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This is a snapshot of client testimonials over the past 19 years. It has to be a snapshot because the Word Documents containing the information run to over 3000 pages and counting, so I'll initially keep it to a few examples per A to Z category.

Where clients have said they are fine to be named I have done so, plus added the websites for those who are self-employed so you can check out their wonderful work and what they do. For others who prefer not to be named you will read a 'cut and paste' of their words, with deletions made where family members or the names of their horrible bosses were mentioned! Client quotes are in bold and italics.

I will also include photos of client feedback forms so you can see the information in people's own handwriting because the feedback from my Breakthrough Coaching clients and Workshop attendees is always so amazing and fantastic that I've had people accuse me of sitting here and writing the testimonials myself; and I haven't gotten angry about that because in a world of fake news and where anyone can slap up a good looking website in 5-minutes, I get it.

I will also add a few videos where clients have been kind enough to provide them.

I am also going to take you back with some legacy pieces from the early 2000's so you can see where it all began.

This page will grow, and once I sort through the thousands of pages and stacks of written feedback forms I will add a hypertext link version to my main website: http://www.tranceformationstm.com/testimonials.html so bookmark the pages and watch this space!

For an A-Z of Services go to: http://bitly.com/azservices

Access Consciousness

Marc did my first ever 1-Day Huna and Access Consciousness Breakthrough Session. I had experimented with friends in combining the 2 processes then sent a call out to my eNewsletter list asking for someone who was willing to book a Session and experiment with doing a full day. Marc said:

"I was frustrated with the same issues holding me back. I got to the stage where I said 'enough is enough.' I was curious about Marilyn's session. I feel like a different person. Things that felt hard for me in the past just weren't there. I am so much more calm and people, and it's totally positive. I have just 2 words if you are thinking about working with Marilyn, 'do it.' If I had to use 3 words I'd say 'Just Do It.' Marilyn will give you the tools to achieve whatever you want to achieve and move forwards."
Marc Foster,

The £852 'Access and Huna' Cheque

Ammana was the first friend I experimented with when using the Access Consciousness and Huna combination. In a nutshell, she was under pressure to pay an £800 tax bill and did not have the money so stress levels and panic were high. I said I'd learnt a new (Access Consciousness) technique that week and asked if she wanted to give it a go. We did a 20 minute Session over the phone were I created bespoke Access Consciousness Clearing Statements, and closed with a round of Huna. The results were instant in terms of clearing the panic and anxiety. This is what arrived in the post out of the blue a day or 2 after our impromptu Session:

A Cheque from HMRC for £823!

It's a cheque from HMRC for £823! That's right, 'FROM' HMRC, 'TO' Ammana. It arrived completely out of the blue. Turns out it was for a business she had several years prior. She used the money from HMRC to pay the HMRC tax bill.

And before you say it's coincidence you can read the "Cheques in the mail" story here: http://marilyndevonish.com/real-life-magical-cheques-mail-falling-lap/ plus the £10,000 cheque story will be added tho this Blog once I work my way through the alphabet and get to my MBS (Mind Body Spirit) Energy Workshop testimonials.

Ammana and I have created a lot of magic together, much of which started in a big way with the MBS Workshop. A video summary is below:

Marilyn Devonish Interviewing Ammana Shaka About Her Life Changing TranceFormations

The 1-Day Breakthrough Session

A great overview of the results of a Breakthrough Session is captured in an article about me which appeared in The Metro Newspaper. A journalist came to interview me about what I do and to say the interview wasn't going will would be an understatement! When she said she'd only come because she was sent by her boss and being from America they were "way ahead of us" in terms of therapeutic interventions so:

"There was nothing I could do or show her that she hadn't already seen before because she's got the hat, the mug, the mouse mat and the tee shirt!"

At that point I decided to stop the interview and told her to turn her tape recorder off and actually "DO" a Breakthrough Session rather than just have us talk about it even though my heart was pounding because this was back in 2004 so I'd only been qualified for 4 years at that point.

You can read the outcome here: https://www.tranceformationstm.com/popup/metro.html

Below is the outcome of another Breakthrough Session I did for a Journalist. At the time I had no idea it was going to feature in an article so I was shocked and delighted to day the least!

Article about Marilyn Devonish Which Appeared in Here's Health Magazine, October 2003

"My Revenue is Up by 300%" Breakthrough

David Key, Managing Director Auspicium Limited
"After a negative experience during one of my trainings which left me in a strange place, I decided to get in touch with Marilyn for some help. I knew Marilyn was a fantastic coach, NLP trainer and therapist. I also knew I needed to deal with this personal issue because it had been haunting me for a good few weeks.
It wasn’t until I spent a full day with Marilyn that I discovered that this particular issue had been there most of my adult life and was holding my business back from achieving great things. Well, after our 2 half day sessions, the problem was gone! Vanished!
It was an amazing feeling to walk away from Marilyn’s coaching sessions feeling really empowered, free and light again. I can honestly say as a direct result of working with Marilyn, I have been able to take my business to a new level. She's wonderful.
I made more money in the 3 months that we worked together than I did in the entire 12 months last year, and sales have gone through the roof. I am so glad I called you and took time out to be guided by a truly master trainer, coach, and above all, a kind and beautiful woman. If stuff comes up again you know who I'm gonna call! I can't wait to have you delivering your fab PhotoReading Workshop for all our students."

David Key
NLP Trainer
Managing Director
Auspicium Limited
W: http://auspicium.co.uk/

Creative Kick Start Session

Zainab who is doing amazing work supporting Asian women wanted a kick start and help coming up with ideas for how to structure the business and her coaching offerings:

"Loved having a creative Kickstart session with Marilyn today. I had loads of ideas and needed a roadmap and now I have much more clarity and and am excited!!! Thanks!" Zainab Mohiuddin, https://www.zainabmohiuddin.com

You can find out more about the Creative Kick Start Session here: https://bookme.name/marilyndevonish/creative-kickstart-session-90-minutes

Future Life Progression

What can I say about this one except the future is real. You can read some of the amazing client experiences and FLP to reality stories here: http://marilyndevonish.com/an-intuitive-flp-breakthrough-process-that-netted-100k-in-a-day/

"The man in the deep blue suit with shiny shoes who works with high net worth individuals." Read the full story at: http://marilyndevonish.com/can-you-really-see-your-future-in-the-now-and-create-it/

I also put a short video together about the incredible power of Future Life Progression:

Huna and Ho'oponopono

This quote from a tired and jet lagged conference participant who had just stepped off a plane from Hong Kong to London to attend the TCCHE event pretty much sums it up.

He was so tired that despite having flown all that way, he was thinking of leaving early to try and sleep it off. I did 5 minutes of Huna right there in the conference room where hundreds of people were chatting and milling about. At the end of the short process he looked at me some what stunned. Broke into a massive smile, and said:

"Huna is better than RedBull. Huna is better than Starbucks!"

He was still beaming and saying the same thing on the Sunday night at the end of what is a very long 3-day event.

It is also very challenging to choose which testimonials to include here because Huna is one of the firm favourites with my clients. I just tried to do a search of the Word Documents to pull a few out and this was the result:

Huna Search: "Computer Says No!"

The document had too many references to show anything but the first one!

When asked about the most beneficial part of the Huna Workshop they said:

"A few! There were little things that Marilyn said throughout the day that felt almost ‘Channelled’ and very important. Not necessarily the structured stuff but added comments.” LISA ZOE MORGAN, www.thealchemyworks.co.uk

Huna Quotes

This is where the power of doing Remote Huna Sessions was truly born:

A friend called to say "goodbye" because they were going to commit suicide that night. I asked if they could hold off killing themselves until tomorrow and if they were open to me sending some Huna Energy over to them.

It had been a crazy busy day; I was on site at the Department for Transport in my Management Consultant and Project Management capacity, I then came home and had a big Tender (Government speak for proposal) to write for FCO, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which I had to hand off to someone else the next day so they could write their segment based upon my course and program design. I think I also had a magazine article to write. Anyway, suffice to say it was busy. When I finally got to bed around 2am I promptly fell asleep. I woke up bolt upright around 3/3.30am and remembered I hadn't done the Huna so I visualised my friend in my mind and sent her a series of symbols then went back to sleep.

The next day there was an email from her both apologising for the night before; She'd had too much to drink and hadn't slept properly for months following a painful relationship break-up. She then said:

"This is the bit where you tell me I'm crazy, but at around 3 o'clock this morning I suddenly feel very peaceful and calm and I had the best nights sleep I've had in months."

I got goosebumps because what she said was EXACTLY in alignment with the symbols I used, which of course she knew nothing about being miles away and drunk.

Huna from London to Australia

I had the same thing happen where one of my lovely clients Pippa Neve listened to an mp3 Huna recording of one of the Sessions I did for my eNewsletter list. I didn't realise until I read through it a few weeks ago during the Raising Your Money Vibration Webinar Series that her description of what she experienced EXACTLY mirrored the order and sequence of the symbols I used, and number 1, all people here is the breath. Number 2, even if you knew Huna you wouldn't be able to tell which symbols they were because we all draw them at different speeds, and Number 3, she did see me 'draw' the symbols in mid-air because it was a Teleseminar, as in I recorded the Session by phone. Pippa said:

"Hi Marilyn
This was lovely. While you were doing your intro and preamble I was jotting down what I wanted to work on and then just before we started I think I got to the crux of what I really wanted to work on! There’s a bit of a list so hopefully I’ll have time to do it again before it’s no longer available.
Initially my third eye, throat, heart centre and solar plexus all felt compressed, and it was uncomfortable to say the least. After the first round of huna I sensed the image of a triangle of fire.
During and after the second round I felt the pain being drawn out of my body via my heart centre. I slowly began to feel lighter, my heart centre opened more than previously and felt like I was glowing from the inside out, as I’m typing the phrase ‘as if the light of my soul is now able to shine through my heart centre’ comes to mind.
The third round gave me the sense of my heart centre expanding into the Universe and I now have a sense of feeling more open and I believe I have totally cleared the blocks. I feel confident, happy, open, positive and I’m glowing at the joy of it all!!!
Do please let me know if you need anymore info.
So a huge thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
With Love & Gratitude
Pippa xx"

Pippa Neve
Room For Healing

Intuitive Healer
Meditation Guide
AU +61 4245 18884
UK +44 7932 697938

W: www.pippaneve.com

The Huna and PhotoReading Combo

PhotoReading Workshop attendee after the Bonus Huna Belief Change Session:

TranceForming Physical Pain

Attendee at either my 1-Day Magic and Gratitude Workshop. I did a few minutes of Huna for her during the coffee break. Previously she'd not been able to properly walk on the ankle for well over a year.

Clearing Money Situation Blockages

Lak Loi had been out of contract for 9-months so David Key suggested he call me about doing some Huna. We did a Session over the phone. This was a good 4 or so years ago. He's not been out of work since.

Five Words to Describe the Huna Workshop

You can find out more about the Huna Workshop and register your interest for attending a future live event at: https://hunaintro.eventbrite.com

To join the 1-Day On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop and get started as soon as today go to: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/1-day-huna-workshop/series_details


Management Consultancy and Corporate Training

I love this review from one of my Corporate clients. I have delivered Leadership Development Workshops, Keynote Sessions, shorter lunchtime Workshops, and Executive Programs for them:

"Personable, intelligent, witty, and charmingly disarming as a trainer, Marilyn's style combines infectious enthusiasm with a powerhouse of knowledge, and breadth of experience. Her workshops never disappoint and consistently leave you a plan of action; an appetite for learning, and an insatiable desire for self-discovery!"

Paula Williams|Senior Policy Officer|Equalities and Diversity Unit|Office Chief Executive|London Borough of Lambeth| (Office: 020 7926 xxxx| Email: xxxxx| www.lambeth.gov.uk

References are available on request.

MC and Keynote Presentations

Membership Group


PhotoReading Workshop

Project Management

Power of 4 Program

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training and Coaching

Erika Brodnock was invited to do a TED Talk and was petrified. She is now an Award Winning Speaker regular on Sky News. #JustSayin

"I remember attending the PhotoReading Course with Marilyn Devonish and being worried about a pending TEDx talk I was scheduled to deliver in just over a months’ time... I was petrified.. I didn't see myself as a speaker, and while I knew I had a powerful story to share I wasn't sure how to deliver it and had racked up a few negative experiences around public speaking in the past!
When I heard about The Magic Programme I jumped at the chance to participate. I knew it was for me as I needed a little magic in my life.. If only to make it through the TEDx talk.
I worked through my speaking angst with a combination of Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Marilyn and Matrix Reimprinting and went on to deliver a talk that has now been watched and shared by over 1000 people. That, however was just the beginning . . . Since then I have been asked to speak at several events. From meetups to the BBC and each and every time I have delivered beyond my wildest expectations and to high acclaim...
Simply MAGIC!
If you're thinking about enrolling on the Magic Programme and wondering if it’s the right thing to do... Take a look at the clip below and click the sign up button. It's certainly worth every penny."

Erika Brodnock
Karisma Kidz
Email: Erika@karismakidz.co.uk
Website: www.karismakidz.co.uk

Soul Plan Readings

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

3-6 Month TranceFormation Program

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