What is Your Soul Urge?

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What does the thought of "soul urge" conjure up for you and would you like a free Numerology Reading?

In the branch of Numerology I've been using it talks about there being 4 major aspects where numbers impact your life:

1. Birthday - This is said to be your most powerful day of the month and represents 5% of your energy.

2. Life Path - This reveals how you approach life on a daily basis and accounts for 45% of your energy.

3. Expression - Corresponds to the skills or talents through which you express your life and accounts for about 30% of your energy and is most visible to the world.

4. Soul Urge - Comprises 20% of your energy and relates to your secret self and motivation and is hidden within your name.

The Soul Urge is said to represent your deep inner longings and the way you dream you want to be, as well as those things not yet consciously known to you, yet yearning for expression on some level.

Any Time of Year is a Good Time of Year

As many have pointed out, one of the most vocal being Gary Vaynerchuk, any time of year is a good time of year to set goals, focus on your vision, and put your plans into action, and that said, the New Year provides a great focal point for doing so.

Of the 20 or so Modalities I am trained in, the Soul Plan Reading is a brilliant way to get overall clarity and focus about your life, goals, how to tap into your natural skills and talents, understanding more about your Soul Destiny, and identifying what stops and blocks you accessing and living your goals and spiritual gifts. Numerology is another facet of this, so the idea is to do a free Soul Urge Numerology Reading for the #LifetimeMembers in my #MembershipGroup

The Synchronicity of Numbers

I've been thinking it would be nice to give them a Christmas and New Year surprise, and this could be it. As I was mulling it over I kept seeing recurring and Master Numbers throughout the day, and I mean everywhere!

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The Synchronicity of Numbers was showing up everywhere!

I glanced at the time. It was 11:11. The number 11 is one of the Master Numbers and represents illumination and enlightenment and is associated with angels and ascended masters.

I also saw a lot of 2's together, as per the Instagram picture above which was the first thing on my newsfeed when I swiped on. Twenty-two is another Master Number and relates to the Master Builder. Having seen several number sequences in the most unlikely of places in the morning I realised it had answered my question about whether to offer some Numerology Readings.

Just as I finished writing this post my sleeping iPad flashed open. I looked at it and saw 21 21 as though in final confirmation nod that this is a good idea and worth exploring. It even repeats Dance Dance twice; those who follow me on Facebook will know I am a massive fan of a good #DanceBreak!

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The Number Synchronicities just kept on coming!

And the synchronicities continued . . . . I cut and pasted some random text into the Excerpt for this Blog and it was 222 words . . . .

The Master Numbers were in evidence

I was then wistfully thinking to myself that I haven't yet seen the Master Number 33 . . . .

I posted the same random text into the Twitter feed and noticed there were 33 characters remaining. What can I say except #Synchronicity and #DivineTiming

The final Master Number

There were a ton more. At some point I will have to add this Blog to my Synchronicity Files Facebook page.

A Blending of the Soul Modalities

It also fits with the idea I've had to do something for my #eNewsletter list with either the #SoulPlan Readings, or the Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy work for those who already have their Soul Plan because the clarity they provide are such an awesome way to start the #NewYear or get your life back on track and into focus.

I did a Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy Skype Session with week with someone in the Philippines and their feedback was:

"I felt a bolt of new and fresh energy within me. I feel a strong kind of confidence I've never felt before. I can now move forward and so excited to follow through my creative vision.
Thanks. And huna really is intensely amazing. :) "

I know from the first exploration of creating my Numerology Reports there was massive amounts of synergy with my Soul Plan, which was created using the letters of my birth name, so it will be fascinating to see what happens when we put them side by side.

Would you Like a Free Bonus Soul Urge Numerology Reading?

So, if you are in my Membership Group, are a Lifetime Member, and would like a free #SoulUrge Numerology Reading let me know!

If you are not a Member and would like to join us go to: https://marilynsmembershipgroup.eventbrite.com

You can also do a £10 trial month via: https://marilyndevonish.kyvio.com/membership-sales-page

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For those who were asking following the posts on my main Facebook page, this isn't yet on my Website however if you would like to do a full Numerology Session looking at the 4 Aspects it will be £300.

Hmmmm, offering this as a full combo could be really fascinating as well. Doubly so if you also have your Soul Plan Report or have done my Power of 4 Program. And if you have done the P4 Program and wanted to do this let me know because it would be a different price.

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