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I am currently doing the Russell Brunson 'One Funnel Away' Challenge. Details are below if you want to join yourself.

We're on the Day 3 warm up stage at the moment before the 30-Day Challenge begins.

Below are a few of my key takeaways so far. Stripped right back to avoid overwhelm.

Unit 2 - Bounce Back

#BounceBack #OneFunnelAway

A key message from Unit 2 was about bounce back and resilience and the fact that when you have put the work in and lived through trial and error it is possible to be an 'overnight success' and have that game changer event,

and life changing weekend or launch.

Unit 3 - Hire

There was a tick box Exercise for this one in the pdf handout where you ticked all the skills you have and what you can do:

With the exception of Facebook Ads which I've dabbled in, I have and often do all of them. You could think: "Yay me!!!!!!" The flip side of that however is to bring yourself back to focus and think about:

  1. Where your true skills and expertise lie.
  2. The time value of you doing such tasks.

The key gem for Unit 3 was the 2-way Roladex where you can both buy and offer your services.

Unit 4 - Green Dots

Today's lesson was somewhat harsh but true and talked about the red and green dots. I use a similar system when prioritising my PhotoReading. It's also similar to the Exercise I use when running Workshops or doing Coaching Sessions about banishing procrastination.

A key lesson from Unit 4 was living in a "results based not effort based economy." When that lands it is deep. I also love the idea of creating competitions. Great approach and I will definitely employ that one myself.

I'll share further summaries and insights in my eNewsletter Updates if you want to follow the journey. If you're not already on my list you can sign up here:

Join the 30-Day Challenge

To join the Challenge yourself go to:

As you will already know if you are part of the group there is a lot of content so the plan is to strip it back into easy to assimilate digestible chunks for those who don't do well with overwhelm.

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