Bespoke Corporate & Virtual PhotoReading Training

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Book a Bespoke Corporate PhotoReading Workshop or Virtual Training

Spaces around both the boardroom table, and the bespoke virtual online PhotoReading classroom are now open.

If you would like to learn this life and business enhancing skill for yourself, or know people and organisations who would be good candidates for taking part, let me know.

Learn In Person

PhotoReading Workshop Testimonial, Naomi Tamayama

You can learning PhotoReading in person with Certified Instructor Marilyn Devonish. Marilyn completed her Instructor Training with the PhotoReading Creator Dr Paul Scheele in March 2002.

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Take the Virtual On-Demand 3-Day Certification Class

PhotoReading Video Webinar Testimonial
PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee Feedback

You can also take the full 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop via on-demand Video Webinar.

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Join the Referrals Partner Program

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If you know organisations or people who would benefit from taking this life changing class you can now join our Referrals Partner Program. It is free to join. Has lifetime cookies; no, not that kind of cookies, the tracking kind, which means you are continually recorded regardless of elapsed time, and you have your own back office where you can track your referrals and payments due.

Your ThriveCart Back Office

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Proof About PhotoReading

In answer to the question about whether #PhotoReading works, and if the skills you learn are long lasting, this is one I prepared earlier:

PhotoReading Demographics & What to Expect

You can also watch a 5 minute summary video here about the types of professions, age groups, industries and results the Workshop spans and covers:

The PhotoReading Ripple Effect Game Changer

Not Sure if PhotoReading is For You?

Not sure if PhotoReading is right for you? Book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype Consultation:

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The NeuroSuccess Coach

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