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Do you believe in money coincidence after you have made a decision and a prayer for financial prosperity? I have to say I don't. I tend to go with synchronicity as a more apt description. A job with more money within hours . . . . .

I've got goosebumps when I read the email from one of my clients today even though these types of things happen all the time (see the Cheques in the Mail story) I was like #Whoa!!!!

There's also the Huna Sessions where people have been out of work for 9-months. A few days later they've received new contracts and job offers. I've also had several clients then get in touch with a 'dilemma' because they've been offered 2 great jobs at the same time following our work and Sessions!

She signed up for my new Raising Your Money Vibration Online Program this morning:

"Must go to work now, but got good news this morning as I will start a new and better paying interim position for 3-6 months on 1st April. I'd made up my mind to book on the course yesterday before the job interview. Now I'm wondering if the energy was already running!"

The reason I've got goosebumps is because the answer to that question is "Yes." The weekend before launch I "Huna-d" (spell check goes wild as that's not a word) the Program and set a few intentions around how I would like the energy to roll for people when they sign up.

Money Vibration Cutting Old Energetic Ties

I also did a more Huna and energy clearing work on the morning I launched the Raising Your Money Vibration Program to my eNewsletter list.

A few days later I was doing a Session with a client who also signed up for the new Raising Your Money Vibration Program. He said and asked the same thing:

"Marilyn. Did you do some Huna before we started because just after I signed up I got news of a financial deal that will be worth 6 figures."

THEN, a few days later I received another email from a new participant who signed up the day before:

She said:

"Your money program is working already btw. It's just that the money is coming in a channel I want to replace...oops!"

ANOTHER client then emailed me with this message about what happened for them and their money and finances after they signed up for my Raising Your Money Vibration Program:

"Hello Lovely
Thought you’d be sleeping by now!
Just wanted to share a couple of things.
Firstly and very excitingly, I have been contacted by a local business with the possibility of combining our skills to provide ‘corporate experiences’, as I say, super exciting.
Secondly, I plucked up the courage yesterday evening to ask some clients if they had any contact for me to run my meditations in the corporate environment and a couple of them said they’d pass on my details.
Thirdly, it came to me this morning this morning that I am mirroring my mother's financial patterns more than I initially realised."

I had another email today, Monday 29th April:

"BTW - it's looking like the financial windfall is now going to be in MULTIPLE 6 Figures across the next 12 months for me."
The Marilyn Devonish Raising Your Money Vibration Program

I'm kind of in awe of this even though I know the power of #Huna Remote Intention, Energy Clearing, etc.

I got this email yesterday from someone who signed up for my Raising Your Money Vibration Program.

They were also one of the people who asked me if I'd Huna'd the Program before launch because wonderful things started happening as soon as they signed up, as it did for several others as well.

We've also only done Module 1 so far.

The price for the new 10-Part Online Programme increases at the end of this month if you are reading this in real time. To sign up go to:

Cue The Twilight Zone music . . . . . #Synchronicity #DivineTiming #Huna

The Force is Strong with this One

I also emailed someone else at the weekend saying I've got a crazy cool feeling about this Program so I think it is definitely already working.

A very short video taster of what we'll be covering and working through:

Anyway, for those who signed up during the pre-launch, I thank you.

If you haven't yet signed up to join us for the 10-Part Online Program go to:

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