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These testimonials are so very WOW.

On this day 5 years ago I was still running my #PhotoReading Workshop, so barely a week had elapsed since the delegates left the room. I have also had the same incredible feedback from attendees at my Online Video Webinar Classes.

Here are just some cool posts that I saw on Facebook that week, starting from the Monday, the day after completing the PhotoReading Workshop:

"On the bus home from an amazing weekend, if I could sum it up in two words .. "Mind Blown"

End of the week . . . . "So benefits so far... Read 2 extra books this week, I've been so productive I've had nothing to do lol im constantly aware of my peripheral vision

Usually wake up 3 or 4 times a night now only once.

Feel ridiculously relaxed but alert.

Aaaaaaannnnd My memory is improving smile emoticon

This week has flown by ..

Thank you Marilyn Devonish feels like my brain has been turbo charged x"

Roy Day

"Had the most amazing weekend with at Marilyn Devonish's PhotoReading much value was delivered and in my meeting this afternoon everything came together in my mind so easily I hardly recognised myself!! Really recommend it!!"

Kay Westmorland

"I devoured so much info this week. I read 2 books, but also a lot of other material. I'm using my peripheral vision most of the time or getting back into it if I fall out.

Also I have so much more inspiration - my creative energy feels unlocked. I have fabulous moments of being in the flow which become longer each day, precious moments of bliss.

My mind is in a beautiful state of comfortable alertness all the time and I feel very much in touch with my intuition.

Thank you Marilyn Devonish for this beautiful life changing gift xx#PhotoReading"

Magdalena Baciu

"Hi Marilyn

just a little note to say a special thank you for sharing your flow, energy and style with us all. I really feel confident and ready to take on the world. I just want to be like you. I am excited now and will keep going so thanks again for everything and all the great stories as well."

"Thank you for the are fabulous. My brain doesn't feel like doing stuff (that needs to be done) and yet I find myself just getting on with things...brilliant!!!

I see your issue with marketing

How to get people to believe all the changes for something so seemingly simple as photoreading

A good dilemma."

I'm always saying it is truly transformational 3-days, and the skills go way beyond reading.

Learn Today, Online

"Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed." Online PhotoReading Workshop Attendee

If you would like to have your mind blown in a good way, I have been running the full 3-Day PhotoReading Certification Class online for several years, and the feedback is equally impressive.

Online PhotoReading Certification Class Feedback Form

"Good. Flexibility of participating from my chosen location, especially as the days have been full. Combination of comprehensive intense and fun delivery." Online PhotoReading Workshop Attendee

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