The Miraculous Huna Effect

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"Huna reaches and refreshes the parts other energy systems cannot reach."

When I was growing up there was an Ad for a big beer company. Their strapline was that it refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach. I have the same experience with Huna.

From 18 Months in Pain to Instant Relief

"Go on. Tell Marilyn and the Group."

This was a fascinating one. I was running a Workshop and casually did few minutes of Huna for the attendees.

One unbeknown to me had been receiving physio for a frozen shoulder for the past 18 months however nothing thus far had really shifted it. He husband prompted her to share and show me what he had just seen.

She lifted her arm straight up in the air. Something she had been unable to do for the past year and a half.

From Overwhelmed to Instant Clarity

"I attended the four day TCCHE event a couple of weeks ago and although I found the speakers fascinating, your Huna work had the most profound effect on me."

It has happened 3 years in a row at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution (TCCHE). I have done a few minutes of Huna from stage and the results and impact were instantaneous and long-lasting.

Marilyn Devonish on stage with Gregg Braden, Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton

From Exhausted to Buzzing Alert and Awake

One of my favourite quotes from TCCHE, and there are TONS of them, was from a gentleman who had flown in from Japan. I smiled and asked how he was doing at the end of the day and he said he had come directly from the airport, was exhausted, and not sure if he could stay for the next segment. I asked if he would like a quick energy boost.

I did about 60-seconds of Huna right where we were standing as hundreds of people walked around us. He looked at me somewhat shocked and looking very alert and said:

"Huna is better than RedBull. Huna is better than Starbucks!"
"Huna is better than RedBull."

I saw him several times during the event and he was BUZZING. I saw him at the end of the evening on the final night. He beamed a smile and repeated the same line:

"Huna is better than RedBull. Huna is better than Starbucks!"

Huna Remote Energy Clearings

People often ask if they have to be there in person to receive the benefits of a Huna Session. The answer to that is "No" because the majority of my client Session work is online, and the power of Huna travels through and across the airwaves, be that via telephone, Skype or an mp3 download listened to 5+ years after I recorded it.

From London to Australia via MP3 Download

Below is the feedback from one of my clients who lives out in Australia, I am in the United Kingdom just outside London. She wasn't able to listen to the live Session so listened via the MP3 recording.

Huna MP3 Recording Testimonial from Pippa Neve

Huna and PhotoReading

I know include a Bonus Huna Belief Change Session as part of my PhotoReading Workshops because it is such an incredible way to shift and clear old limiting beliefs and blockages.

The quote below is from one of my PhotoReading Workshop attendees.

Not only did she have an incredible shift in mindset and confidence. other physical issues shifted as well for both her and her daughter.

Under Construction

I've got a ton more examples and client quotes and experiences to add.

As synchronicity would have it however I just had a new enquiry in from abroad so I've paused my writing here so I can send over the first draft in answer to their question about whether I work remotely and via telephone and Skype, so bookmark this page.

I will also be adding a link where you can download a Huna experiential Session.

Huna 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop

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