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In no particular order below are 10 of my top PhotoReading Blogs, links, facets and ideas.

The PhotoReading Wheel of Learning and Life

There are several different way to learn this life changing and brain enhancing skill; everything from the book, Home Study CD Course, through to the Video Webinars and in-person.

PhotoReading Wheel of Learning & Life
My PhotoReading Wheel of Learning and Life

1. The Main Website

Go to: Here you will find all things PhotoReading is you want to have a look around and get an idea of what it is, how it works, what it's all about, and what you can expect to achieve and attain by attending a Workshop or taking a Home Study class. You will also find video testimonials from previous attendees; although the bulk of which are to be found on my YouTube Channel:

2. PhotoReading Home Study

There is a PhotoReading Home Study Course created by Dr Paul R Scheele and comes as a series of CDs which take you through the full 2.5 training. Go to: This is a good option if you prefer to listen and learn.

3. The Video Webinar Certification

Because so many of my international clients living outside the UK expressed an interest in wanting to attend my classes I have created a full 3-Day Video Webinar Certification Class. It includes everything we cover during the in-person Workshop, the key difference being you can take part from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own office or home.

For further information go to:

To get started today via the On-Demand Video Webinar Platform go to:

The Webinar Platform is hosted by Big Marker. CLICK HERE for further details about the platform.

4. Life Changing Results & Applications

I always say PhotoReading goes way beyond reading because it changes and improves so many facets of your life; confidence, self-esteem, memory, cognitive function, decision-making and critical thinking skills, creativity, intuition, exam technique, public speaking, and business productivity to name just a few.

Some of the most common questions I get aside from "How do you do it and how long does it take to PhotoRead" are:

  1. Does PhotoReading really work?
  2. Do the effects last?
  3. What type of material is PhotoReading suitable for?

I put together a Blog feature case studies from previous PhotoReading Coaching clients and Workshop attendees in terms of both the results and longevity of the training and skills:

From Rocket Scientists and Academics through to Crystal Healers

You can use PhotoReading for studying and taking exams through to reading novels for pleasure and everything in between. You can also read books, online documentation and pdf files, and kindles.

I've had Maths Teachers, Accountants, Marketing Executives, Coaches, Management Consultants, Holistic Practitioners, Doctors, Surgeons, Hypnotherapists, Entrepreneurs, Government works, Lawyers, and everything in between attend the Workshops. The quote below is from a bespoke Corporate Workshop I ran for a team of Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University.

Feedback from a team of Rocket Scientists about Marilyn's PhotoReading Workshop

5. Reversing Brain Damage

Like the Neurosurgeon telling me that everything I teach is featured in the movie Limitess starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, the reversing brain damage story really is like the stuff our wildest dreams and Hollywood movies are made of.

Reversing brain damage using PhotoReading

You can read the full story from my client Kay Westmorland here:

If you are ready to re-wire you brain sign up and join us.

6. The Lawyer Equation

A few years ago I interview Solicitors and Barristers about how much time they typically spend per day reading. The numbers were astronomical and ranged from 4-5 hours through to "all day" which equated to anything up to 12-15 a day.

I scaled the number right back so the calculations below didn't look too outlandish, and worked with an average of 5 hours reading a day.

I then worked that out based upon both hourly rate, and working days per year with time off for holiday's.

The PhotoReading Lawyer Equation
What is your time worth to you?

Cost of Reading Time Per Year: £120,000 - £1.2 million

Savings Made by Reclaiming Just 1-Hour Per day: £24,000 - £240,000

I also asked the Lawyers what they would do with an extra hour per day. Their answers will most likely surprise you. We'll reveal all at the next PhotoReading Training.

What is your time worth to you, and what will you do with an extra 20-30 hours or more per month?

7. Limitless NeuroSuccess

Following my conversation with the Doctor and trainee Neurosurgeon who attended my PhotoReading Workshop and recommended the Limitless movie, we were both so intrigued by the other's field of work that we spent 12-months working together. We spoke every single Sunday for a full year, the only exceptions being when he was sitting an exam or when I was running a PhotoReading Workshop.

The result of our year long conversations was running a 1-Day Limitless NeuroSuccess Workshop. You can access the replay recording via BigMarker soon. Watch this space!

I also created a 28-Day eCoaching Program which delivers a daily pdf Coaching Exercise via email. You can sign up at:

8. Online DVD

I've also had people and students complete my 1-Day Video DVD training and achieve amazing results.

Before such good Webinar technology was available I hired a camera crew to film the PhotoReading Workshop and put an accelerated 1-Day version of the Workshop together. You can purchase it and get started here:

Marilyn Devonish PhotoReading Online DVD

9. Next Level Business & Study Skills

I first came across PhotoReading when I was studying to be a Chartered Accountant. I was also diagnosed with what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer's in the way the severe problems with my mind and memory presented themselves. You can read more about that here:

I've also had people see me in action and go: "Really????!!" because they can't equate the person and mind they see before them with that description be below is the letter from the ACCA Accountancy body confirming the receipt of the medical certificate from my Doctor which allowed me extra time in the exams.

Medical Certificate Confirmation Letter from the ACCA

My clients, often years after attending my PhotoReading Workshop report back with the most wonderful results:

Reading 8 books in 1-hour AND compiling a piece of work as a result
This was from a client in the days following the Workshop

Below is a Facebook post from the same client a few years later have graduated and moved on to study a MSc:

This is from the same client a few years later having moved on to study a MSc

Next Level Your Interview Skills

For those who aren't studying but are in the world of work and looking to next level yours skills even if it's been a decade since you attended an interview, you have to read this Blog:

Children and Young Adults of All Ages

It also of course helps with students of all ages . . . .

From an 11 year old PhotoReading attendee

The quote below is from one of my 'moody' teenagers who sceptical upon arrival.

From one of my 'moody' teenagers

You can also read about one of the teenagers who tried to lock himself in his mums car when they arrived at the Workshop venue!

His turnaround and what he shared with us at the end of the course in terms of one of his life-long aims was nothing short of incredible.

And is instantly life changing:

From Stressed to Instant Calm

What was wonderful about the student I'm talking about in the short video above is that she had an interview 2 days after attending the PhotoReading Workshop. Her mother said:

"Caroline did an exam today and she wasn't stressing out. Usually she's stressing and stressing the whole family out, not actually, stressing the whole city out! She was relaxed and wasn't messaging me on the phone every few minutes."

10. Huna

And last but by no means least is the incredible power of Huna.

Huna PhotoReading Bonus Session with Marilyn Devonish

I've had new PhotoReading Workshop attendees walk in the first day of Workshop full of doubts and insecurities. They have walked out that first evening and empowered, and by the 3rd and final day many other areas of their lives have improved and changed beyond recognition.

It is part is because of the Exclusive Bonus Huna Belief Change Session I run on the Friday/first night.

Huna is included as part of my in-person Workshop and in the 3-Day Online Video Webinar Certification and works regardless of time, distance, and location and the energy carries through the recordings.

You can read more about the standalone Intro Workshop here:

Huna Intro Workshop with Marilyn Devonish
Words use to describe my Huna Intro Workshop

The How

PhotoReading Infographic created by Marilyn Devonish
PhotoReading Infographic created by Marilyn Devonish

PhotoReading is very straightforward to learn and there are 5 Steps. Step 1 takes around a minute or 2 to implement, Step 2 is 60-90 seconds, Step 3 is approximately 5 minutes to PhotoRead a book from start to finish, Step 4 around 2-3 minutes, and Step 5 Activation is where you would vary the time depending upon your Purpose, reasons for reading, depth of knowledge required, etc.

People often ask how long it takes; the full PhotoReading Workshop is 2.5 days, when doing one-to-one Skype or telephone Coaching Sessions the quickest I've done for students in a pre-exam panic is 1.5 hours however I recommend a good 4-5 hours to get the basics.

You Made It! Bonus

Thank you for joining me and reading this Blog.

If you would like to attend either the PhotoReading Workshop or the Video Webinar Workshop I have set up a couple of new sales pages. Both contain a special offer PLUS a special promotional price to celebrate the launch of the new hosting platform:

Video Webinar save £150:

PhotoReading Affiliate Program

If you would like to promote PhotoReading or earn while you learn you can join the Affiliate Program here:

Links and Further Information

Below is a summary of the main contact links:

PhotoReading Workshop - Save £100:

PhotoReading Main Workshop:

PhotoReading On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop:

Learn Online Quick Checkout page:

PhotoReading in-person Workshop Quick Checkout page:


Book a Free 20-Minute Consultation with Marilyn Devonish:

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