The Deadly Downside of a Cashless Society

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I first realised the dangers 21 years ago. In a nutshell, a female client was tracked down by her abusive partner and held at knifepoint. He tracked her down using the cheque and card transactions and ambushed her at the hotel.

Deadly Downside of a Cashless Society. Sign the Petition.

Back then, she had a few weeks of breathing space because the bank statements arrived every few weeks. Now, every card transaction is instantaneous and gives massive amounts of detail about exactly where you are in terms of geographical location within seconds.

Many women* I've worked with over the years only had some semblance of a life because they were saving their 'pin money' so their partner couldn't track their every move.

It’s Closer Than You Think

In May 2022, I found the ticket machines at Paddington Station didn't take cash. Had I been trying to make a quiet escape from a partner, no can do, the transation appeared within seconds indicating exactly where I was.

On the same day, a distressed looking woman tried to buy a bottle of water on the train on the same day. They denied her. She didn't speak much English and said she didn't have a card. I was only on the train for an hour and a half, but imagine in this weather having to go for the full 4 hours without water.

On a sweltering hot day in Regent's Park last month, I tried to buy an ice lolly and a banana with the exact change. No can do.

Below is the actual controvertial banana. I say controvertial, because it also caused a stir when I said the price!

The Regents Park Banana

Instant Location and Geographic Address

I was in London for the Queen’s Jubilee. I popped into what used to be one of my favourite lunch spots. I waited patiently for my turn, went to hand the cashier my money, and, as with everyone else mentioned here, she railed back and declared she can’t take cash.

Again, my exact location in terms of name of the establish, and the geographic location, showed up on my statement within minutes of the purchase.

The bank statement transactions showed up within seconds and detailed exactly where I was located

The Wealth Gap

The incident in the park did also make me wonder if children are now walking round with debit cards and tapping smart watches.

Two years ago, as the pandemic took hold, it became apparent many families don't have a PC or regular Wi-Fi, so I'm thinking the aforementioned is unlikely.

I Need Your Help - Sign the Petition

I have set up a petition. If you resonate with this issue I would love for you to sign it.

If you’re not the petition signing type, please share the link:

Video Overview

I have expanded on the story above in this video and explained how the ruse worked back then. Today, with transactions showing up in real-time, it is far easier and requires much less cunning, planning, and skill.

For some reason, I can’t embed the video. I get a message saying it doesn’t exist. This is the URL:

If you know of organisations that can help, you can send me an email using the form below.

* I've used the picture of a woman because it was a woman who first alerted me to this problem back in 2001. I know there is also an often silent demographic of abused men in the world.

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