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A powerhouse combination for those who want to design workshops, courses, coaching programs, talks, presentations, or eCourses, and learn tips, strategies and ideas for delivering better presentations, and resolving fear and anxiety of public speaking.

For the next few hours, you can Buy One Get One Free on the courses and products in my new online store.

Example 1: Fearless Public Speaking & Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshops

Purchase the 1-day Fearless Public Speaking Workshop, and the 1-day Practitioner Insider Secrets Course, and save £597.

Buy One Get One Free BOGOF Flash Sale

This Combination is Great for: This combination is great for those who want to create their own products and workshops, and have the confidence to get out there and deliver them, be that online and on-camera, or in-person.

Practitioner Insider Secrets is Great for: This 1-day online on-demand workshop is great for those who want to learn how to create their own products, including:

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • eCoaching Programs

It is a mix of theory, practical exercises, experiential processes, and is designed to show you how to go from blank sheet of paper to a mapped out course framework within minutes.

Fearless Public Speaking is Great for: The 1-day on-demand Fearless Public Speaking is great for those who are either terrified of public speaking and want to get over the fear and anxiety, and those who are already good, and want to next level their skills and learn some of the unknown and presentation skills strategies and insights.

It is a mix of theory, experiential exercises, energy clearing and belief change work, and guided processes.

Both workshops are available online on-demand, and with this deal, you have lifetime access to the material.

Go to: https://mydukaan.io/tranceformationstm

Your savings are applied at the checkout.

If you have missed the get one free offer, you can purchase at full price here: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/fearless-public-speaking

Example 2: PhotoReading Certification Class & Fearless Public Speaking Workshop

Purchase the 1-day Fearless Public Speaking Workshop, and the online 3-day PhotoReading Certification class, and save £747.

A #lifechanging and powerhouse combination for those who want to accelerate their learning, increase creativity, improve decision-making skills, supercharge your brain, improve focus, concentration, help with brain fog, and learn tips, strategies and ideas for delivering better presentations, improve your public speaking under pressure, and resolve fear and anxiety around public speaking.

PhotoReading greatly enhances your ability to clearly articulate your ideas, structure your thoughts, use your mind and brain more effectively, and speak more fluidly and eloquently because you can more easily remember and recall and structure what it is you want to say. This is a gem of a combination and another that will keep delivering on your investment for years to come.

Marilyn Devonish New Online Store

The PhotoReading Workshop is Great for: The PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Workshop is great for enhancing and improving your:

  • Memory
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Decision-making skills
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Productivity

And of course, reducing stress, overwhelm, and learning to PhotoRead at 25,000 words per minute.

PhotoReading Webinar Testimonial
Testimonial from PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee

This is the full 3-day online Certification Class run by Marilyn Devonish, and goes way beyond just learning how to read faster. I’ve written several blog posts to explain what I mean. A tiny selection are below:





If you missed the get one free offer, you can purchase the online Certification Class at full price here: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com/courses/3-day-photoreading-webinar-workshop

Lifetime Online Access

The workshops in this offer are available online on-demand, and you have lifetime access with this deal.

To get the BOGOF deal go to: https://mydukaan.io/tranceformationstm It is available for a limited time only so I can’t guarantee it will be available when you see this page.

Example 3: Breakthrough Session & Soul Plan Reading

This Combination is Great for: This combination is great those those seeking greater clarity about life purpose, what you are here to do, and both indentify the hidden blocks and barriers to your progress, and resolve them.

International Breakthrough Coaching Testimonial

The Breakthrough Session

The Breakthrough Sessions are great for: Designed to help you breakthrough in a major area of your life, the Breakthrough Session is a 4-stage process:

  1. Identify the underlying problem and root cause.
  2. Establish the best approach and interventions
  3. Problem resolution. This typically includes a combination of NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, and Huna.
  4. Integration, Future Pacing, and Goal Setting.

We can use the Soul Plan Reading as a faster way of identifying and pinpointing specific limiting beliefs, blockages, and challenges.

You can read more about the Breakthrough Session results here: http://marilyndevonish.com/breaking-up-the-easy-way-it-only-took-6-hours/


If you missed the get one free offer, you can book a session at full price here: https://bookme.name/marilyndevonish/breakthrough-session

The Soul Plan Reading

The Soul Plan outlines specific limiting, belief, self-help methods, and the most suitable personal development and therapeutic interventions for your specific challenge areas and blockages.

Soul Plan Reading Testimonial

Clients often describe it like their seeing their whole life laid out on 5 sheets of paper, and telling the story of their life, explaining the challenges they have faced, highlighting latent skills, gifts, and talents, and revealing exactly what is potentially stopping them from fully reaching their potential and goals. The Soul Plan can also help you to:

  • See clearly your greatest challenges, and how these can be overcome
  • Uncover your greatest strengths (career, creative, financial and life purpose) and align with your higher soul purpose
  • Understand your past and reveal your best future direction
  • Reveal the vibration and personal meaning of your name
  • Explore your worldly and spiritual talents, challenges and goals, and choose a path and purpose that is more in alignment with you

Who developed the Soul Plan?

Originally created by Dr Frank Alper, the Author of Discovering Atlantis, and further developed by Hay House Author Blue Marsden, the Soul Plans has its roots in ancient Hebrew, and the symbolic assignments can be found in ancient texts such as the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar.

What does a Soul Plan tell you?

The Soul Plan focuses on 7 key areas, namely your:

  • 1. Worldly Challenges – the blocks, barriers and negative patterns that you are here to face and overcome in the first phase of your life.
  • 2. Worldly Talents – those things that come most naturally and easily to you.
  • 3. Worldly Goals – your aspirations and the things you wish to master.
  • 4. Spiritual Challenge – the spiritual lessons and opportunities.
  • 5. Spiritual Talents – the gifts and abilities that you have more immediate access to.
  • 6. Spiritual Goals – your spiritual mission or higher purpose.
  • 7. Soul Destiny – your highest potential and overall purpose.

Further information about the Soul Plan Readings

Soul Plan main website: http://tranceformationstm.com/soulplan/

Soul Plan Report Narrated PDF: https://narrated.tranceformationstm.com/soulplan-reading-report-demo

Soul Plan Radio Interview

To book an Online Session and get the lowest prices session free, go to: https://mydukaan.io/tranceformationstm

Your savings are applied at the checkout.

If you missed the get one free offer, you can book a Soul Plan Reading at full price here: https://tranceformationstm.com/soulplan/

Example 4: Personal Development Books and Programs

If you’re into reading and making progress at a slow pace, you can checkout the books and coachings CDs.

For example, I’ve added the limited edition Stories of Transformation book, co-authored by myself, Marilyn Devonish, Tony Robbins, Dr Paul Scheele, Brian Tracy, Chunyi Lin, and the late Dr Wayne Dyer, and several other leaders inspirational leaders, it contains stories from each of us to help be a catalyst and inspiration for your development.

You could combine this with the Coaching Cards for example so you’re receiving additional intuitive guidance as you go!

Marilyn Devonish Coaching Cards, 50 pieces, full colour

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