ pictures so you can see the results for yourself. The pictures will upload in a few moments .........

The Collage

In my social media posts I’ve mentioned weight loss, posture, reducing, cellulite, and the natural facelifts, however there is so much more to it than that, as you’ll see from the collage below.

Block Therapy Before and After Photos
Block Therapy Before & After Results

There are a few larger images below, and you can get your Block Therapy Starter Package by CLICKING HERE.

The 21-Day Facelift Challenge

WOW. The Difference After Just 21 Days!!!

What really caused me to do a double take on this one was her neck, and the hanging jowls around the mouth, or lack thereof, after 21 days.

The 90 Day Results

Amazing Results After 90-Days

The reduction of cellulite, changes in body shape, improved posture, are just the beginning of a long list of incredible results over the past 22 years.

My Ankle Improved After 25 Years

I started with the 9-day Starter Program using the bamboo blocks. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BLOCKS. I then did the 9-day Sample Program which was offered as a wonderful free gift to my webinar attendees.

My blocks arrived on Monday 9th May 2022. I had already noticed an overall physical difference by the time we ran the first webinar on Wednesday 11th May. The Part 2 webinar was scheduled for Monday 30th May.

On Sunday 29th May I was in bed watching a movie and the intuitive voice that I always listen to said ‘get out of bed, sit on the floor, and cross your legs.’ A weird request to say the least, but I obliged.

I had an ankle injury as a child. I would have been around 10 years old, give or take. In my early 20s I ripped the tendons on the same ankle. I did 6 months on a wobble board before I could fully put pressure on it again. In March 2015 I did exactly the same thing again, coming down the stairs on deck whilst on a Caribbean cruise; this time, with the powers of Huna I was able to work some immediate magic in a few hours and dance on it and do 2 weeks worth of walking tours; that’s a whole other story for another day/Blog. One thing that I’ve not been able to do for the past 25+ years is cross my legs. I just didn’t have what a call the later movement in the ankle.

On Sunday 29th May 2022 I was able to sit cross-legged. It might not sound like much, however when you consider it’s something I’ve not been able to do for pushing on 3 decades, it is HUGE!!!!! As I shared during Part 2 of the webinar, I wasn’t even thinking about my ankles when I purchased the blocks and started the online video classes. It was the furthest thing from my mind.

My Ballet Class Results July 7th 2022

I'm pretty sure I've had another big block win this week.

I took up ballet for the first time, aged 47 and a half. I've been going every week since then. This year however everything in the world seemed to be scheduled on ballet night, and although I've been very strict for the past 5 years and not missed classes, I had to yield a bit because some of them are council meetings, and I also signed up for a course which clashed. The net result is that I've not attended a physical class for the past for the past 5 months.

I signed up for online classes to ensure I keep my practice up, and I've not done one since I started doing block therapy because I was curious to see what would happen with my flexibility.

Well, having attended an in-person ballet class this week, I am pleased to report I could keep up as though I've been there all along, and do the moves and positions.

Often, even when I've been to class all year, the first class after just the 3 week Christmas holiday is brutal; your calves and shins, and the tendons along the metatarsals often cramp up within the first 15 minutes of the class.

This week in terms of cramp or stiffness, nada, nothing, zero.

Last time I was there, I could barely raise my left arm because it was the beginnings of what I was recently told was osteoarthritis. This week, I had much better range of movement following my 8 weeks of using the block. (I decided not to do any physio or further osteopathy, or energy work on the shoulder, because I want a clear barometer for the impact of block therapy). I’ve just added a new section on my shoulder towards the end of this blog, together with a photograph of the sci fi looking machine.

I also think I might go as far as saying my flexibility was actually better than when I was last in class at the end of February. I tend to have stiff hip flexors and lower back, for example, and that felt better and more flexible today.

My focus this week was getting back into the swing of it and doing my best to keep up with the class the choreography. Next class, I'll pay more attention to how my body feels.

The 30 Week Results

With the picture below, pay attention to the posture and curvature on the left in the first photograph.

Results After 30 Weeks

The Scoliosis Results

With this one, it would be great to see her in the same outfit for the full effect, however, you can still see the difference.

As Easy as Lying Bed!

It is easy to do. You simply place the block on under various parts of the body and lie on it. As one of my clients put it:

“I have to say… I almost feel like blocking is rather addictive! I have never wanted to do something every day like I do with blocking. It makes me feel physically great and actually rather blissful for a couple of hours afterwards too.”

One of my favourite times to block is while I’m in bed or watching a movie, as demonstrated below by Deanna Hansen the creator of this wonderful product.

Block Therapy Bed Blocking Deanna Hansen
Deanna Blocking in Bed!

Next Steps

Purchase the blocks. You can choose the larger Block Buddy, the Baby Block, or both. If your budget runs to to it, I suggest getting both. The Baby Block, for example, is the perfect size for placing behind your back when you are sitting. The large block is better for the ‘belly position.’

Purchase the Block Buddy & Starter Program

To purchase the bamboo blocks, go to:

The blocks allow you to work with the fascia of the entire body, and as you’ll see from the free Sampler Program below, are super versatile. The Starter Program is 9-days, and includes 30, 60, and 90 minute video classes, all of which are available on-demand so you can do them at a time that is convenient for you.

Your Free 9-Day Sampler Program

If you would like to get started today, just using what you have in your linen cupboard, sign up for the Sampler Program which I have organised as a Free Gift for my readers:

Photographer: Susan Wilkinson | Source: Unsplash

Having shared it with my eNewsletter list, I decided to extend the gift to my Blog readers. All you need is a rolled-up towel!

Block Therapy Webinar Replay Part 1

To watch the Part 1 video with myself Marilyn Devonish, Dr Margo, and Deanna Hansen the creator and Founder of Block Therapy, go to:

Deanna Hansen Block Therapy Creator
Deanna the CEO of Fluid Isometrics and Creator of Block Therapy

The Shoulder Progress and Results Part 1

When I first noticed my shoulder stiffening up in January 2022, I started with QiGong which has always been helpful for physical injuries. No improvement after 4 weeks, which was unusual, because I often got results within a few days of using it.

Then went to my osteopath who is amazing. With the various injuries I’ve had over the years, I’m usually sorted after one session. If it was something extreme, maybe two. Nothing. Nada. He even pulled out a Star Trek looking machine and we did some electrotherapy.

The Electric Shock Treatment Machine

It felt weird-ish good in the moment, but in terms of progress with the shoulder, unfortunately nothing. I had suspected something beyond a pulled muscle or ripped tendon was going on with my shoulder, and this for me confirmed something definitely wasn’t right, so I moved to stage 3.

My Shoulder After the Electric Shock Treatment

I decide to see my GP, who referred me to a physio. They suspected frozen shoulder, but to be sure, sent me for an Xray. To my surprise it came back saying I had osteoarthritis!

My first thought was: “What? Isn’t that something really old people get?” (No offence to any youngsters who have it because I know it can appear at various ages).

The treatment plan was physio, with some improvement in mobility expected in 12-18 months.

The diagnosis coincided with me learning about Block Therapy, so I decided to do that first. Nine weeks in, and for the first time since this sage started 7 months ago, I have got increased range of movement. I can rest my hands on my butt; it’s one of the mobility test postions, and, I can wash under my armpit and put deodorant on without performing my best Cirque Du Soleil moves! LOL.

I’m not out of the woods yet, but my god what amazing progress in just a few weeks. Long my it continue!

I can totally see why Dr Margo, the friend who told me about Block Therapy was SO INSISTANT that I take a look. It really is a physical health game changer.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the miraculous blocks, and click the blue button on the site to learn more about fascia release.

Shoulder Update Part 2 - Osteopath Visit August 9th 2022

I went to see my osteopath today, 9th August 2022. When I last saw him 14 weeks ago I had very limited range of movement in my left arm and couldn’t put it behind me, nor raise it as high as shoulder level.

In May the results of my x-ray came back saying I had osteoarthritis in the shoulder.

Today after 13 weeks of block therapy, and about 6 weeks of that focused on my shoulder, it’s all change.

In my mind there’s been a 70-80% improvement.

Today (and for the past few weeks), I can put my arm up behind my back. Raise it up well beyond shoulder level, and do simple things again like put both hands on my hips, and recline back on a park bench on a sunny day.

My osteopath said:

“It’s a 70-80% improvement compared to where I was 3 months ago, and in terms of internally, there’s much less inflammation, greater elasticity, much freer movement and rotation, and less resistance. The (something with a fancy name) muscle junction in the centre of my back is also much freer and has more elasticity.”

Yay!!!!!! What a great result.

Shoulder Update Part 3 - Doctor’s Physio Appointment August 25th 2022

This week I booked another (out of sequence) appointment with the physio at my doctor's surgery. I say out of sequence, because I wasn't supposed to be seeing her until next year when I had completed the course of physio treatments at a local gym, and given my shoulder the required 12-18 months to work on regaining mobility.

I requested a video meeting rather than a phone call because I wanted her to see the change and progress and difference for herself. Her response when she saw that I was waving both arms about like a cheerleader is below.

Marilyn Devonish with Sam, her Physio, Suthergrey Surgery

At the time, I had a very limited range of movement in my left arm, and was assigned to see her because my x-rays came back saying I had osteoarthritis.

A program of physio at a local gym was recommended. It also coincided with being introduced to block therapy. (I secretly decided to hold off booking in with the physio because I wanted to see what I could achieve using BT).

Fast forward a 6 weeks and I'm waving both arms in the air on our Zoom call, like a cheerleader! My physio's reaction upon seeing the difference:

"WOW. What have you been doing????? Send me the link for the blocks so I can take a look! I am going to check it out and see if we (the physio community) have perhaps been missing a trick and could be doing something new, and could find a different way to work with some of our clients."

I just LOVE IT when those from different or more traditional modalities have an open mind and are willing to explore when they can see something outside of the norm is also working.

Just amazing all round.

Thank you again Deanna Hansen and the wonderful team of moderators here, and to everyone for their questions and shares because I also learn a lot from reading the posts.

The picture above is us at my August appointment, having just viewed and discussed the amazing rapid transformation of my condition. I asked Sam, my physio's permission to do the screenshot photo of her because I said I wanted to show everyone what the face of the future looks like and hope you are all lucky enough to have such open-minded doctors and nurses.

I love block therapy.

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